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The Hands Back Hitter™ Pro Model is the simplest, most affordable, yet most instructive training aid on the market. And to insure that you will practice often, it makes you a better hitter while you are having fun.

  • The Hands Back Hitter Pro-Model.
  • Uses ALL type balls real and plastic; baseball or softball.
  • The unique popper design allows the operator to adjust pitch height for any type ball.
  • The same unit assembles for righties and lefties.
  • It comes with an extra string, 12 medium weight plastic balls, and a CD-ROM training disc.
  • This patented pitching machine/ batting tee hybrid controls the swing sequence for teaching rotational hitting and opposite field mechanics .
  • Extremely durable and used from LL to D-1 Programs. The trainer players love to use.
  • Easy to use...
    1. Push down on the popper.
    2. Place a ball on the launcher.
    3. Load your hands back as you stride to landing on the firing cord.

The Hands Back Hitter™, the affordable, portable, personal batting station that keeps them training and swinging right even when your not there.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do you do for LH batters?
The same unit ASSEMBLES for either RH OR LH.

2.  Can you change it over?
You can but it takes about 3-4 minutes and most coaches buy two (2) for team practice because of the price, it just saves time and you can run two stations at once.

3. What balls do I use?
It comes with 12 medium weight plastic balls but you can use real baseballs, softballs, and golf ball wifflesTM too.

4. What powers it?
There is a patented spring popper that allows height adjustment for all weight takes no electricity. You can use it is the rain.

5. Will the string wear out?
We recommend no cleats but strings have not been a problem. Besides they add a second string free just in case.

6. How will I know how to use it?
It comes with a Training CD with about 100 slides with some streaming video. If you do not have a computer, it has pictures with instructions in the assembly guide and coaching tips.

7. What ages and gender? 
It adjusts for arm length and the long trigger area allows the batter to move up and away about 14 inches with no adjustment between batters required. Very athletic 6-7 Y.O kids learn well and all payers up to and through college.  Most now consider the fast pitch swing to be the same as MLB swing so it have equal application for baseball and softball.

8. How hard is it to assemble?
4 hands tighten knobs and NO TOOLS
the popper is pre-assembled.

9. Do you have to cock it each time? 
Yes, we want them to work more slowly, concentrating on balance, stride, and load. Swinging in rapid succession makes for upper body hitters. This is what makes this trainer so good. 

 10. Why does it make you hit better?
The Hands Back Hitter separates the swing and the stride and forces deeper ball contact. It promotes a hip driven swing that is powerful and adjust for different pitch speeds.

Free Training CD Included!

Customer Comments:
The absolutley best hitting tool we ever bought for our 3 sons

All 3 of them are hitting 600 or better in little leaque!

I've used the HBH for 3 years now , both personally , and with the girls I coach ...I think it's a great tool , if used as part of a hitting station , along with other drills .....
"Coach H"
I have two HBH and have had good results using them with kids on my team.  The HBH does force the user to keep the hands back which most young kids never do.
"Coach S"

"Finally a fun batting trainer that teaches the correct swing."
- Mike Epstein, hitting instructor

"We use the Hands Back Hitter to teach separation between stride and swing."

Coach Woody Hunt, (Cumberland University)  2004 NAIA National Champs


How It Works
Place a ball on the launcher. With a normal stride, the batter sets the ball into motion by stepping on a string (firing cord). The ball will appear in the hitting zone with the hitter in the correct timing sequence...hands back, foot down, hips launching the swing.

The Hands Back Hitter corrects hitting flaws. The offset tee position makes you contact the ball between the balls of your feet. The resistor arch makes you stride carefully to balance softly on the lead toe. The vertical popper elevates the ball after the front foot is down, creating the timing sequence of the early stride. The front toe down on the string and the heel up sets the stage for bat launch through hip rotation. Feel and teach how to load/coil your body as you stride to hit and the effortless power that comes from torque.

A Free Hitting CD is included which teaches hitters to 1) Keep hands back 2) Stride to balance and 3) Fire the hips. Also includes 100 instructional slides along with video clips.


  • The "How it Works" graphic below shows the "Youth Model". Both models work the same.
  • The Pro models uses all types of balls. (Plastic, Real Baseball, Real Softballs, Pitching Machine Balls,) 
  • handsbackteesteps_works.jpg

    Customer Comments:
    HBH is a great training tool.

    It is paticularly useful in separating the stride from the swing (it does not encourage the dreaded interruption feared by PCR "slop eliminators") so kids can practice getting a good lower body foundation beneath themselves to support the swing instead of trying to stride and swing at the same time. Epstein and Peavy also find it very helpful.

    Kids can get some brief instruction, then amuse themselves for hours with the device in a way that fits with the principles of the mlb swing.
    the mlb swing.
     I bought the HBH when it first came out, and I must say that I was more than pleased with the results. It soon became the most popular by far of our hitting stations, and with very few exceptions, at least the problem of swinging while striding quickly ceased to be a concern. It also seemed to be as effective for the less motivated as for those who really worked to improve.



    • Increase Bat Speed
      Teach and practice the rotational method of hitting, with better power transfer from the hips to arms during contact with the ball.
    • Adjust to Different Types of Pitches
      Learn to lead with your hips and turn into the ball so you can catch up to the fastball, while staying ready for offspeed pitches.
    • Great for Switch Hitting Practice
      Easily converts between a right-handed and left-handed device.

    FREE Feature Training CD also included with purchase!

    Stay Back Tee Benefits

     Use Anywhere
    Breaks down in seconds, making it very portable. Use in the backyard, the ballpark, or anywhere you can think of.

    Use on Any Surface
    Designed with a safe padded frame so it can be used on any surface, indoors or outside.

    An Ideal Teaching Tool
    Coaches can use for one-on-one batting instruction. A training CD is also included.

    Increase Bat Speed
    Teach and practice the rotational method of hitting, which can double bat speed.

    Adjust to Different Pitches
    Learning to lead with your hips and turn into the ball will make it easier to catch up to the fastball, while staying ready for offspeed pitches.

    Learn How to Switch Hit
    Easily converts between a right-handed and left-handed device.


    Improve Bat Speed and Stop Your Player from Lunging!

    The Stayback Tee is designed help teach and practice rotational hitting that can increase bat speed. It helps the batter establish the proper axis to launch the swing. It virtually eliminates forward motion after swing initiation commonly called lunging. This enhances balance in the stride landing and allows the hitter to adjust to different speed pitches and maximize the power by leading with hips and turning into the ball.

    • Great for all ages, baseball or softball
    • Made of solid metal construction with replaceable tee
    • Converts to left handed easily and adjusts to any size player.
    • Designed with a safe padded frame so it can be used on any surface indoor or out.
    • Breaks down in seconds to 2'x2'x5", making it very portable.
    • You can remove the tee and use the frame with many other training aids too.

    What does the Stay Back Tee do?


    Figure 1: When using a conventional batting tee, players tend to lunge forward, on top of their front leg. Hip rotation fails to occur, and bat speed is greatly diminished.

    Figure 2: The resistor bar on the Stay Back tee is set to the down position to act as a conventional tee. Once again, the batter is out on his front leg, generating power with nothing but his arms. Stepping into the ball in this manner gives the illusion of power.

    Figure 3: With the resistor bar placed back in the normal position, the batter's front foot moves on its own in the stride, and the head and shoulders stay back in a more centered position.


    Breaks down in seconds,

    making it very portable.

    Stayback and rip it! The Stayback Tee is a revolutionary
    design in baseball training equipment that promotes balance,
    timing, and power mechanics through a simple four step
    process...load, set, pivot, and stroke.

    No more lunging, over stridding, and being out front on curveballs and change-ups. Make teaching and understanding the rotational mechanics of the homerun swing easy.

    Made of solid metal construction with replaceable tee. Converts to left handed easily and adjusts to any size player.

    Designed with a padded frame so it can be used on any indoor or outdoor surface.


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    By holding the ball from a two point fixation the ball can be struck on a diagonal swing path with no tee interference and contact.

    By holding the ball from a two point fixation the ball can be struck on a diagonal swing path with no tee interference and contact.


    This new tee concept is the missing link to creating line drive power , plate coverage, gap to gap ball flight distribution, and PROPER WEIGHT SHIFT.

    It is important to see that the swing is neither level, down or up but DIAGONAL in nature. That is the purpose of this tee.

    Saturday December 29, 2007



    Teaches a "short A to C" Swing. Allows repetitive practice at hitting the most frequent strike a batter sees; the low and away strike.
    Taking the knob DIAGONALLY down to the ball and getting the hands infront of the ball drills proper weight shift and allows batter to most direct access to the ball center where compression is greatest.


    Why is the angled design so important?
    Tees that have a flat top give the batter the sense of needing to lift the ball upward off the tee. This natural reaction of the body to avoid tee contact prevents proper weight shift and body axis formation prior to the actual swing.

    While most MLB swings are slight upper cuts, any premature tilt of the body before the front foot gets down must be avoided. Current tees foster bad mechanics at an early age that can ingrain a flawed swing. They keep too much weight back forcing the top hand to round off the swing, circling the ball on the ground to third base over and over.


    Caution: The Infini-Tee is for specific advanced skill training.

    This product is not a TOY. It is made for kids under adult training and constant supervision. The Tee holders allow adequate clearance of the swing path of experienced batters. This product is NOT recommended for beginners with minimal body control and hand to eye coordination.

    The Tee holders present a potential risk to your bat, bystanders, and /or your wrist if struck. We consider these risk OBVIOUS RISK but suggest that the product suitability be considered concerning the level of the baseball / softball batters and the goals of the coach.

    The levels recommended are certain supervised LL "select" players , advanced JV, High School, College and Professional players.


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