What makes the BatAction Self-Trainer Machine so popular?

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What makes the BatAction Self-Trainer Machine so popular?
A Special Message to the Parents of Players 12 and under.
How the BatAction Operates.
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Shown: Pro360BP BatAction Self-Trainer Machine
Suitable for advanced team use for baseball and softball.

The BatAction offers many benefits:

  • Large circle of ball movement - This large path of ball movement lows the batter to see, hit and track the ball before and after each swing. The BatAction's ball movement closely simulates live pitching!

Shown: Youth BatAction Machine.
Recommended for players and teams that are 12 and under.

  • Horizontal ball presentation. The ball is suspended in mid-air without cables, string, or ropes. This unique patented design allows the ball to react to the bat's contact much like a real ball. The batter receives instant feedback as to the quality and power of every swing. The batter can immediately read the ball after contact to see if the ball hit was a line drive, ground ball or fly ball. This instant feedback is extremely useful and beneficial to rapid skill improvement and bat speed development.

Shown: BatAction Machine PowerBands
These act as the return mechanism for all machines.

  • Every swing is a challenge. The BatAction Machine features a moving ball with adjustable speeds. Players really love the challenge and fun of seeing and hitting a moving ball. The harder a player hits the ball, the faster it will return. This ball movement keeps the batter challenged and motivated to practice more and more.

"The BatAction Machine"
"Batting Practice Made Easy!"
When a player hits the BatAction Ball, the ball is driven forward and around the machine. The machine then stops the ball and returns it to the player on its on.
The player can hit the ball moving or wait until the ball stops. The batter has plenty of time between swings to reset and prepare for the next swing. The BatAction Machine's allows a swing rythmn lets the batter work at their own pace.
There is no need for another person. The batter has to do nothing but swing the bat. The BatAction Machine does everything else. These are no balls to gather, no balls to chase and no balls to pick up. There are no levers to press, balls to toss, or pedals to step on.
The BatAction is absolutely 100% energy efficient and it is so much fun to hit! It's no wonder, the BatAction Machine is one of the most popular and best selling baseball training machine ever!

Shown: BatAction rotational ball movement.
The BatAction is known for developing a powerful line-drive swing.

"What comes around...goes around!" Thats how the BatAction Machine operates.The batter hits the ball, then allows it to wrap and unwind before the next swing.
  • If you are looking for a great home training machine that will offer fun, productive, and entertaining workouts for all hitters in the family, you have found it, the BatAction Hitting Machine!
  • If you are looking for the perfect practice machine that will GIVE YOUR TEAM or PLAYER AN ADVANTAGE OVER THE COMPETITION and help your favorite player or team become more dominate in the batter's box, YOU CAN STOP LOOKING, YOU HAVE FOUND IT! The BatAction Machine has been used by thousands and thousands of hitters since 1999. There is no other machine that carries a 100% Money-Back Guarantee to improve hitting performance. The BatAction Machine is the practice machine of choice for many of the games hottest hitters!

Shown: Baseball BatAction Replacement Impact Ball.
Available for Pro and Youth Models.

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