A Special Message to the Parents of Players 12 and under.

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What makes the BatAction Self-Trainer Machine so popular?
A Special Message to the Parents of Players 12 and under.
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You are directly responsible for
your child's successes or failures
on the baseball or softball field.
The most difficult try-out level
is at the high school level!


Your Child's Career
Rest in Your Hands!

Time is running out!
Do not wait until it is too late!
Make sure that you make every investment of time, energy, and money that you possibly can while your player is young so that he or she develops the basic skills and strengths to be a great player later. You have hundreds of kids in you "youth leagues". Every young player dreams of playing high school baseball! However, nationwide, less that 1 out 10 players will make the varsity baseball team in high school. The competition is unbelievable. Make sure that you child has the advantage over his or her peers!

At Nedco Sports we help parents meet their parental responsibilities by supplying them with the best home and team training equipment at affordable prices. We also provide you with complete instructions and advanced technology on how you can help your child at home and how you can maximise the productivity of your home practices.

Every child deserves to have quality help at home. Most baseball and softball learning of basic skills is done before the age of 10.

One day, your child will be "grown and gone" and you will look back on these days with feelings of pride or disappointment!

There is no way to put a monetary value on the feeling you get as a parent when your son or daughter gets a "double", slides into second and pops up looking for Dad's face. The feelings of success in sports is something every child deserves to experience. We are proud to be "America's #1 Training Aid Company".


Take Action, Do not waste another day of valuable practice time. Order Now!


Dear Parents,

Thank for visiting our website. Your concern for your child's sports success  is evident. I sincerely want your child to experience success, just like you! 
Our company is founded upon the principle that every kid is successful when they reach their maximum potential as a player.

If you feel that your child has the potential to be a better hitter, I know that we can help! If you want to give your child every advantage possible when competing with the opposition or with peers for a team position, we can help! Our training equipment and training "Know-how" can help you help your child!

Maybe your job or work restricts the amount of time you are allowed to spend helping your child. If this is true, I want you to know that we offer the best home training equipment available today! We offer training equipment that maxises return on the amount of time invested.

The best and most efficient trainer we sell is the BatAction Hitting Machine. It produces incredible results faster than anything else. It carries our "Success and Satisfaction or Money-Back" offer. You can not go wrong when you buy this great machine! We have thousands of collegiate hitters playing today that grew up hitting this fine machine!

We also can provide you with booklets, manuals, and videos that make your job as a "helping parent" easier. If you need videos or books related to coaching or training, visit our website,

We host and sponsor many websites for your reference and use. For example, the Baseball 2day Coaching Journal  and the Softball 2Day Coaching Journal  provide parents and coaches with free coaching tips and information.  I encourage you to visit our websites and to download any information you need!

If you ever need my help or assistance regarding anything related to your child's baseball or softball career, please feel free to call or contact one of our staff at 1-877-431-4487.
They will more than happy to help you! 

Happy Hitting,

Coach Nick
Nedco Sports

Phone - 1-256-894-3003




A Letter To Parents From Coach Nick

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