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The BATACTION SELF-TRAINER hitting machine is used to perform dozens of hitting drills. Here are a few examples of the many outstanding drills and popular workouts regularly done by BATACTION SELF-TRAINER hitting machine owners.

BATACTION SELF-TRAINERhitting machine comes with a owners manual containing drills that will improve your player's hitting.

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Coach Nick's Recommended
20 Minute Workout:

ATTENTION: Players should make sure to spend at least two minutes stretching and warming up before beginning this 20 minute workout begins.

Drill 1 - Top Hand Drill -
10 swings
Batter should work fast taking his swings as
quickly as possible. Each swing counts whether its a hit or miss.

Drill 2 - Bottom Hand Drill - 10 swings
Batter should work fast taking his swings as quickly as possible.
Take 10 swings only. If you hit or miss
the ball it counts as a swing.

Drill 3 - Hip-Turner Drill - 10 swings Batter should make sure that the ball is directed at his front side back pocket. The batter
should take a swing every 10 seconds.

Drill 4 - Inside Contact Drill - 15 swings The batter should make sure that the ball is directed at his back foot in the inside
contact position. A swing should be taken every 10 seconds.

Drill 5 - Regular Contact Drill - 15 swings The batter should make sure that the ball is directed at his belly button. A swing should
be taken every 10 seconds.

Drill 6 - Away Contact Drill - 15 swings The batter should make sure that the ball is directed at his back foot. A swing
should be taken every 10 seconds.

Note: The balance of the time remaining should be used to perform these three drills.

Drill 7 - Bataction BP
Drill 8 - Hitting Streak
Drill 9 - Rapid Fire

BatAction Movement Drills:


When performing all BATACTION SELF-TRAINERmovement drills, the batter should position himself in regular contact position. The BATACTION SELF-TRAINERball should be directed toward the batter's mid-section.


This is the regular BATACTION SELF-TRAINER batting practice drill. The batter assumes a position in a location square or even with the ball component aimed directly at the batter's mid-section. The batter will start the drill by hitting the ball. The batter will continue to hit the ball as it comes by. The batter will take time and reset the feet and the stance each time before each swing. The batter will have to keep the eyes on the ball at all times. When the batter hits the ball with a good hard level swing, the ball will return level and at a good speed. When the batter mishits the ball, the ball will jitter-bug or bob up and down. When the ball is bouncing, the batter may wish to stop it and start over. However, the batter may choose to hit the ball as it bounces. This is a difficult and challenging task, but will quickly increase hand-eye coordination and make your player a better contact hitter. 


One of the most popular BATACTION SELF-TRAINER drills, this drill is a fun and challenging workout. The object of the drill is to see how many times, in a row, the batter can swing and hit the ball without missing. The batter should always hit the ball while it is moving. If the ball stops, the hitting streak ends. Two players can compete against each other. They take turns seeing who can build the longest streak.
A swing and a miss is the end to your streak. A foul tip keeps the streak alive. If a batter touches or stops the ball, the streak is over. The batters should make sure to make contact with the ball component and not the shaft.


The batter will perform this drill by alternating hitting from the right and left sides. The batter should locate in a position with the ball directed at the mid-section. The batter will keep the ball alive but will alternate hitting from each side.


This drill develops bat speed. The batter assumes a position with the ball directed at his mid-section. The object of this drill is to not let the ball get by you without you making contact. Every time the ball comes by the batter he must hit it back around. The batter will count the number of hits that he has without a miss. If the ball gets by the batter, the streak is over. Switch hitters should work from both sides on this drill.

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

When performing drills, the BATACTION SELF-TRAINER hittng machine remains in one place, it is never moved. The batter moves to different locations to get different strike locations.

The diagram above shows how a batter changes his setup location to get a pitch at different locations.

A family on vacation; Actual size=180 pixels wide

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