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Aaron's Baseball Blog
All Things Baseball
Al's Ramblings
Ballpark Digest
Baseball According to Felz
The Baseball Addict
The Baseball Analysts
Baseball Blogs
The Baseball Crank
The Baseball Desert
The Baseball Diaries
Baseball, Etcetera
Baseball History
Baseball Is My Life
BaseballMuse Blog
Baseball Musings
Baseball Ramblings
Baseball-Related Program Activities 2004
The Baseball Savant
Baseball Toaster
Baseball Told the Right Way
Baseball Widow
Baseball Wiseguys
Baseball Writing
Batting Around
Beer and Whiskey
beisbolblog (Spanish)
Boy of Summer
The Catbird in the Nosebleed Seats
Cooperstown Confidential
Crooklyn Baseball
Diamond Daze
Dick Allen's Baseball Blog
Doc Baseball
Dominican Players
Doug's Business of Baseball
Dugout Dollars
The Dump's Sportslog
Fourth Outfielder
Fun with Win Shares
Futility Infielder
The Greatest Game
The Glory of Baseball
The Griddle
Hardball Dollars
The Humbug Journal
Julien's Baseball Blog
Jeremy Heit's Blog
High and Tight
Los hijos del Patˇn (Spanish)
Major League Four
Management by Baseball
Mike's Baseball Rants
Minor Details
162 Game Itch
Only Baseball Matters
Rating the Greatest...
Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT
SABR Blows
SkyKing162's Baseblog
Some Calzone for Derek
The Southpaw
The Sports Retort: Baseball
Straightaway CF
Talking Baseball
TDA Bullpen
Thoughts from Diamond Mind
THT Live
The Transaction Guy
25 Main Street
Wait 'Til Next Year
West 116th Street
Why I Like Baseball
Yankee Haters

Arrive in the Third, Leave after 7
Back to Foulke
Baseball and a little bit of life
Bobby's Sports & News Bloggy
Boston Sports Media Watch
Breakaway Beach
C. Blanchard
Cheesehead Sports
Deep Within the Vault
Detroit Sports
Eclecticity: Dan Shafer's Blog
E.K. Nation
Eric Wilbur Weblog
Evan's Weblog
The Fat Guy
Felines for Anarchistic Green Democracies
Field of Schemes News
Frinklin Speaks
From Basketball to Baseball...
Heels, Sox and Steelers
The Howl
Idiots Write About Sports
The Juice Blog
A Large Regular
lets Talk About Sports
Mediocre Fred's Mediocre Blog
The Midnight Hour
New England Sports Hub
Notesgirl: Libby's Spot
Off Wing Opinion
Oracle of Cheese
Priorities & Frivolities
Shallow Center
Something's Always Wrong
The Sports Broadcast
The Sports Economist
The Sports Frog
Sports Law Blog
Sports Takes
Stick and Move
Will Carroll Presents...

The Diamond Angle
Mudville Magazine
19 to 21 Baseball

Birds in the Belfry (BAL)
Orioles Hangout (BAL)
Boston Dirt Dogs (BOS)
FenwayNation (BOS)
White Sox Interactive (CHW)
Astros Zone (HOU)
Orangewhoopass (HOU)
Dodger Place (LA)
The Cardinals' Birdhouse (STL)


The Orioles Warehouse
The Golden Sombrero
Flying Orioles
Oriole Blue
Camden Chat

Bambino's Curse
Pedro Has a Posse
Out of Left Field
Portland Sox Fan
Musings from RSN
El Guapo's Ghost
The Joy of Sox
The House That Dewey Built
Misery Loves Company
yanksfan vs. soxfan Red Sox Blog
The Top of the Ninth
Baseball Zeitgeist
East Coast Agony
Red Sox Haven
Genuine Love
The Sports Retort: Red Sox
Keyboard Baseball
Singapore Sox Fan
A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory
Surviving Grady
The Boston Blogger
Fire Brand of the AL
Call of the Green Monster
The '03 Dynasty
the red sox and the rest...
Empyreal Environs
Tao of Manny
Over the Monster
Boston Blood Sox

ChiSox Daily
Exile in Wrigleyville
Go Sox Go
Black Betsy
35th Street Mess
35th and Shields
Chicago White Sox Rule
Sabermetric White Sox
Ninth Man Out
Nineteen Seventeen
Black Sox Blog

Cleveland Indians Report
Tribe Tracker
Cleveland Indians Compendium
Ranting Tribe Fan
Tribe Report
Cleveland Indians Thoughts
Tribe Sports Club
Let's Go Tribe

Detroit Tiger Weblog
Eye of the Tigers
Motown Tigers
Detroit Tigers Baseball Guide
Tigers on the Beach
Roar of the Tigers

Rob & Rany on the Royals
Royals Baseball
Royalties and Cardinalate
Royals Nightly
KC's Royal Zone
Royal Reflections
Powder Blue Pinetar
Royals Court
The Daily Lancer

Purgatory Online
Anaheim Angels Blog of Los Angeles
Pearly Gates
Chronicles of the Lads
League of Angels
Halo Herald

Yard: The Blog
The Baseball Boys
The Bad Twin
Will Young's Twins Page
Twins Chatter
Twins Killings
Warning Track Power

Bookworm: Baseball
Bronx Banter
Pride of the Yankees
Replacement Level
Pinstripe News
yanksfan vs. soxfan
Clifford's Big Red Blog
JK's Yankee Flow
I Live for This
Off the Fašade

Elephants in Oakland
Barry Zito Forever
Athletics Nation
A's Y'all!
Bridge Ball
Athletic Supporters
M's vs. A's
Catfish Stew
Straight A's

U.S.S. Mariner
Mariner Musings
Seattle P-I Mariners Blog
Nice Guys Finish Third
Dave's Mariners Blog
Just Another Mariner Blog
Safest Blog on the Web
Mariners Wheelhouse
Trident Fever
Leone For Third
Mariner Rumblings & Grumblings
Sodo Oh No
Sports & Bremertonians
Who Wants to Watch the World Series?
Seattle Mariners Rants and Such
The Sons of Buhner
San Shin
Grand Salami Blog
Hope springs eternal...
Mariners Analysis
Olympia Mariner
The Power Valley
House that Edgar Built
Mariners Morsels
Caffeinated Confines
Evening Perambulations
M's vs. A's
Lookout Landing

Sports blotter
This is a site started on August 1st, 2003 to express our views about baseball and possibly other sports.

Jeremy Heit's Blog
Ramblings about sports mostly focused on baseball and in particular, the Mets.

K-O-M League Flash Report
Mickey Mantle's old league; memories of defunct league

Ivy Chat
Chicago Cubs and other rants

Misery Loves Company
Two avid baseball fans follow their favorite major league squads throughout the 2003 season. Follow along as the Red Sox and Mets inflict pain and suffering on a daily basis.

The Baseball Boys
Analysis of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Minnesota Twins

News and Commentary on the Detroit Tigers

Cat's House of Baseball Rants
The Brewers, Entertainment and everything in between.

Rating the Greatest Baseball Players of all Time
My rankings of the greatest baseball players ever, starting with number 1, in order.

High and Tight Baseball Opinions Served Up Daily

Friends of Slugger & Wally
A Personal Baseball Weblog

RBI Blog
Observations on baseball goings-on, primarily NL-oriented

Baseball Ranting and Rambling
A source for general ranting about the Bronx Bombers, as well as general going-ons in the bigs.
The UnOfficial WebLog of the Kansas City Royals

John's Dodger Blog
The blog of obsessed Dodger fan John Wiebe.

Nice Guys Finish Third
It's a fine line between stupid and clever.

Royals Baseball
A newsblog devoted to all things KC Royals

Weeghman Park
What else? Yet another blog on the Chicago Cubs...although this one emanates from Chicago.

Tom Smith's Cubs Blog
Thoughts on the Chicago Cubs and other topics in baseball.

Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT
BEAT = Baseball Editorials, Analysis, and Talk. A baseball blog for fanatics, sabermetricians, and students of the game's history.

Do The Brew
A daily weblog devoted to the Milwaukee Brewers.

For Rich or Sporer
Sports coming at you from all over...

and another thing!
Mostly Cubs baseball, but other reviews, photos, rants included

20th and Blake
Ponderings on the Colorado Rockies from a communicant of the Church of Baseball

Red Sox Blog
Sox blog of (closely related to Boston Globe)
Fantasy Baseball News for the Baltimore Orioles

Welcome to the Buzz. Share your opinions with mine about America's team: the Braves.

El Guapo's Ghost Rambles on about the Red Sox
Mostly Red Sox and baseball comments but El Guapo's Ghost makes no promises.

On-Deck | Fantasy Information Central

Shea Daily
A New York Mets Weblog

Prospect Alert
Prospect Alert | Fantasy Information Central
The Hook | Fantasy Information Central
Padres Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Giants Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Rockies Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Dodgers Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Diamondbacks Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Pirates Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Cardinals Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Astros Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Brewers Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Phillies Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Reds Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Expos Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Mets Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Braves Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Marlins Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Mariners Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Rangers Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Athletics Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Royals Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Twins Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Indians Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Tigers Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Devil Rays Correspondent Repor | Fantasy Information Central
Blue Jays Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
White Sox Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Red Sox Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Yankees Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central

Gregg's Baseball, etc.
Red Sox, Baseball, and the Rest of it...
Orioles Correspondent Report | Fantasy Information Central
Tribe Tracker

The Red Sox Rag
Observations and ramblings of a lifelong, 31 year old Red Sox fan.
Pride of the Yankees Out of Left Field
Out of Left Field
Philling Station
Always Amazin
Boston Red Sox Baseball

Baseball Crank
Give Victory A Chance

Pedro Martinez, Red Sox, anti-Yankees, baseball information/opinions

sox nation
All Things Red Sox (plus a little more)

Musings from RSN
Boston is the capital of a place called Red Sox Nation (RSN). Boston sports fans are at the same time the most informed and the most irrational sports fans in America. I'm just one of the crowd; one of the fellowship.

Shallow Center
On baseball, pop culture, and other important matters. Mariners blog
Welcome to's Mariners Weblog, your home for all things Mariners. Here, we'll try to alert you to things that are being said, posted and written about the Mariners around the world. Occasionally, we'll delve into the world of baseball at large. Updated at least five days a week!

Redbird Nation
A St. Louis Cardinals Obsession Site.

Yarbage Cub Review
News and thoughts on the Chicago Cubs.

Let's Play Two
Cubs, baseball, whatever

Out In the Bleachers
One Chicago Cubs fan's views and perspectives on his favorite team and baseball in general.
Doug's Business of Baseball Weblog

a couple bleacher seats
baseball & related issues with a decidedly pro-Red Sox bias.

The Flagrant Fan - For the Love of Baseball
A daily journal from a life-long, strong-opinioned, diehard and passionate fan of Major League Baseball. A true fan of the game is never afraid to talk about what's right and wrong with the game, those who play it, those who make the calls and those in charge.

Big Bad Baseball
A left coast look at baseball's past, present, and future

Why I Like Baseball, by Cecilia Tan
An Online Journal of Baseball Writing

Dan Lewis's SportsBlog
Join the conversation! Click Here!

e-Mail the Rays
The Rocc Says...
Rays Talk
DRays Bay
Devil Rays Daily Report

Texas Rangers Blog
Rangers Angst
Joe Siegler's Texas Rangers Site

Batter's Box
Blue Jay Banter
Jays Nest

But it's a DRY heat
Veteran Presence
Random Fandom
Out in the Desert

Braves Journal
No Pepper
The Chop Shop
Atlanta Braves News World

The Cub Reporter
Uncouth Sloth
Yarbage Cub Review
Northside Lounge
94 Years and Counting
and another thing!
Tom Smith's Cubs Blog
Weeghman Park
Cubs Pundit
Ivy Chat
The Waveland Chronicles
Aisle 528
Eat at Joe's
Any Team Can Have a Bad Century:
  (Prospect Rankings)

  (Random Prospect News)
Rooftop Report
Cubs Now!
The View from the Bleachers
Cub Fan Nation v.2
End the Drought
The Northside Report
Old Style Cubs
Full Servais
The Cubs Chronicle
A Cub Fan Rants
Behind the Ivy
When Is Next Year?
Baseball Diamond News
The Cub Ramble
A Fistfull of Hugh's
Holy Cow Baseball Blog
Stuck Inside Columbus with the Wrigley Blues Again
True Blue 2005
Wrigley Rantings
Holy Cow Baseball Blog
Goat Riders of the Apocalypse
The Cubby Corner
chicago national league ballclub blog
Death, Taxes and 5th Place
Live from the Wrigley Field Jail Cell
The Buffalo Cubs
Cub Town
Bleed Cubbie Blue
The Cub Cave
Goodbye 1908, Hello 2005

Cincinnati Reds Blog
Reds Daily
Tony's Blog
reds & blues
Self-Proclaimed Expert Baseball Analyst
Reds Roundup
Red Reporter
Sons Of The Poofy-Haired Fancy Boy
Red Reporter
Redleg Nation

Denver Baseball Observer
Altitude Adjustment
Up in the Rockies

The Book of Mike
Marlins Today

Astros Daily
The Juice Box
Astro In Exile
The Dugout
throws like a girl

Dodger Place
Dodger Thoughts
Simply American: Dodgers
John's Dodger Blog
On the DL
Dodger Hill
Better is Expected

The Baseball Boys
Drew Olson Weblog
Cat's House
Brewers Bar
Brew Grit

Eddie Kranepool Society
Always Amazin'
Betty's No Good...
Michael's Mets Ramblings
Misery Loves Company
SaberMets Blog
The Raindrops
Flushing Local
The Shea Hot Corner
East Coast Agony
Baseball Reloaded
Quite simply, my friends...
The Metropolitans
Amazinz' Mets Blog
Doubting Thomas' Mets Blog
No Joy in Metsville
The Amazin' Mess
Backstop's Blog
Chuck 'n' Duck
Take the "7" Train
Unconsidered Baseball Ramblings
The Blog about the New Mets
Mets Heaven - Mets Hell
Metropolitan's Musings
Simply Amazins
Rounding Third Knight Blog
Straight Flushing
Amazin' Avenue

Broad & Pattison
Philling Station
A Citizen's Blog
The Citizens Report
Phillies Foul Balls
I'm Not an Athlete
Fire Bowa
Philadelphia Phillies Weblog
Balls, Sticks, & Stuff
Berks Phillies Fans
Phanatic Phollow Up

The Baseball Boys
Honest Wagner
Value Over Replacement Blog
Buried Treasure
Leeeny's Mien
Batting Third
The Parrot Speaks
The Bucco Beyond

Redbird Nation
Royalties and Cardinalate
Random Redbird Reasoning
The Cardinal Virtue
All in the Cards
The Red Sea Scrolls
The Birdwatch

Petco Padres
San Diego Spotlight
Padres Fans Since '76
The Padres Press
Gas Lamp Ball

McCovey Chronicles
Waiting for Boof
The New Giant Thrill
The Yannigan
SS's SF Giants News Diary
Los Angeles Blues of Westwood
Simply American: Giants
Fog Ball
Jay's Giants Blog
Across the Seams
Bridge Ball
Eric's overly critical baseball blog
Swingin' Amiss
Absent-Minded Ramblings
On the Waterfront
Giants Cove
Orange and Black Baseball

Washington Baseball Blog
Senators and Sabermetrics
The Nats Blog
Nationals Baseball
District of Baseball
Washington Nationals Blog
Oleanders and Morning Glories

Aaron's Baseball Blog

Boy of Summer
Travis Nelson's Baseball Blog; A Fan's Notebook

Futility Infielder
Jay Jaffe's Baseball Journal

As the name "Acme" suggests, you will receive industrial style, nuts and bolts commentary on BASEBALL; the greatest game ever invented!

Mike's Baseball Rants
The title says it all. This is my site with my opinions re. my topics. But I hope that, like Irish Spring, you like it, too.

**No Pepper**
An Atlanta Braves Weblog, and other baseball thoughts...

The Southpaw
southĚpaw (southp˘) n. Slang A left-handed person, especially a left-handed baseball pitcher.

Replacement Level Yankees Weblog

Diamondback Bites
Arizona Diamondbacks tidbits

Diamond Mind Baseball
Thoughts from Diamond Mind

The Northside Lounge
A Chicago Cubs blog with an occassional tangent on pop culture

Baseball Primer
Baseball for the thinking fan

Eclecticity: Dan Shafer's Blog Universe
Where technology junkie, spiritual teacher, peacenik, political liberal, writer, sports nut, and programming hobbyist Dan Shafer holds forth.
JS Online: Drew Olson Weblog
Drew Olson, who covers the Milwaukee Brewers for the Journal Sentinel, provides his views on the 2003 ballclub.

Buck and a 1/2
Taking a look at managing baseball through a study of the Texas Rangers new manager, Buck Showalter.

Baseball News Blog
A weblog of baseball news and analysis.
Mariner Musings
A stream-of-consciousness account of the Seattle Mariners and all things baseball.

U.S.S. Mariner
Seattle Mariners and general baseball discussion with Jason Michael Barker, David Cameron, and Derek Milhous Zumsteg.

The Detroit Tiger Weblog
Detriot Tigers Weblog

Twins Geek - Staying Farm Fresh
He's a Twins fan. He's a geek. It's kinda sad, really.

David Bloom's Baseball Blog, mainly about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Fish or Cut Bait
The daily saga of the Florida Marlins -- their lives, their loves, their incredibly dumb dumbness -- brought to you by the Marlins beat writer for the incomparable

The Uncouth Sloth

Portland Sox Fan
A fan's take on the 2003 season

from out in Left Field

The [Untitled] Cubs Page
A more or less daily blog about Major League Baseball and especially the Cubs.

The Clark & Addison Chronicle
A semi-regular chronicle of Chicago Cubs related happenings

Bill and Cal's Pittsburgh Pirates Weblog
Thoughts and opinions about the 2002 Pittsburgh Pirates

Go Cardinals
All St. Louis Cardinals Baseball all the time

Baseballs and Redbirds
A forum to discuss baseball, and in particular, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Dodger Thoughts
Jon Weisman's outlet for dealing psychologically with the Los Angeles Dodgers and baseball.

The Daily Redbird
A blog dedicated to creative forward thinking and discussion about America's favorite baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals

The New Giant Thrill
San Francisco Giants weblog

Waiting for Boof
Blog devoted to the San Francisco Giants

Obey Pedro
Pedro Martinez Has A Posse
Only Baseball Matters

Ducksnorts: Geoff's Baseball Weblog
one fan's take on the grand ol' game of baseball

Colorado Rockies Baseball Coverage
The Denver Baseball Observer follows the Colorado Rockies

Al's Ramblings
Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts

Cincinnati Reds Blog
A day-to-day record of the mind of a Cincinnati Reds fan.

your best source for news and information on the Houston Astros baseball team

Bleed Cardinal Red
Vive La Connection!
commentary, rants, discussions, and more about the Chicago Cubs
The Cub Reporter

Bryan's Baseball Banter
Rants and Raves, Analysis and Discussion, Projections and Predictions

victory lap

The Eddie Kranepool Society
A blog about the New York Mets

View From the 700 Level
My thoughts and ramblings about the Phillies and baseball in general

Braves Report
major league coverage of the minor leagues

Purgatory Online
Baseball, the Angels, and E-indulgences

The Broad & Pattison Weekly Review
The Online Magazine Of Philadelphia Baseball

Totally Biased Coverage of the Chicago White Sox!

Elephants In Oakland
Oakland Athletics Blog

Cleveland Indians Baseball 2003
Royals Zone
Cleveland Indians Report

Two Fans. One Team. One Blog.

Mugs' Thoughts on Baseball
Almost intelligent commentary on baseball.

Orioles Hangout
Your Daily Onlnie O's Newspaper

Baseball Writing
The place for writings, essays, and thoughts on the baseball season.

Batter's Box Baseball Blog
Baseball news and analysis from a Canadian perspective.

Blue Jay Way
Toronto Blue Jays Discussion, News and More

Darn Sox

Pinstripes: A Baseball Blog
All baseball, all the time
Part of the BravesBeat Network

Pinstripe News
The daily comings and goings of Baseball's greatest team.

Bambino's Curse
Diary of a Red Sox Fan

Alex Belth's Bronx Banter
This blogger will be devoted to my musings on baseball, baseball literature, and culture in general.

Baseball Musings
Hardcore baseball fans come here to get the latest comments on the game, without the filter of the mainstream media.



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