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"Strike outs are virtually non existent."
I have had the bat action hitting machine since my son was 12. He is now 17 and during those 6 years he has consistently been one of the best hitters on his team. Strike outs are virtually non existent with only 2 or 3 a season. This machine improves on any players natual ability, regardless of the level of that ability. Baseball is more fun when you put the ball in play consistently and this machine can provide any player the opportunity to enjoy the game more.
R. Clark, Lexington SC

2nd Machine Purchase...Great Results!
"This will be my 2nd bat action. The 1st is 5 years old and was used so much it needs to be replaced. I purchased the 1st when my eldest son (have 4) was 10 and in 4th grade because he was in need of batting practice. By age 11 he was the best hitter in town, recruited by a club team and now at 15 is a Freshman in HS where in the 8th grade he was recruited to attend 3 seperate high schools because of his hitting! I hope it will do the same for his 3 brothers. His 12 year old brother after using the machine became one of the most consistent hitters on his team.  And even though we have advanced to a batting cage and an Atec pro pitching machine they still want to also use your bataction as well. If you need testimonials you can use us."

The McLaughlin's
Long Valley, NJ

"The kids love it!"
"Kids' hitting has simply exploded!"
I just want to say that I have two BatActions and totally LOVE them and I'm looking forward to getting this third one!
I've been a youth coach for about 7 years and have always struggled with getting the kids that are less than good to develop a proper bat-swing. I've bought just about every kind of gizmo there is, read books on hitting, bought instructional videos, bought a Jugs pitching machine, thrown soft-toss for hours, thrown batting-practice till I couldn't lift my arm, and still had nominal success at developing a good powerful swing (having the essential elements of proper mechanics) in less than athletic kids.
Now all of that has changed! I'm coaching two teams this season (a 7-8 year old team and a 13-14 year old team). The results are unbelievable! Within two practices (just two) my weakest hitters are swinging like talented kids. They no longer simply try to put the bat on the ball, they have begun the hand-eye coordination swing with FULL POWER! I am able to show them that without proper mechanics they "really do" have a very poor swing that either bloops the ball or misses it. The talented kids' hitting has simply exploded! Bottom-line, the BatAction allows a coach to correct a batter's swing instantly, and it builds muscle memory in the players. The kids love it! I believe they respond so well because they want to "HIT THAT THING" because it shouldn't be that hard, and they get 10 times the number of powerful swings as they would get using any other method. They get so much practice at it that I haven't had to tell one kid/parent to get batting gloves. They figured that out real quick. With the BatAction I'm able to have quality batting practices every day we're on the field, while still getting all the rest done too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
"Coach D J"


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