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Coach With an "EDGE" - The BatAction Hitting Machine
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Coaching With An Edge!  Give Your Team a Definite Advantage
With The BatAction Machine.


The BatAction Machine Used As Pre-BP Warm-up:

Many times coaches have the machine setup near the dugout. Players take 20-30 swings for warm-up before
they step in the box for on-field batting practice. Usually an assistant coach or volunteer parent oversees or
keeps an eye on the BatAction machine workouts. This parent should make sure that the players work with quality in mind and that by-standers stay a safe distance from the machines workout zone.

The BatAction Streak Drill

The BatAction Streak Drill is used to build confidence, develop aggressive hitters, build team spirit, and
motivate hitters to work. The drill is usually done very day after or during practice. The drill has players
compete to see who can put the days longest hitting streak together. Each player gets one turn at hitting. A
hit ball that goes completely around the machine and passes the hitter is counted as one. They keep hitting
until they tip, foul or strike out. The contest can be divided into age groups or made into a team contest with
the total of each player being added to come up with a team score. The winning team or player is usually
rewarded. This drill develops incredible hitting skills and builds confidence. Players learn to perform under
pressure and concentrate on the job at hand.

The BatAction is Great For Bunt Practice too!

Teams often neglect the short game because it is difficult and time consuming to practice it enough to
perfect it. The BatAction Self-Trainer can be used to develop bunting skills as well as hitting skills. The
players should alternate or use all bunting techniques; the pivot, the square, and the squeeze. Hitters hit he
ball and then bunt the ball on the last approach. This drill builds bunting confidence and skill. The batter
merely bunts the BatAction Self-Trainer or stops the ball using proper bunting technique.

A BatAction Hitting Station Is Great For Remedial Hitting Practice.

Some players lack the skill and confidence to run with the big dogs on the team yet. These players need
extra fundamental work or practice. These players should be allowed extra practice time during practice,
before practice or after practice to use the Self-Trainer.

The BatAction Machine is guaranteed to improve hitting skills. It can make average hitters out of weak
hitters. It is the absolute best at making
average hitters step up to the next level and become great hitters!

Using the BatAction Machine Will Definitely Help Win More Games?

The BatAction Machine offers teams many advantages including economizing time, energy and effort. It also maximizes drill productivity to develop incredible skills and bat speed. Championship teams have good pitching, play solid defense and hit the ball against good pitching. The BatAction Machine will double or triple the amount of actual practice swings that your players will take each day. More quality practice means increased skills, better hitters and more wins.

Using the Machine For Team Practices?

The machine is setup in a location that is safe and out of the way. There will be players hitting on it all day. I suggest having each player do a set workout including hitting all pitch locations and the specific purpose drills. I suggest writing the drills on a sheet of paper and attaching it to the fence near the machine. The player can follow the workout and this makes sure every drill is done daily.

Daily Workout Sheet

BatAction Daily Workout
Drill..............Number of Swings

Hip Turner............10
Top Hand..............10
Inside Contact.......10
Middle Contact.......10
Away Contact........10
Hit & Bunt..............10
See & Hit Drill.........30

Total Swings..........100

This is a suggested daily workout.

The See & Hit drill is a fast action drill that the hitter positions himself in regular position and takes 30 swings. The batter should take the time to reset after each swing. Quality,
not quantity is the goal.

The Switch-Hitters drill may be added for those players that hit from both sides. Switch hitters should do a double workout taking swings from both sides.


The Bring-By drill is often performed with the power bands removed from the machine.

Early Birds Make Great Use of Time

There are always players that arrive early for practice. These players can make valuable use of this extra practice time by using the Self-Trainer. The first thing that you should do when you arrive at the field is setup the machine. In about 5 minutes, it is ready to go! The last thing that you will do before you leave is take the machine down. I can guarantee that your players will not have to be told to work out on this machine. They will love hitting the machine. Its fun and challenging exercises will motivate your players.

Extra Workouts Make the BatAction Self-Trainer the ABSOLUTE BEST INVESTMENT!

We have all had it happen. A big game is Saturday. Friday, it rains all day. Its too wet for outside workouts. You go to the gym and find that the girls basketball team is using it. What do you do? Find a dry place somewhere under a carport or awning. You can now have team batting practice on the BatAction Self-Trainer. The practice is saved.

Have you ever have a tournament game in which you had a key batter go 0-fer and lose his confidence.

You need a chance to build him back up. You need a chance to take batting practice. There is no time. You get home too late. And the team leaves for a early game in the morning. In these cases, the BatAction Self-Trainer is perfect. Take it with you to the game. It sets up in minutes. The entire team can workout on it in a very short period of time. That key batter can get the confidence back. At night, the Self-Trainer can be used under a street light or spotlight for late night emergency workouts before big games, the next day.

Year-Round Workouts With The BatAction Machine Will Make Average Hitters Great!

Make sure that your BatAction Self-Trainer is used all year. In the off season, set it up in a garage or in the backyard so that it is always available for workouts. Players will often get the urge to hit and do what we call impulse workouts. These extra practice swings make them better hitters. So never, store your machine away! Keep it set up so it can always be used. Something this good needs to be used all year!