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15 Reasons
Why You Need
This Machine in
Your Own Backyard.

1.   Your son or daughter can hit their choice of a moving or still ball every 5 seconds, without having to stop, chase or pick up balls.

2.   Your son or daughter can hit both right-handed and left-handed without having to stop, change or adjust the machine. This makes the machine great for team practices because it requires no adjustments or changes when right-handed and left-handed batters workout together.

3.   This machine will allow your son or daughter to take 25,000 more practice swings a year without having to leave your backyard.

4.   This machine will allow your son, daugther or team to take 300-500 swings or more each hour.

5.   This machine is designed to be a year-round workout machine that stays in the backyard 365 days a year (when it is not at a game or practice) so that the player can workout on a regular basis year-round.

6.   You do not have to use a net, cage or other ball containment. You can easily and safely hit in your garage or in other indoor locations.

7.  The machine comes with everything that you need to practice hitting except your favorite bat.  After just 5 minutes of simple and easy setup, the machine is ready to go!

8.  This amazing machine has height adjustments and speed adjustments suitable for players of all ages and sizes! 
9.  This machine is guaranteed to make you better or YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

10.  This machine works as professional as it looks. It features a heavy-duty construction with a weather-proof finish. This machine is built to last throughout a player's career from T-ball through high school or ever longer! The machine has a 2 year warranty on all metal parts.
11. This machine is portable and transports easily to team practices and games in it's own included carrying bag.
12.  This machine allows the batter to practice hitting every possible pitch location.

13. This machine has a "horizontal suspension" design that allows the batter to read his contact on every swing. The hitter can actually tell whether they just hit a line-drive, fly ball or hard grounder. This great feedback enables hitters to perfect their swing and develop power rapidly!

14.  This machine is designed to allow the batter to practice alone or under the watchful eye of a coach or parent. The instructor can concentrate on coaching the batter without having to worry about tossing balls, loading a tee, or dodging hit balls. This is a great coaching tool. It makes coaching safer and easier by creating a controlled learning environment for the coach and player.

15. This machine will allow your player or team to get twice as much batting practice done in half the time!
This machine offers all of the above advantages plus much more and you get it all for less than you have to spend on some bats! 



"BatAction is awesome"

This BatAction Machine did what the cages could never do, Improve my Hitting. I purchased the BatAction this year in the middle of my season. In my last five games I hit 23 at 28 bats. I went from an average hitter to the best hitter in two weeks using the BatAction. This machine really works. My problem lied in timing, I had a hard time adjusting to slower junk ball pitchers. With the machines adjustable speeds, it made it really easy to make the change. I will never go back to the batting cages as long as I have your product.

Thank You

C. Keller
San Diego, CA




I had to write you and tell you what your machine has done for my son. He is fourteen and has always been an above average player. However, ealier this year he was really struggling and frustrated with his hitting. I saw your ad in Baseball Weekly and purchased the BatAction. He now has the second highest BA on the team and has been selected as an allstar. I am convinced that your machine helped turn his season around!

Thanks for a great machine!

K.L. Miami, FL