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BatAction Questions and Answers:


How does it work?
When the ball is hit, the ball and pivot head rotate forward, the machine's power bands control the ball's forward motion slowing it down until it stops, the ball then returns to the start position. This entire process takes from 3 to 5 seconds.

What Guarantees and Warranties Apply?

The Machine carries a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you purchase this machine and use it for 90 days to do our suggested workouts, and your hitting skills do not improve, WE WILL COMPLETELY REFUND YOUR PURCHASE PRICE. The Impact Head carries a 1 year warranty. The machine carries a 1 year warranty.

What makes this machine better than other designs?

This machine has a patented "horizontal suspended" design that allows the batter to better read the ball of the bat during every practice swing. There are no strings or cables restricting the ball's forward movement. Therefore, the batter can read his contact and tell if he just hit a fly ball, ground ball, or a line drive. This "feedback" is vital to perfecting a great swing. With "vertical" design machines, the ball always is controlled by a cable or rope. So with the "vertical" machines the ball is always going to travel upward quickly no matter what is the angle or power of your swing. With the BATACTION machine you can always practice hitting "with no strings attached". 

In what ways is it adjustable?

The machine's height can be adjusted from 25" to 45" within seconds. You simply disconnect the power bands first. Then place your foot on one of the units leg to hold the machine's bottom half down. Then you grab the top pivot head handle and pull it up or let it down to match the batter's height. The speed of the balls forward and return movement is determined by the amount of resistance the power bands exert on the top pivot head. To speed the unit up, you simply connect the power band to the bottom hooks farther from the support column.You want the power band to be fairly tight. To slow the unit down, you simply make sure that the power band is not very tight.

How about setup?

The machine comes complete with everything that you need to practice hitting except your bat. After 5 minutes of simple and easy setup, it's ready to go. The owner's manual includes easy to read and follow, step-by-step photos and instructions for assembling your new machine. You can easily and quickly disassemble the unit for transport to your team's practice or game.

How often do I practice? 

A 20-minute workout, just 3 times a week, with this machine is all the batting practice a player needs to really improve as a hitter. However, the players that own the Bataction Machine, hit the machine, on the average, of at least once each day. They practice a lot because of two reasons. They love to hit this machine. And this machine is always there, in their backyard, when they get the impulse to hit or when they are bored and just looking for something to do. That is why some of the hottest hitters in the game today are Bataction Machine Owners.

Does it work for baseball and softball?
The "Self-Trainer" is great batting practice for softball and baseball players. The small ball is not a problem for softball player. In fact, the baseball sized ball developes great concentration, hand-eye coordination and bat speed for all hitters.

Does the machine work for left-handers and right-handers, the same?

The machine allows a player to practice switch hitting without having to adjust or having to stop hitting. A right-handed batter and left-handed batter can practice hitting at the same height without having to change, touch or adjust the machine.

What anchors the machine?

Why won't it turn over or turn around? The machines heavy-duty construction and unique design keep it from "crawling or walking around". The portable unit sometimes needs to be "pinned" in the grass or sand bagged on cement if an advanced high school or college hitter is working out. Many of our owners never have to put additional anchors on their portable units.

Is this machine worth the money?

Great hitting success is priceless! It only makes sense to invest money in skill-improvement equipment. In this case, for less than you have to spend on some bats, you can now buy a machine that is 100% guarateed to improve skill! A machine that will help that you get $300 worth of hits out of that high priced bat. Yes, its worth every penny you pay for it, plus much more! You will never regret buying this machine! Coach Nick is so sure of the BatAction Machines value that he backs each purchase with a 100% Money-Back guarantee.

Does it rotate in a complete circle?

Yes, the machine rotates in complete 360 degree circle. It rotates multiple times upon contact. When a high
school player hits it, it may rotate 3 times. When a 12 year-old hits it, it may rotate only 1 1/2 times. This
feature makes it a long-term investment that grows with a player. You can purchase a BatAction Machine when a player is in elementary school and continue to use it throughout that players career in high school or even longer.

How big is the area required for set-up?

The machine rotates in a 8 1/2 ft. circle. You must allow extra space for the batter to work. So we say you need 10' by 12' to set up the BatAction for use.

Does it have a motor?

No, it does not have a motor. It does not even require electricity. It is completely self-contained and can be
set-up almost anywhere. It has its own energy sorce or ball-return mechanism. It uses a set of powerbands
that stop the ball's forward motion and brings it back toward the batter simulating a pitched ball. The batter
hits the balls as it passes. The hitter is allowed to hit a moving ball at any desired speed. This fast moving
ball makes this machine an extremely fufilling, and a highly productive and entertaining method of practice.

How fast a pitch can it simulate?

In determining speed, the more bands, the quicker the ball will return. However, too many powerbands tend
to make the return speed too fast for even advanced collegiate hitters. This machine can be set to challenge
all ages or skill levels. The best powerband setting for younger players is a 1-band setting. A 1-band setting normally allows younger, weaker hitters to hit the machine around so they can get that "ball travel" that so quickly teaches hand-eye coordination and builds strength. A 2-band setting is best for hitters age 12 and older. This setting creates more resistance and brings the ball back on a faster pace.

Can I use it with my new $300 bat when I hit on the BatAction Machine?

Think about it! Would you take that new bat in a batting cage when you are hitting hundreds of balls on a machine? No, you would not. We recommend that you use your cage or practice bat with the BatAction Machine, especially in cold weather conditions. We also recommend that you use a practice bat anytime you do high rep hitting drills whether in the cage or on a BatAction. These new thin-walled bats have a lot of "pop" but they only have so many swings in them. You do not want to use up your new bat hitting cage balls or on the BatAction Machine. Get a practice bat as close to the length and weight of your game bat and practice with it.

How long will the ball last?

The ball or impact head as we call them are warrantied for 90 days. High school and collegiate hitters normally get at least one seasons use from a unit. Youth players can use a unit for several seasons. The life and durability of the product is also determined by the amount of use. Institutional or heavy-duty team use
wears the units out faster than home use. It is not uncommon for a team to hit a single impact head over
2,000 times daily. This makes the machine a great investment. Your practice is 100% energy efficient and
you also save money on practice balls lost

I had a similar product when I was gowing up that really helped me become a great hitter. Is this like the Johnny B. BatterUp of the late 70s and early 80s?

Yes, this product is simular in rotation and return action. In fact, a broken BatterUp is what Coach Nick
used to invent his first HitnStik in the late 80s. The BatAction Hitting Machine is made with a heavy-duty
steel construction and 2000 technology that make it in superior in quality and durability to the old

Do I have to anchor the machine with sandbags?

The machine has to be anchored with sandbags when it is used indoors or on a hard surface. Ground anchor
pins may be used to stabilize the machine when it is used outdoors.

What about replacement parts? What will I need to replace and when? Will your company still be around two years from now when I need a new impact head or set of powerbands?

The only parts you will have to buy are the impact head and powerbands. You will most likely have to buy each every two years. Company success and longevity come from good management and diversification. We feel good about our company in both respects. We have been making and selling these great machines since early 1999. We now have three of the top selling products in baseball and softball. We are also in the process of introducing several new and exciting products. Coach Nick started this company in his garage in 1999. We take great pride in being Americas number one training aid company. Otherwords, you can plan on Nedco to be a player in the industry for years and years!