BatAction Hitting Machine - What Makes It Better?

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BatAction Hitting Machine - What Makes It Better?
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What makes this machine's unique design so important to hitters?


The Bataction "Self-Trainer" has a "horizontal hitter" design.
This feature offers four definite advantages over "vertical" machine designs.

Advantage #1
The first advantage is that this machine allows the hitter to read the quality of his swing by the path of the batted ball. The ball will go where it is hit. He can see if he just hit a fly ball, ground ball, or a line-drive.

Advantage #2
The second advantage is that the Self-Trainer" allows maximum "BANG TIMEl" time during practice swings. It allows you to feel the bat drive through the hit ball. There is no cable or rope controlling the ball vertically that stops the ball's forward motion. On vertical machines, no matter how well you hit the ball, you always hit a "pop-up" because the ball is "jerked" upward by the controlling cable or rope.

Advantage #3
The third advantage is convience and versatility. The batter can practice hitting a moving ball that comes in at the speed he desires from a distance that is perfect for practice. The machine allows the batter to hit a moving ball or a "still" ball every 5 seconds. The height can be adjusted for a hitter in less than 20 seconds. The total unit weights less than 45 pounds. The batter never has to stop, chase or pickup balls. The Bataction Hitting machine is 100% energy efficient. All of the energy and effort exerted is used to become a better hitter. Kids love to practice hitting. They hate picking up or rounding up balls.

Advantage #4
The fourth advantage is ball "TRAVEL TIME". This is the distance that the batter is allowed to see the ball coming in and the amount of time that the batter is allowed to see the ball travel after impact. This innovative Bataction Machine feature allows the batter to experience batting practice that closely simulates real game situation hitting.  This feature also challenges the hitters and keeps them motivated to get better, which is a key to success.


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