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The Ultimate Baseball Pitching Training Aid



"When Just Throwing a Strike is Not Good Enough!"
"Learn to hit your spots...and make them spin!"

Introducing the STRIKEBACK TRAINER Multi-purpose Pitching Target, Catcher, and Toss-Back. The STRIKEBACK TRAINER features the new "Spin-N-Spots" technology. The spots are designed to close resemble a catchers mitt. The spots spin when hit to give the pitcher instant feedback. The pitcher learns to concentrate on a spot which is a key skill required to be a successful pitcher. The STRIKEBACK develops incredible confidence and control!

Now, Dad you can teach your child to pitch safely.
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Successful pitchers learn early the 3 important skills that must be mastered before becoming a dominate pitcher:
  • THROW STRIKES - You can not walk batters. You must make them swing the bat!
  • YOU MUST HIT YOUR SPOTS - You must have perfect pitch command and control.
  • YOU MUST KEEP THE BALL LOW - Most successful pitchers are control pitchers that keep the ball down.
Wouldn't it be great if there was a pitching trainer that made pitchers master all of these skills very quickly?
WE HAVE GREAT NEWS! There is now a new coaching tool that does all of this and much more....the new STRIKE-BACK TRAINER.

Targets move to pin-point desired strike location.
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The STRIKEBACK Trainer is more than just a trainer for pitchers. It is also a great training tool for all players. It is a professional grade TOSS-BACK Trainer. The TOSS-BACK has adjustable angles to give you the desired work you need, ground ball, fly-balls, etc.
The STRIKEBACK benefits:

Toss Back Features Adjustable Angles
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  • A player can practice throwing and fielding alone.
  • A pitcher can throw alone without having to have a catcher.
  • The STRIKEBACK Trainer has 3 "Spin-N-Spot" targets that are 10" in diameter. These closely simulate a cather's mitt. They spin when a direct hit occurs to provide the pitcher with instant positive feedback.
  • The "Spin-N-Spots" can be raised or lowered to any desired strike height.  
  • The STRIKEBACK  is made of heavy-duty steel and heavy-duty netting.




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