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  • Arm Strong - Year round training system designed to build strength and teach proper throwing mechanics for baseball and softball players 10 years and up.
  • Astoria Net Shop and Sports Equipment - Atec baseball and softball pitiching machines, batting cages, golf nets, custom netting, safety equipment and training videos.
  • BATA Pitching Machines - Sells the BATA line of pitching machines for softball and baseball.
  • BatAction Hitting Machine - Innovative rotational pitch simulator gives allows speed batting practice in small spaces, inside and outside. Travel weight - 37 pounds. Speed and height adjustments for all ages and skill levels. See a FREE VIDEO DEMONSTRATION online.
  • - BatAction Machine Inventor's Homepage - Q&A
  • Batting Cages - CoachesBest sells top quality batting cages at discount prices. Many packages offer free shipping for extra savings! 
  • Batting Tee Training Aid - Batting tee for softball and baseball. Improve your batting, hitting and swing skills by working with inside and outside pitch drills. Practice on your own, or with a coach.
  • Be a Better Hitter - Softball and Baseball instruction using text, videos, and a message board. Useful instruction for adults and children.
  • Bratt's Bats - Offers weighted softball and baseball bats used during training and in the on-deck circle. Also swing weight bats, batting cages, batting nets and batting nets.
  • Brunson Net & Supply Co. - Supplier of batting cages, backstops foul-ball nets and pitching machines for softball and baseball.
  • Bungee-Ball - Training aid to develop eye hand coordination, speed, balance, reflexes, muscle control, accuracy for fastpitch softball and baseball.
  • Cage Plus - Portable batting cages and L-screens. Complete 50' system.
  • C&H Baseball - Supplier of batting cages, backstop nets, tunnels, fielding screens, netting, pads and other softball and baseball field equipment.
  • - Online store has one of the internet's largest and most complete selections of softball coaching video's, books, and DVD's. Store also sells top quality training equipment and batting cages.
  • Coach Nick's HIT2WIN TRAINER - Advanced one-on-one hand-held coaching and practice tool. Features a new "KRATON" anti-shock grip and handle design and a "SIGHT SLEEVE" for improved hitter optical concentration. Softball and Baseball -Youth and Pro Models Available. 1 Year Warranty.
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  • Flex-A-Clay - Manufactured soil composition developed for pitching mounds and home plate areas on softball infields and fields.
  • Funtastic Sports - Offers softball hitting and batting training with the Rotor Twin trainer.
  • Gala Pitching Machines - Offers softball pitching machines, batting cages, batter-up machines, ball-feeders, batting cage frames and nets.
  • Gourock - Design and manufacture protective netting for softball, baseball, golf, hockey and soccer. Specializes in batting and golf cages.
  • Grand Slam Home Pitching Machine - Adjustable speed allows 7 year old beginner to pro skill levels using random delivery and adjustable speed. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor training.
  • The Heater Batting Practice Trainer - Alternative to automatic pitching machines, with the same control, safety and speed. Can be safely used in your own backyard.
  • The Hitting Disk - Hitting aid to develop the hands of a perfect softball swing
  • Hitting Help - Softball batting training aids to help improve your hitting average, power and swing.
  • Hitting Pitching Machine - Hitting machine to hit softballs at school, practice or home. Patented, rugged steel portable hitting device.
  • - Offers softball training products for hitting, including pitch simulators and hand-held batting trainers.
  • J3 Sports - Quality batting machines, softball gloves, and wood bats.
  • MASA - Hundreds of items specifically designed for baseball, softball, soccer, and athletic field maintenance. 
  • Master Pitching Machine - Manufacturers of commercial and training pitching machines and batting cage equipment for softball and baseball.
  • Perfect Stride - Training aid for hitting in softball. Prevents players from overstriding and stepping out on pitches while building muscle memory.
  • Perfect Swing Power Tee - Offers an adjustable batting tee used by hitting instructors to teach players to hit the ball where it is pitched and at the correct impact point.
  • Personal Pitcher - Offers a pitching machine for developing hand-eye coordination and batspeed. Suitable for 8 years and up.
  • Pitcher's Mate - Pitching practice target that features a reversible batter and a four zone strike area.
  • PolePitcher - Softball batting practice device. Includes fundraiser information.
  • Portable Batting Cages - Versatile backstop for softball or baseball, amateur or professional.
  • Precision Net Company - Manufacturer of softball and baseball batting cage nets and frames, protective screens, foul ball nets and ATEC pitching machines.
  • ProPower - Batting trainer.
  • ProZip SpeedToss - Endorsed by Derek Jeter. Made by Properformance Sports. Advanced FAST PITCH SOFTBALL skill and bat speed trainer. Designed for HS & College Use. "36 FEET of PURE SPEED" - $24.95
  • Quichands Soft Toss Trainer - Quichands uses the soft toss method to hit a ball in flight NOT on a rope.
  • Radar Bucket - Cordless radar gun clocks softball pitching and batting speeds, tennis, golf or soccer.
  • REPS Personal Pitching Machine - A portable, revolving, pitching machine that provides a batter essential repetition.
  • Russell Batting Cages - Makers of batting cages, pitching machines and protective screens.
  • Skillbuilder Sports Products - Offers softball and baseball batting cages and pitching machines, golf practice nets, putting greens, and other baseball, golf, basketball and soccer equipment.
  • Softoss Personal Pitcher - The Softoss Personal Pitcher is a device for youth ball players that need to improve their hitting skills. Chris Richard, Baltimore Oriole, is the first user.
  • Stan Mar - Designs and manufactures professional quality batting cages, stadium netting, frames, back stops, practice nets, protective screens and other sports nets.
  • Stee-Rike 3 Pitching Machine - Manufacturer of softball pitching machines and Strike three wiffle balls.
  • Strike123 Pitching Target - Strike123 helps pitchers improve strike zone accuracy for baseball and softball and lets you practice by yourself. For use by little league, high schools and college teams.
  • Strike Zone Sam - Adjustable strike zone aid for pitchers of all ages. Gives a pitcher a visual, adjustable strike zone are for practice with or without a catcher.
  • StrikeMaster Batting Machines - Softball batting practice system.   
  • Tips From The Coach - Offers softball and baseball instructional videos and books, sporting goods and training aids.  
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