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Sweet Spot - Pujols Series PowerTraining Bat
Albert Pujols Quick Stick Variable Training Bat
Albert Pujols Power Stick Training Bat
Albert Pujols - Major League Role Model



Description of Baseball Power Package w. Adult Sweet Spot 33"

All the Tools You Need for More Power. Want to hit better and have more Power behind your swing? The SKLZ Baseball Power Package has all the tools you need:

Power Stick

  • Improves batters' power and contact
  • Swing with heavier weight to build power, or lighten for more repetition.
  • Multi-position bat adjusts to regulation lengths: adjust length between 28 and 34 inches
  • Add or remove screw-in weights (1oz., 2oz., 3oz.) for combinations of -3 to -10
  • Swing weights
  • Durable steel design
  • For use with practice balls only (2 plastic golf-size balls included)

Sweet Spot Bat

  • Heavy-duty construction (2 5/8" - Adult version or 2 1/4" - Youth Version all-bamboo barrel and handle with reinforced fiberglass rod)
  • Strong enough for live pitching, great with swing trainers
  • Instant feedback and "sting" if hit too far off center
  • Improves batters' ability to hit on the sweet spot for power and distance
  • Multiple sizes to simulate regulation baseball bat lengths (31", 33" Adult or 28", 30", 32" Youth)

Variable Bat Weight

  • Includes Bat Weight and 4 weights of 5 ounces each
  • Fits all baseball bats
  • Remove or add weights to four separate and secure VelcoŽ pockets
  • Weight gets positioned toward optimal "sweet spot" area of the bag
  • Build arm strength
  • Easy on and off design

Quick Stick Variable Length Training Bat
Albert Pujols Series

---Variable Length Swing Trainer.
---Narrow your focus and broaden
your game.
---Adjust the Quick Stick swing trainer
to the regulation length you want,
and get plenty of swings for maximizing
hand speed, hand-eye coordination
and contact.


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