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Equipment Used For Baseball

Are you looking for a great backyard trainer for your future prospect?
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Hello Baseball Parent,
Clicking on this link may be the best thing you have ever done for your son's future hitting success.
First, let's consider several questions before you read on:
  • Is your son a future prospect that shows exceptional skill, knowedge, and love for the game?
  • Do you believe that with the right practice and training that he could possibly become the best hitter on his team or in the league?
  • Is your son willing to dedicate and commit at least 1 hour a week to a batting practice workout in the comfort of your own backyard?
  • Are you willing to make an investment that will benefit your son throughout his playing career? Does it surprize you that one of the world's absolute best batting trainer systems cost less than some of the top quality bats we use today?

The system I am talking about is the BatAction Hitting Machine by Nedco Sports. There is nothing better on this planet. It offers some many benefits that make it the ULTIMATE BACKYARD PRACTICE MACHINE! I do not have time to discuss every advantage it offers, so I will just cover my TOP 5 BATACTION BENEFITS!

  1. HIGH SPEED BALL MOVEMENT - Many people do not realize the importance of seeing, tracking, and hitting a high speed ball during daily or weekly batting practices. Remember "SPEED THRILLS"! Speed builds skill and confidence at an unbelievable pace! There is simply no other machine or trainer that comes close to the BatAction in this area!
  2. HORIZONTAL BALL PRESENTATION - It is important for hitters to practice hitting a ball approaching at a speed and trajectory that simulates real pitching! When you hit the BatAction Machine, you see the ball come off the bat like a real ball. There are no strings, cables, wires, or ropes restricting or defining the ball's movement. If you hit a linedrive, you see a linedrive come off the bat!
  3. PRACTICE AVAILABILITY and CONVENIENCE - The BatAction is so simple and easy to use that it is often equated to the "Backyard Basketball Goal for Basketball Players". The user can swing 25, 50 or even 100 swings in less than 5 or 10 minutes. Baseball player's love to swing the bat as much as basketball player's love to shoot the ball. Owning a BatAction Machine allows a player to take swings during "fun impulse practice sessions" that spontaneously occur when a player is looking for something to do other than play video games and watch TV. You must understand that the BatAction Machine becomes many things to a family household icluding a practice machine for organized and scheduled home and team workouts and a fun game that entertains players for hours on end while developing some of the most beautiful swings in baseball. 
  4. NO CHASING or PICKING UP BALLS - I am not a lazy person. I work hard and I expect the people I coach and employ to work just as hard as I do. However, I do have one pet peeve, I hate chasing and picking up balls. I want to see, track, and hit 100 balls without ever having to bend over and pick up a single ball. I love the fact that the BatAction Machine allows you to practice hitting and hitting only. If you need practice untangling cables, picking up balls, or setting up a net, you are going to have to buy another machine. The BatAction is 100 percent energy efficient. There is nothing better on this planet!
  5. IT CHALLENGES HITTERS OF ALL AGES- If I told you that hitting the BatAction Machine was as easy as hitting off a tee, I would be lying. When a young player hits the BatAction, for the first time, you will see their face "light up" immediately because they realize this thing is not a "piece of cake". Today's player values quality practice! Today's player loves a challenge! Let's face it. Today's youth and high school players play and compete at a level more advanced and competitive than at any other time in the history of youth sports.  The high speed, large circle of ball movement, and the variation in return height every time the ball returns, makes the BatAction Machine a practice method that you can not "lock-in-on" or swing in a groove. You must keep your eye on the ball, judge the speed, and drive the ball just as you would a real pitch.


Question: Why is the BatAction Machine becoming one of the HOTTEST SELLING training machines ever?

Answer: The answer is exposure. The first BatAction Machine was made in 1999. The first customers purchased the machine and knew they had an advantage over other players and teams! They realized that owning a BatAction Machine was the first step toward becoming the dominate player or team in the league.  For years, parents hid their machines in their backyards and only let their kin and closest friends use it. They made each and every visitor that came to their home swear to secrecy.

TBS and ESPN changed all that very quickly. The BatAction Machine is often seen on TV commericials on both of these fine networks. In fact, a BatAction commercial ran during the 2004 and 2005 College World Series. So the BatAction Secret is out of the bag. People worldwide are learning firsthand what this great machine does for a swing! They are experiencing the high level of skill, success and confidence that only the worl'd best rotational hitting machine can offer!


I know I have taken a lot of your time. I apologize if I rambled on too much. You see when I talk baseball, baseball trainers, or baseball practice, I speak with a inner burning passion. I love this game! 

I know what the BatAction Machine does for future prospects. I have seen it happen thousands of times over and over! It makes me proud to see players excel in high school and colleges nationwide, that grew up hitting the BatAction Machine. I did not realize the magnitude of what was to develop when I designed and built my first BatAction Machine in 1999. Today, my family business, Nedco Sports builds every machine with the same love and passion I have for this great sport.

I must admit that I do very little with the company other than design, invent, create and write. You see, I still do what I feel God put me here to do. I am a full time educator, teacher, and high school coach!

Let me finish by making one promise to you. You have my word that If you purchase the BatAction Machine and use it for 90 days and it does not improve performance, pack it up and send it back for a FULL REFUND! You see nothing works better than a BatAction and no company backs their product better! It's just the right way to do business and build customer loyalty.

Good Luck!

Happy Hitting,

Nick Dixon


Nedco Sports Products, Inc.

NOTE: Coach Dixon is the the inventor of some of the world's most popular trainers including the BatAction Machine, Pitch2win Trainer, HitnStik, Hit-a-Way ZipnHit, Hit-a-Way Stick, and Hit-a-Way Pro ZipnHit. Coach Dixon is especially proud that Derek Jeter has been signed to endorse the Hit-a-Way Stick, Hit-a-Way ZipnHit, and Hit-a-Way Pro ZipnHit.

The BatAction, Pitch2win, and Hit2win Trademarks are the property of Nedco Sports. Hit-a-Way, Hit-a-Way ZipnHit, Hit-a-Way Stick, and Hit-a-Way Pro ZipnHit are trademark property of Pro Performance Sports. HitnStik is trademark property of Donik Sports.

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