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Featured Posters
of the Month 

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves
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Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones
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Gary Sheffield

Gary Sheffield
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Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens
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Jason Giambi

Jason Giambi
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Oakland A's

Oakland A's
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Jason Giambi

Jason Giambi
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Shawn Green - Los Angeles

Shawn Green - Los Angeles
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Killer Bees

Killer Bees
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Cubs Collage - Chicago

Cubs Collage - Chicago
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Nomar Garciaparra

Nomar Garciaparra
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Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson
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Angels Collage - Anaheim

Angels Collage - Anaheim
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San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants
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Featured Baseball Artist
of the Month
Dwight Baird

Born and raised in Huntingdon, a small town southwest of Montreal, Canada, DWIGHT BAIRD has been specializing in watercolours for the past twenty years. Upon graduation with a diploma in Visual and Creative Arts from St. Lawrence College in Cornwall, Ontario, he worked as a graphic artist and then spent two years traveling and painting in Europe.

In 1993 Baird turned to baseball and presented an extensive series of over fifty original pieces entitled FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME , which covered all aspects of The National Pastime. Following this exhibition the artist founded The Show Posters and published many images in lithograph and poster format which are now well known in both the United States and Canada. In 1992 he was commissioned by Major League Baseball to complete three illustrations for the Major League Baseball All-Star Program for an article on Fantasy Baseball Camps. The cover concept for the 1994 Major League Baseball Program was taken from Baird's now classic image, AT THE TWILIGHTS LAST GLEAMING which features a cropped image from neck to thigh of both National and American league players lined up for the pre-game National Anthem.

Dwight Baird
Prints and Posters
Dwight Baird - At the Twilight's Last Gleaming
At the Twilight's Last Gleaming
Dwight Baird
Buy this Art Print
Dwight Baird - If Abner Only Knew
Dwight Baird - Right Stuff
Dwight Baird - For the Love of the Game
For the Love of the Game
Dwight Baird
Buy this Art Print
Dwight Baird - Artful Dodger
Dwight Baird - One Brief Shining Moment
One Brief Shining Moment
Dwight Baird
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Featured Prints
and Fine Art
Ken Call - Homerun Legends {sl}
Homerun Legends {sl}
Ken Call
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Novelty - History of Baseball
History of Baseball
Buy this Art Print
Motivational - Risk-the Greatest
Risk-the Greatest Risk...
Buy this Art Print
Motivational - Risk-Baseball
Norman Rockwell - Choosin' Up
Burdick - Legends of Baseball
Legends of Baseball (Met.)
Buy this Art Print
Smithsonian - Autographed Baseballs
Autographed Baseballs
Buy this Art Print
Nat Fein - The Babe Bows Out, 1948
The Babe Bows Out, 1948
Nat Fein
Buy this Art Print
Gower - Baseball (Serigraph)
Baseball (Serigraph)
Buy this Art Print
Norman Rockwell - Dugout
Ronald Lewis - (Legends 8x10)
Norman Rockwell - Bottom of the
Michael Harrison - Baseball I
Harrison - Baseball II
Winning Run
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