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10 of the Best Books in Baseball

Here are brief overviews of our top ten. These are in no particular order. All of these are great books that we recommend. We own each of these books. We have provided a link for your convenience if you wish to add these titles to your baseball library.

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This is one of many books that we use all year.Much more than a book on skills, strategies, or drills, The Baseball Coaching Bible represents a landmark work for the sport. The Baseball Coaching Bible covers every facet of coaching, with each coach addressing the subject he knows best.
The books varied and vast amount of information allows you to pick and choose what you implement in your program in any particular season, but you will learn from and be entertained by it all. The wit and wisdom of baseballs sharpest minds shine through in their memorable stories and valuable insights.

Endorsed by the American Baseball Coaches Association, The Baseball Coaching Bible is sure to be a staple in every serious baseball coachs library. And like coaching and the game itself, the books appeal will keep drawing you back again and again. We strongly recommend that every coach at every level own this great book. It is also a great addition to the library of the serious baseball player and parent.

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2. PITCHING EDGE  We like this book!
What do others think about it?

Words of Praise From The Pros

"Tom and I worked together when we were with the Texas Rangers. Hes always been ahead of his time when it comes to baseball information and instruction. This revised Pitching Edge is a must-read if you want to know whats new with pitching training, techniques, and thinking."
Rob Nen
Pitcher, San Francisco Giants

"In person, in videos, and in books, Tom has always tried to give coaches and athletes state-of-the-art methods to prepare for competition. This second edition of The Pitching Edge updates his mental and physical training protocols, providing new drills to help improve the skills of any pitcher who is willing to work."
Charles Nagy
Pitcher, Cleveland Indians

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3. BASEBALL SKILLS AND DRILLS   Baseball Skills & Drills is the most comprehensive training book available for coaches and players at all levels. You will learn the best skills and drills for improving overall performance at every stage of the game, thus improving your chances at winning. Baseball Skills & Drills is packed with techniques that accelerate learning and improve execution, as well as tips and insights on how to better organize practices and correct common errors.

Written by three of baseballs top collegiate coaches in their respective areas of expertise and endorsed by the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA), Baseball Skills & Drills is absolutely the most complete instructional guide of its kind. We encourage all baseball coaches to use this book as a reference for teaching and practice organization.

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4. COACHING BASEBALL SUCCESSFULLY   Coach Andy Lopez knows what it takes to build a winning baseball program. In Coaching Baseball Successfully, Lopez shows you how to build your own championship team through anecdotes and instruction. Lopez addresses how to succeed in every situation on the diamond, in the dugout, and in communicating away from the ballpark.

Coaching Baseball Successfully shows you how to develop your coaching plans throughout the year, too. Youll learn how to put together a conditioning plan that will prepare your team for games, and youll find information on developing an effective master practice plan for the season. Included in the book is a detailed three-week sample practice plan for getting your season started.

Words of Praise

"An excellent guide to working with athletes and teaching them the skills and strategies of the game."
Augie Garrido
Head Baseball Coach
California State, Fullerton

"Knowing how hard Andy works and the high quality of his coaching, it doesnt surprise me that this book is so complete and outstanding. Plenty of good ideas for even top veteran coaches to take to their next practice."
Ron Polk
Head Baseball Coach
Mississippi State University

This book is a valuable resource in our coaching library.

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5. MAXIMIZING BASEBALL PRACTICE  In this book, John Winkin, University of Maine, and his assistant coaches show you how to make the most of your squads allotted practice time and space, even when you have to practice indoors. You'll find dozens of illustrated drills designed to give your players the gamelike experiences and repetitions they need to compete successfully.

The book provides a menu of options and strategies that can be easily adapted to your particular coaching philosophy. No matter where you manage, or on what level, the time spent reading Maximizing Baseball Practice can help you streamline practices and better prepare your players for real game situationsand real success.

All of the books 60 drills describe, the goals of the drill, the skills emphasized, how to perform the drill, and
coaching tips.

Learn how to make success happen for your team through smarter practice organization and drills from the coach who is the best at Maximizing Baseball Practice.

Words of Praise
"For many years John Winkins teams have overcome their wintry climate and limited indoor practice conditions to become some of the top teams in NCAA Division I baseball. Now Coach Winkin shares his secrets for effective practice instruction and game preparation with you."
Tommy Lasorda
Manager, Los Angeles Dodgers

Great Book! The video that goes with it " Maximizing Baseball Practice Indoors" is also great!

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6. Baseball Drill Book
by American Baseball Coaches Association
Book Overview:

Seventeen of the game’s top collegiate
coaches have teamed up with the American
 Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) to
bring you the game’s most comprehensive
assortment of practice activities.

......The Baseball Drill Book features 198
drills proven to improve individual and
team performance. Former Fresno State
coach Bob Bennett, Ripon College’s Gordie
 Gillespie, Lewis-Clark State’s Ed Cheff,
Wichita State’s Gene Stephenson, and South
Carolina’s Ray Tanner are among the greats
who present their best practice drills and
insights for improving these skills.

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Coaching Pitchers is a complete coachs guide to pitching for youth, junior high, high school, and college baseball.

In this third edition, Joe "Spanky" McFarland builds upon the principles presented in his first edition. He includes an all-new organization, 240 accurately detailed illustrations, and substantially expanded and updated chapters on: fitness training; proper mechanics--footwork, hip rotation, stride, arm motion; appropriate pitches for each age level; strategy; and defensive responsibilities.

In Coaching Pitchers, you'll find out which exercises and combinations of pitches are best suited to bring a pitcher to the fullest potential possible for a given stage of development.

Coaches will find the chapter on managing pitchers and pitching staff especially useful. You'll learn:
what communication skills work with individual pitchers,
how to help pitchers set reasonable goals,
what qualifications starting pitchers and long and short relievers should have, how to establish a pitching rotation, and how to use pitching charts more effectively.

Words of Praise

"The book is packed with quality information from cover to cover and can benefit coaches from Little League through the professional ranks. I endorse it 100 percent."
Clyde Metcalf
Head Baseball Coach, Sarasota (FL) High School

"This is an excellent book! Spanky has provided pitchers, future pitchers, and all baseball coaches a wealth of information on developing pitchers. I especially like the idea of determining which activity is appropriate for certain age groups. . . . I have to give Spanky an A+ on his work!"
Jim Morris
Head Baseball Coach, Appalachian State University

One of the best! We have a copy of the 1st edition!

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8. The "Art & Science of Pitching"  The book contains four sections: pitching
biomechanics; building skills with drills;
pitching goals, strategies, and tactics for
competition; and functional fitness, mental/emotional
management, nutrition, and arm care for health
and performance.
---Each chapter describes in detail learning
points and teaching applications of help improve
the health and performance of pitchers from
Little League to the Major Leagues.
---Large format and features over 250 clear
pictures and images. Produced in cooperation
with the National Pitching Association

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9. 52 WEEK BASEBALL TRAINING With 52-Week Baseball Training, you can use the same baseball-specific training regimen as the major leaguers to prepare for the demands of todays game.

As the strength and conditioning coach for the Houston Astros, Gene Coleman helped to extend Nolan Ryans career into his mid-40s, develop Jeff Bagwell into a power-hitting, perennial MVP candidate, and shape Craig Biggio into a warrior-like iron man at the plate and in the field. In 52-Week Baseball Training, Coleman provides a complete year-round conditioning plan to keep in shape in the off-season and for peak performance during the season and playoffs. These day-by-day, week-by-week, season-by-season workouts include resistance training, total conditioning exercises, and position-specific activities. And not only does this baseball-specific conditioning improve performance, it helps you avoid injuries, too.

The training plan conforms well to high school, college, and summer-league calendars and organizes workouts into sequential phases: PostseasonActive Rest and Recovery,
Off-SeasonFitness Training, PreseasonTraining to Play,
In-SeasonTraining to Win.

In addition to these detailed weekly fitness programs, the book describes how to perform each drill and exercise and includes more than 150 photos showing proper technique. Use 52-Week Baseball Training to perform better at the plate, in the field, and on the moundevery game, every season.

Words of Praise

Gene Coleman has written a great book with a fantastic year-round plan for becoming a more successful baseball player. Incorporating his training techniques and concepts into my workouts has helped me attain a higher level of conditioning for better play.
Jeff Bagwell
Houston Astros first baseman

As a manager, I recommend careful reading of this book for anyone really interested in learning how to succeed in baseball. It offers a revealing look at the mechanics of maximizing conditioning and describes proper form for the drills and exercises shown in the book. This book teaches young players how to reach their baseball objectives.
Larry Dierker
Houston Astros manager

The year-round conditioning plan Gene Coleman presents between these covers will help athletes improve their game because it works!
Ken Caminiti
Houston Astros third baseman

Week by week, in-season and off, 52-Week Baseball Training will show you how to make the most of your natural talent and abilities. Players following this program will be able to compete at a higher level because the book teaches the essential components of fitness and relates everything back to the game.
Craig Biggio
Houston Astros second baseman
Click to enlarge



10. COMPLETE CONDITIONING FOR BASEBALL Complete Conditioning for Baseball is the first comprehensive training book to show baseball players and coaches at all levels how to get in the best possible shape so they can hit the ball harder, throw it faster, and run with greater agility and speed. Until now, only the pros and some major college players had access to sport-specific training advice for developing their bodies to excel on the field.

For players, Complete Conditioning for Baseball is a year-round conditioning manual that theyll take to the weight room as well as to the practice field. For coaches, its the ideal team and player training guide that theyve wished for years they had.

The books all-star lineup features: 105 photographs illustrating correct exercise technique and game action;
26 tables containing training workouts and programs;
39 strengthening exercises for building the muscles used most in baseball; 46 drills for developing greater power, speed, and agility; nutritional guidelines; and
12-week, sample training programs for pitchers and position players, off-season and in-season.

Three more great books for your library:






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