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Hit2win/BatAction Baseball Newsletter - Past Issue

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This review is for your reference. We have spent hours reviewing such sites. We choose our sites for review based on what we use ourselves for research and education. We welcome website submissions. Please email your website address if you would like to submit your site.

This month's "Special Feature" Sites Are:

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***Site For The Prevention Of Smokeless Tobacco Use***

Our current list of top 10 baseball websites.

New!               The Official Internet Baseball Directory - Over 10,000 Links and Growing!


This is one of the most comprehensive baseball site that we have found on the internet. Welcome to the Web's most comprehensive collection of links to baseball resources. John Skilton currently has 8000 unique links indexed in his different categories. If you can't find what you're looking for, it probably doesn't exist!

The Baseball Coaches' Links Page is maintained by Coach Brian Priebe with the hope that fellow coaches, athletes, parents, scouts, and fans will benefit from the vast information resources of the Web, and utilize its limitless potential to communicate among the amateur baseball community.

This site features the very latest in tips, drills, training technology and training aids for coaches, players and parents. The site is one of the best we have seen for providing quality fresh information free. The site is hosted by "Coach Nick" Dixon. Dixon is better known for inventing and designing innovative drills and equipment for teaching and training baseball players. This site is a must see. With over 12,000 vistors daily and growing, it's becoming a major attraction on the net.

One of the most important positions on the baseball field is the catcher. This is one of the very few sites that you will find totally devoted to catching. Here the focus is narrow and complete. This clearly covers the
responsibilities, skill development and other aspects related to becoming a championship quality catcher.

This is one of our favorites. It is a very well organized site that is great for coaches and players. Targeted reader is the high school ranks. Information is suitable for all levels.

We list this site because it clearly represents what a great baseball site should be. It has it all! The site is hosted by Richard Todd. Site has baseball fundamentals, coaching information and anything else you might need! We highly recommend that you visit this site soon!

We like site that are "skill specific" and properly cover the topic at hand. This site is the absolute best we have found on pitching. Dick Mills provides information ralated to increasing pitch speed, improving accuracy, developing mental toughness, and preventing arm injury. Great site for pitchers of all ages.

Full count is an excellant source for instructional information.

This site is a good source for information on hitting and pitching mechanics.

The hitter's "backyard basketball goal" makes home batting practice as easy and convenient as shooting a "game of horse"! What could 25,000 more practice swings a year do for your game? Think about it!

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