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PITCH2WIN.COM Visit the Ultimate Pitching Site!

 Pitch2win Coaching Newsletter - Teaching Tips and Techniques For Today's Pitcher . Nedco Sports - Committed to Helping You Improve Your Game! 
June 2003 
. . . . . . . . .

This is another great coaching newsletter from Nedco Sports. This month's issue is dedicated to pitching tips and techniques.

This free service is made available to you by the generosity of the fine people at Nedco Sports, "America's #1 Hit Trainer Company"! Visit is see 3 of baseball's top 5 trainers, BatAction Machine, Hit2win Coaching Stick and the ProZip Trainer! Good Luck til Next Issue, Coach Nick.

in this issue
  • PRO360BP BatAction Machine by Nedco Sports
  • Situational Pitching
  • "DOUBLE PUMP" Windup - A Change of Rhythm
  • Book Review: The Pitching Edge-2nd Edition By: Tom House

  • Situational Pitching

    We often hear the term "Situational Hitting", but just as important is "Situational Pitching". Knowing what to throw and when to throw it. Here are three examples of situational pitching.

    "HIT and RUN Situation" - Most often occurs with the batter ahead in the count and no outs. The most common counts are 1-0, 2-0, and 2-1. The pitcher should know when to expect the "HITand RUN" and keep the ball inside on the hitter to prevent the pitch from being driven to the opposite field.

    "DOUBLE PLAY Situation" - The most important point to remember is to keep the ball down. One of the greatest plays in baseball is the inning ending double play. It is not advised to throw a change up or curve ball in a double play situation.

    "SQUEEZE BUNT Situation" - There are many things to know and remember in this situation. Here are 3 important "keys":

    1. Throw the pitch either "UP and IN" or "LOW and IN".
    2. The pitcher should not try to hit the batter, but if the batter is hit, the runner must return to third base.
    3. It is more difficult to bunt the low pitch than the high pitch.

    1. Throw the ball outside. The pitch is actually a pitch- out.
    2. Make sure the pitch is "UNTOUCHABLE".

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    "DOUBLE PUMP" Windup - A Change of Rhythm

    A simple change in a pitcher's windup motion can often serve to disrupt a batters concentration. One such technique is the "Double Pump" windup that is used with no one on base and when the pitcher is throwing out of the "windup". We rarely see this technique today. It was quite popular years ago.

    The execution is done as the name implies. The pitcher double pumps or even triple pumps in the windup. The pitcher brings the hands up and over the head as usual. The hands are then dropped down to the starting position and the process is repeated. The pitcher does not "rock back" onto the non-pivot foot until the last until the final pump. The pitcher then "rocks and fires" the pitch. The purpose of such a delivery is to simply change the batter's rhythm. It is recommended that this technique be used only 2 or 3 times a game.

    Another method used to break a batter's concentration is the "start over" technique. This is a move used when no one is on base. The pitcher will simply "mess up" and stop during the early stage of the windup. The pitcher simply stops and acts as if a miss-step or problem occured to make stopping necessary. This is a simple technique. If used at all, it should be used only once or twice a game. Make it look natural. This technique is no less a part of the game than a "batter calling time" and stepping out of the box to disrupt a pitcher's rhythm.

    All pitchers should be taught these techniques. Knowledge of such methods and techniques is important to all pitchers and coaches. Whether or not they use them is a decision to be made later.

    Visit for more exciting drills and tips....

    Book Review: The Pitching Edge-2nd Edition By: Tom House

    Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, and on and on. Tom House helped develop these athletes into the great pitchers they became-Hall of Famers and Cy Young award winners. Having spent 20 years in the Major Leagues as a pitcher and pitching coach, and more than that studying the science of pitching, House was well-prepared to unleash the maximum potential from his star pitcher pupils. Now, in the new edition of his highly acclaimed The Pitching Edge, House accomplishes through a book what he has been doing directly for decades with pitching prodigies.

    To House, pitchers are products of four things-their genes, their degree of mastery of the pitching motion,their level of physical conditioning, and their mental toughness and skills. The first factor cannot be changed; the other three can, and they form the three parts of The Pitching Edge.

    Part I is the best, clearest, and most complete information on pitching mechanics ever presented in a book. Each phase of the pitching motion, from initial set up through the post-follow-through is explained in detail and demonstrated through computer-generated stick figures and accompanying full-body line drawings. Here, and throughout the book, the author offers special trouble-shooting advice for pitching problems in an element called House Calls. Physical conditioning specifically for pitchers is covered in Part II. Far beyond the standard training advice, this section of the book provides clear exercise and program prescriptions for taking care of the throwing arm, preparing between starts and relief appearances, and maintaining all off- season fitness gains throughout the long competitive season.

    Finally, in Part III House looks at the psychology of pitching. More than the standard goal setting and mental imagery mumbo-jumbo, this section mixes what House has found to be most effective in mental and emotional management on and off the playing field. Always focused on the practical, this part of the book includes many valuable lessons and tips for making winning strategic pitching decisions throughout the course of a game and season. As a bonus feature, House includes his new Athletic Determination Inventory, which measures pitchers' motivational drive and mental makeup. In all, House has masterfully combined the art and science of pitching into a very useful guide for players and coaches. This book truly is The Pitching Edge.

    Read More About This Great Book......

    PRO360BP BatAction Machine by Nedco Sports
    "The "Backyard Basketball Goal" for baseball players. Always ready, always fun, and always productive!"


    Feature Article

    "4 Common Pitching Flaws
    of Young Pitchers"

    1. NOT SEEING THE TARGET - Teach pitchers to "lock in" on the chosen "target spot" during the delivery. I call these target "anchor points" . They may be the mitt, catchers knee, catchers mask, umpires mask, and other visual points. The "anchor points" vary with the pitch being thrown. When runners are on, make sure the pitcher "refocuses" on the target after checking the runner/runners and before throwing the pitch.

    2. LANDING ON THE HEEL - Landing on the heel of the stride foot will cause control problems and excelerate fatigue. The pitcher should land softly on the "ball" of the stride foot. Landing on the front half of the stride foot reduces the "landing impact" to the pitcher's body thus helping to improve body control and pitch control. Control the body; control the pitch!

    THROWING ACROSS THE BODY - This is caused when the pitcher strides to "closed" to allow a smooth delivery and follow through. The pitcher must throw across the body causing a "front hip lock" that prevents proper and adequate front hip movement and rotation. The pitcher should stride into "center zone" toward the plate to prevent this flaw.

    3. POOR FOLLOW-THROUGH - The pitcher should finish low with a bent back and slightly bent front leg. The pitcher should strive to finish with the throwing arm outside of the knee and chest over thigh. The emphasis should be on achieving a smooth and proper follow through on every pitch.


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