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Hurricane Safety Rules
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What makes the Hurricane Machine so popular?
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How the Hurricane Operates.
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Where does it get it's power?
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Hurricane Safety Rules
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How to Adjust Your Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine to Your Needs
Hurricane High Speed Movement Drill

Read each safety rule before assembling or using your new Hurricane Machine


  • The use of this product requires ADULT SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES.
  • Use of this product in a manner other than described in this manual can lead to serious injury for which the manufacturer and/or distributor will not be held liable.
  • Wear a batting helmet with face guard at all times while using this product.
  • Only use a practice bat.
  • Age Restrictions:  5 and up.


  1. Make sure that no one is near the batter or the Hurricane ball’s circular path of movement.  Never hit the ball toward people of persons.  Always hit the ball toward an open unoccupied area, a fence, a wall, etc.  A “safety clearance zone” with a radius of 24 feet is required while using the machine.


  1. Make sure to maintain the 24 ft. clearance “safety zone” while using the machine.  No one except the batter should be inside the “safety zone”.  Should anyone else enter the “safety zone”, the batter must stop hitting the machine immediately.


  1. Never adjust the Hurricane Machines height without removing the powerbands.  When adjusting the machines height, hold the top component by the knobs.  Never touch the machine’s rotational axle when adjusting the height.


  1. When installing the Hurricane Machine’s powerbands, always hook the powerband on the bottom hook first.  Use your foot to hold the machine in place when installing a powerband.


  1. Batters should frequently check their distance and location in relation to the ball to insure proper contact can be made.  At no time should the batter make contact with the shaft of the ball unit.  The batter should hit only the ball at the end of the rod.  The shaft is made of extremely durable material.  However, repeated contact with the shaft may cause breakage.


  1. Before using the machine, the adult supervising should always do the following:

         Inspect the ball unit for damage or signs of failure.

         Make sure all knobs are tightened properly.

         Make sure that no one is near the machine or the batter.

         Make sure that the ball is not going to be hit toward anyone.


7.      For indoor use, it is recommended that the machine be placed on a mat or rug to protect the surface of the floors.  Sandbags should be used to prevent the machine from moving  when it is used indoors.  Ground pins should be used to prevent the machine from moving when it is used outdoors.