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What makes the Hurricane Machine so popular?
20-Minute Hurricane Batting Practice Workout
What comes with my new Hurricane Machine?
What makes the Hurricane Machine so popular?
6 Often Asked Questions By Future Hurricane Machine Owners:
A Special Message to the Parents of Players 12 and under.
Hurricane Machine - Accessory Items
Hurricane Warranty Info
How the Hurricane Operates.
Does it have batteries?
Where does it get it's power?
Does it need electricity?
Closeup Diagram of the Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine.
Hurricane Machine Hitting Drills
I know I want this machine!
How do I order!
What are the shipping cost?
Will it damage my HIGH PRICED BAT?
Hurricane Safety Rules
Hurricane Baseball Machine Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions - Examples of Various Strike Locations and Angles
How to Adjust Your Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine to Your Needs
Hurricane High Speed Movement Drill


The Hurricane has height and speed adjustments.
Players can hit alone or under the watchful eyes of a parent or coach.


The Hurricane offers many benefits:

  • The Hurricane Machine's  patented design provides for a large circle of ball movement allowing the batter to see, hit and track the ball before and after each swing. The Hurricane Hitting Machine's ball movement closely simulates live pitching!
  • The Hurricane Machine's horizontally suspended ball reacts like a real baseball upon contact. Therefore, the batter receives INSTANT FEEDBACK as to the POWER and QUALITY of each swing. The player can tell when a line drive is hit. A player can see when a ground ball or fly ball is hit. This INSTANT FEEDBACK accelerates skill and bat speed development.
  • When you set the Hurricane Machine up in your backyard, it becomes a professional grade hitting station that is always available to the hitter when the hitter has the desire or urge to hit.
  • Repetition and practice is a must when it comes to swing development. Hurricane Machine owners take up to 10 times more practice swings daily than players that practice with other equipment that are less efficient, less convenient and less fun. This increase in the number of practice swings is why many of the hottest hitters in the game, at all levels, are players that own and regularly hit a Hurricane Machine.
  • You can use more efficient practice! You can benefit from the best training system available today! ORDER NOW!

Shown: Hurricane Machine PowerBands
These act as the return mechanism for the machine.

  • Every swing is a challenge. The ball speed of the Hurricane Hitting Machine is adjustable. Add a "Powerband" to increase speed...remove a "Powerband" to decrease speed.
  • The harder a player hits the ball, the faster it will return. The older advanced pplayer with high bat speed gets a faster ball return than the beginner just learining to hit. This feature makes the Hurricane Machine a great family trainer because players of various ages and ability levels within a single household can use the machine and experience challenges suited perfect to their needs.
  • Players really love the challenge and fun of seeing and hitting a moving ball. Players never grow bored with the Hurricane Machine. The wide variety of drills and fun activities the machine provides youn and old players motivated and inspired to practice every day.

The Hurricane has a rotational ball action.
The Hurricanes high speed ball movement builds incredible skill and confidence fast!

"What comes around...goes around!" Thats how the Hurricane Hitting Machine operates.
The batter hits the ball, then allows it to wrap and unwind before the next swing.
  • If you are looking for a great home training machine that will offer fun, productive, and entertaining workouts for all hitters in the family, you have found it, the Hurricane Hitting Machine!
  • If you are looking for the perfect practice machine that will GIVE YOUR TEAM or PLAYER AN ADVANTAGE OVER THE COMPETITION and help your favorite player or team become more dominate in the batter's box, YOU CAN STOP LOOKING, YOU HAVE FOUND IT! The BatAction Machine has been used by thousands and thousands of hitters since 1999. There is no other machine that carries a 100% Money-Back Guarantee to improve hitting performance. The Hurricane Hitting Machine is the practice machine of choice for many of the games hottest hitters!

Shown: Hurricane Machine Replacement Impact Ball.
Warrantied for 3 Full Months. Installs in seconds.