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How does it Work? Does the ball rotate? How much space is required?
20-Minute Hurricane Batting Practice Workout
What comes with my new Hurricane Machine?
What makes the Hurricane Machine so popular?
6 Often Asked Questions By Future Hurricane Machine Owners:
A Special Message to the Parents of Players 12 and under.
Hurricane Machine - Accessory Items
Hurricane Warranty Info
How the Hurricane Operates.
Does it have batteries?
Where does it get it's power?
Does it need electricity?
Closeup Diagram of the Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine.
Hurricane Machine Hitting Drills
I know I want this machine!
How do I order!
What are the shipping cost?
Will it damage my HIGH PRICED BAT?
Hurricane Safety Rules
Hurricane Baseball Machine Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions - Examples of Various Strike Locations and Angles
How to Adjust Your Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine to Your Needs
Hurricane High Speed Movement Drill


How does the machine operate?

The Hurricane Hitting Machine  is a "self-contained" hitting machine that allows a batter to take "full speed" batting practice swings at fast moving ball that rotates around the machine's axis.

The Hurricane Hitting Machine operating action can best be described as a rotating forward and rotating backwards, wrapping and unwrapping process. The ball is hit and the powerbands wrap around the machine. The powerbands unwrap and bring the ball back to the batter.

Here is how the Hurricane Hitting Machine works, step by step:

1. As a the hitter first approaches the Hurricane Hitting Machine or starts the drill, the ball is still. The first swing will be like hitting a ball off a traditional batting tee.

2. The innovative Hurricane Hitting Machineuses bungy "powerbands" as its energy source. When the ball is hit, the ball will rotate forward until the machine's "powerbands" slow it down, stop it, and make it reverse it's motion.

3. The Hurricane Hitting Machinewill now unwrap and this unwrapping motion brings a moving ball mack to the hitter for the next swing.

4. The batter will let the ball come by at least once or twice and then hit the ball on the next pass. The batter must let the machine unwrap before hitting it again. This prevents the machine being wrapped too tight and the stretching or breaking of the "powerbands".

Does the ball actually rotate?
Yes, the Hurricane Hitting Machine ball does rotate. It rotates in a circle 8 1/2 feet in diameter. The 2.75 diameter ball is molded onto a composite rod that is locked into the Hurricane Hitting Machine™.

The Hurricane Hitting Machinecircular ball movement allows the batter ample time to "track" each pitch as it comes in and leaves the bat.

The large circular ball movement closely simulates real pitching and real hitting conditions. The Hurricane Hitting Machine high speed ball movement drills are guaranteed to rapidly improve hitting skill and to develop incredible bat speed.

Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. Every Hurricane Hitting Machine purchase is a NO RISK purchase because it is backed by Coach Nick's "IMPROVED HITTING SUCCESS OR MONEY-BACK" Offer! Don't Delay Another Day! ORDER NOW!