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How to Adjust Your Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine to Your Needs
20-Minute Hurricane Batting Practice Workout
What comes with my new Hurricane Machine?
What makes the Hurricane Machine so popular?
6 Often Asked Questions By Future Hurricane Machine Owners:
A Special Message to the Parents of Players 12 and under.
Hurricane Machine - Accessory Items
Hurricane Warranty Info
How the Hurricane Operates.
Does it have batteries?
Where does it get it's power?
Does it need electricity?
Closeup Diagram of the Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine.
Hurricane Machine Hitting Drills
I know I want this machine!
How do I order!
What are the shipping cost?
Will it damage my HIGH PRICED BAT?
Hurricane Safety Rules
Hurricane Baseball Machine Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions - Examples of Various Strike Locations and Angles
How to Adjust Your Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine to Your Needs
Hurricane High Speed Movement Drill

Read all safety rules and the “Proper Batter Location and Angle” page before making any of the adjustments below.  Your new machine must be properly assembled before any of the adjustments below are possible.  Make sure to carefully read and follow each step of your assembly instructions to make sure your machine is properly assembled.

Strike Height Adjustment

 You can change the height of the ball in seconds.  First, remove the powerbands. (Unhook the Powerband at the top first.)  Next, with the powerbands removed, holding the machine by the Top Component Knob loosen the height-adjustment collar knob with the other hand.  Slide the machine up or down to the desired height and tighten the knob to secure the collar and lock the machine at the height chosen.  Install the powerbands.  (Connect the Powerband on the bottom first.)  If you need to change the tension on a Powerband, slide the plastic connector ball up the cord and tie another knot.

Speed Adjustment

The powerbands are the speed adjustment mechanism for you machine.  You add a Powerband to increase speed and you remove a Powerband to decrease speed.  Always follow the safety rules when adding or removing powerbands.  The most popular configuration of powerbands is to use two bands hooked together on the outside hook.  Young and beginner batters may need to begin with a single powerband to allow them to adapt to the speed of the ball rotation.

Strike Location Adjustment

 Your machine allows you to practice hitting every possible strike location.  The machine is always anchored and never moved.  You should use ground pins or sandbags to stabilize your machine.  The batter changes strike location by relocating and repositioning to a different angle to the machines ball.  The batter should always strive to keep the ball-rod directed at the batters back foot.