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Arm Strong - Year round training system designed to build strength and teach proper throwing mechanics for baseball and softball players 10 years and up.

Astoria Net Shop and Sports Equipment - Atec baseball pitiching machines, batting cages, golf nets, custom netting, safety equipment and training videos. - America's Favorite Brands at Low Prices!


BATA Pitching Machines - Dealer sells the BATA line of pitching machines.

BATTING CAGES and NETS - Economy prices on backyard batting cages and nets. FREE SHIPPING on many packages.

BatAction Hitting Machine - Innovative rotational pitch simulator that allows high speed batting practice in small spaces, inside and outside. - BatAction Machine Inventor's Homepage - Q&A - Drills and Tips

Batting Tee Training Aid - Batting tee for baseball and softball. Improve your batting, hitting and swing skills by working with inside and outside pitch drills. Practice on your own, or with a coach.

Be a Better Hitter - Baseball instruction using text, videos, and a message board. Useful instruction for adults and children.

Books, Videos and DVDs - Baseball and softball coaching books, Videos, and DVD's. Great selection and discount prices.

Bratt's Bats - Offers weighted baseball bats used during training and in the on-deck circle. Also swing weight bats, batting cages, batting nets and batting nets.


Cybertown Baseball - Provides tools for coaches, players and parents, including instructional books and videotapes, web links, coaching discussion board and a baseball search engine.

Flex-A-Clay - Manufactured soil composition developed for pitching mounds and home plate areas on baseball and softball infields and fields.

Funtastic Sports - Offers baseball and softball hitting and batting training with the Rotor Twin trainer.

Gala Pitching Machines - Offers baseball and softball pitching machines, batting cages, batter-up machines, ball-feeders, batting cage frames and nets.

Gourock - Design and manufacture protective netting for baseball, golf, hockey and soccer. Specializes in batting and golf cages.

Grand Slam Home Pitching Machine - Adjustable speed allows 7 year old beginner to pro skill levels using random delivery and adjustable speed. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor training.

The Heater Batting Practice Trainer - Alternative to automatic pitching machines, with the same control, safety and speed. Can be safely used in your own backyard.

The Hitting Disk - Hitting aid to develop the hands of a perfect baseball or softball swing

Hitting Help - Baseball and softball batting training aids to help improve your hitting average, power and swing.

Hitting Pitching Machine - Hitting machine to hit baseballs and softballs at school, practice or home. Patented, rugged steel portable hitting device.

qsbanner.jpeg - Offers baseball training products for hitting, including pitch simulators and hand-held batting trainers. Products sold online include BatAction Machines, Hit2win Trainers, Pro ZipnHit, Stayback Tees, and HandsBack Hitters.

J3 Sports - Quality batting machines, baseball gloves, and wood bats.

Laser Balls - Baseball used for pitching practice that records pitching speed.

Live Action Tee - Automatic, variable speed, remote control, batting tee.

MASA - Hundreds of items specifically designed for baseball, softball, soccer, and athletic field maintenance. 

Master Pitching Machine - Manufacturers of commercial and training pitching machines and batting cage equipment.

Perfect Stride - Training aid for hitting in both baseball and softball. Prevents players from overstriding and stepping out on pitches while building muscle memory.

Perfect Swing Power Tee - Offers an adjustable batting tee used by hitting instructors to teach players to hit the ball where it is pitched and at the correct impact point.

Personal Pitcher - Offers a pitching machine for developing hand-eye coordination and batspeed. Suitable for 8 years and up.


Pitcher's Mate - Pitching practice target that features a reversible batter and a four zone strike area.

The Pitching Trainer - A device that will help any pitcher develop great and arm-safe mechanics.

Portable Batting Cages - Versatile backstop for softball or baseball, amateur or professional.

Precision Net Company - Manufacturer of baseball batting cage nets and frames, protective screens, foul ball nets and ATEC pitching machines.

ProMounds, Inc. - Makers of Portable Pitching Mounds, Spike-Proof Turf Products and Athletics Field Covers.

Promounds,Inc. - Offers portable pitching mounds, spike-proof turf products for baseball and softball.

ProPower - Batting trainer.

ProZip SpeedToss - Advanced skill and bat speed trainer. Designed for HS & College Use. "36 FEET of PURE SPEED" - $29.95 Low Cost! High Yeild Trainer!

Quichands Soft Toss Trainer - Quichands uses the soft toss method to hit a ball in flight NOT on a rope.

Radar Bucket - Cordless radar gun clocks baseball and softball pitching and batting speeds, tennis, golf or soccer.

REPS Personal Pitching Machine - A portable, revolving, pitching machine that provides a batter essential repetition.

Russell Batting Cages - Makers of batting cages, pitching machines and protective screens.

Skillbuilder Sports Products - Offers baseball batting cages and pitching machines, golf practice nets, putting greens, and other baseball, golf, basketball and soccer equipment.

Softoss Personal Pitcher - The Softoss Personal Pitcher is a device for youth ball players that need to improve their hitting skills. Chris Richard, Baltimore Oriole, is the first user.

Sports Technology Center - Baseball training bat. Get quicker hands and exceptional hand eye coordination.

Stan Mar - Designs and manufactures professional quality batting cages, stadium netting, frames, back stops, practice nets, protective screens and other sports nets.

Stee-Rike 3 Pitching Machine - Manufacturer of baseball and softball pitching machines and Strike three wiffle balls.

Strike123 Pitching Target - Strike123 helps pitchers improve strike zone accuracy for baseball and softball and lets you practice by yourself. For use by little league, high schools and college teams.

Strike Zone Sam - Adjustable strike zone aid for pitchers of all ages. Gives a pitcher a visual, adjustable strike zone are for practice with or without a catcher.

StrikeMaster Batting Machines - Baseball or softball batting practice system.


Technasport, LLC - Offers the BatMaxx 5000 bat speed and reaction time measurement system to help coaches and players improve performance.

Teeball Stand - Offers the Up-Rite Safe Tee, a hitting tee for baseball practice and games. Also sells hats and t-shirts.

Throwright - Unique training products for baseball at discont prices.

Tips From The Coach - Offers baseball instructional videos and books, sporting goods and training aids.

Touch Your Knee - A six-step book designed to teach the art of baseball pitching to young baseball pitchers and catchers, coaches, and parents.

True Pitch Portable Pitching Mounds - Fiberglass, turf covered pitching mounds. Approved for game use by Little League, Babe Ruth, Pony and Dixie Youth baseball organizations. Regulation height, licensed, portable, safe, durable.

Unique Baseball Products - Free catalog of discount sports products featuring baseball products like master pitching machines along with basketball hoops, goalie nets, golf equipment and autographed memorabilia.

Zip Trainer - Aid in increasing the speed and accuracy of players at all positions.

Zooka Sports - New hi-tech portable baseball pitching machine.


Training Equipment
Manufacturer's Official Homepages Baseball Training Equipment 
BatAction Hitting Machine
, Hit2win Handheld Trainers and ProZip SpeedToss
Trainers, and TrickPlay Guides sold online. Free coach's newsletter. The "Backyard Basketball Goal For Hitters" Excellent training machine for home and team use. Speed and Height adjustments for all ages. Inventor's OFFICIAL Q&A PAGE.

Training Equipment: Baseball
The American Baseball Directory and Search Engine - 2002 Edition. Training
Equipment: Baseball. Enter subhead content here. 3R Baseball ...

Baseball Training Equipment Pitching Machine by HitRanger 
Pitching machines, hitting baseballs, baseball equipment by HitRanger. Improve hitting baseballs or softballs with this hitting trainer. Affordable training equipment to hit better, improve swing.

ReactionPro- the latest in baseball training equipment 
A simple yet highly effective device which produces unpredictable bounces. Use to practice fielding the bad hop. Compact, durable and affordable.
Baseball Training Equip: Inventor-Direct 
Online source for baseball training aids, baseball training equipment. The combined efforts of players, coaches and engineers yield a line of original patent-pending hitting devices.
RAC-A-BAT Baseball Training Device 
RAC-A-BAT is a training aid for baseball or softball. Improve fielding skills by accurately placing grounders, line-drives and flyballs. Coaches are able to conduct more efficient practice.
SwingAway - Rebound Sports Technology 
Explore company selling the "SwingAway," batting practice equipment to replace the hitting tee. Includes demo videos and pricing information.
Bratt's Bat: Hit more home runs now! 
Bratt's bat is a weighted bat used during training and in the on-deck circle. We present baseball training aid equipment like: swing weight bats, batting cages, batting nets, batting nets, pitching machines, to help bat speed development, and increa

Zip Baseball Trainer: Baseball Pitching and Throwing Aids 
Baseball pitching aids designed to train pitchers in throwing fastballs and curveballs. These Zip Trainers are baseball pitching aids.
Nemo's Speed Bat And Training Program 
Increase Your Bat Speed By 4.8 Mph With Nemo's Speed Bat And Training Program.

Hitting Help - Improve batting with our training aid 
Our hitting tool will help improve your batting average and increase power. Hit more line drives.

The Hitting Disk - 
The Hitting Disk- A Professional Hitting Aid To Perfect The Perfect Swing.

**New Slide Stick to make the hitter throw his hands at the ball.

Batting tee for baseball and softball 
Batting tee for baseball and softball. Improve your batting, hitting and swing skills by working with inside and outside pitch drills. Practice on your own, or with a coach. Good for practice in a gym or on a baseball field. Compact and portable.

Baseball Strength training equipment. exercise.
... next workout exerciser. more strength training equipment. ... fitness in the gym
for sports like baseball and softball. ...
Description: Offers strength training exercise equipment.

Strike Zone Baseball Training Equipment
... Newest Innoviation in Baseball Training Equipment; Excellent Coaching Aid, Endorsed by Coaches of all levels (including Softball); Adjustable for all ages; Acts ...

3L Sports Co., Ltd. - sport training equipment, swing practicing ...
Kiddie Tenny. Kiddie Baseball. Ring Toss. Ring Toss. ... For sport: the toys can be played as tennis, baseball, T-Ball and other sports. ... Address: No. ...

Training Aids - American Athletic Baseball and Softball - ...
... The Web is the ultimate in training equipment. ... work, soft toss work or a variety of
skill training ... braided polyethylene for years of heavy use for both baseball ...

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