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Comparing Batting Cage Net Size

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Comparing Batting Cage Net Size
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Batting Cage Nets and Frames Terms and Descriptions
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Batting Cages Nets come in many different size twines. The net twine size of the batting cage you purchase should be selected according to your needs and demands. The more heavy-duty twines such as  #36, #42, and heavier weights are used by colleges and high schools.
For normal home use with youth players, a #21 will do for younger players. But for ages 12 and older, we recommend a cage twine weight of at least a #36.


By Nick Dixon

Choosing the right batting cage net size for your needs is important. making the right choice can save you money and insure that your batting cage will offer year and years of quality performance.

Standard #36 Netting

Our standard #36 netting is UV treated. This economical 2.5mm braided poly netting is best for recreational and high school use.

It's a much better choice than competitors' standard #21 knotted batting cage netting. Braided mesh absorbs ball contact over a larger area, thus prolonging the life of the netting.


Pro Series #45 Netting

This 2.8mm heavy-duty net is recommended for professional and collegiate teams. UV treated. It is hung on the square, insuring easy installation and a nice clean look.

These are our best selling batting cage nets for high school, colleges and baseball schools because they are reasonably priced and hold up extremely well under demanding practices and exposure to conditions.

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