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Batting Cage Nets and Frames Terms and Descriptions

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Batting Cage Nets and Frames Terms and Descriptions
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Batting Cage Nets and Frames Terms and Descriptions
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By Nick Dixon

The Batting Cage Nets and Frames are the two main components needed to have a quality batting cage setup. The choice of which batting cage net and netting material to buy is the most important decision you must make. You have basically two choices in netting materials, NYLON and POLYETHYLENE.

When it comes to Batting Cage Nets and Frames, and the materials used to make each, it is best to keep things simple. The most important thing for you to know is the following fact, "If your batting cage is going to be an indoor batting cage, buy a Nylon batting cage....If your batting cage is going to be an outdoor batting cage, buy a Polyethylene batting cage."

Now I could blow smoke and talk over both of our heads in scientific terms and fancy long words. But, I would rather keep it simple, sell you exactly what is best for your needs and your budget, and have you as a lifetime customer.

The netting facts in a nutshell are:

NYLON - Nylon makes a great net if you can keep it out of the rain and weather. The net itself is extremely durable and resistant to ball abrasion. However, It does not make a good outdoors cage material because it absorbs water, stretches, and tends to mildew and rot when exposed to moisture.

POLYETHYLENE - "Poly" as it is known, makes a great outdoor batting cage material because it is extremely weather-proof. Poly batting cages nets do not absorb water, do not rot, and they are lighter in weight, so therefore the batting cage frame does not have to be as heavy-duty as those used with Nylon cages.

Batting Cage Nets and Frames Packages Offer the Customer the best alternative when it comes to saving money and doing your own batting cage construction.

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