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Batting Cage Kits Build Your Backyard Batting Cage For Less

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Batting Cage Nets and Frames Terms and Descriptions
Batting Cage Kits Build Your Backyard Batting Cage For Less
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By Nick Dixon

Batting Cage Kits can be a great option to choose when you build your own batting cage. If you are on a limited budget or wish to save as much money and time as possible, using a kit is your best choice.

A batting cage kit contains everything you need to build your batting cage including the net, the frame, all hardware, and easy-to-follow instructions and everything is shipped directly to your home or business. Using a batting cage net and frame kit will definitely save you time, money, and a lot of headaches. Building a batting cage is a project that takes careful planning, organization and work.

Here I outline the basic steps to using a batting cage kit to install your backyard batting cage.

Step 1 – Set your budget. You can purchase a batting cage kit for almost any budget. The amount of money you spend will determine the size, weight, and features of your new batting cage.

Step 2 – Pick your spot. You must first decide where you want to install your new batting cage to be located. The chosen site must be level ground and well drained. Step 3 – Access your space. Step off your chosen backyard batting cage spot to determine the amount of space you have. You need to determine the amount of width and length you have to work with. This will determine the length and width of your batting cage. Height should not be an issue unless you are installing your cage inside with a ceiling.

Common sizes of cages are: 70’ L x 14’ W x 12’ H 60’L x 12’ W x 12’ H 50’L x 12’ W x 12’ H Common weights of cages are: # 21 #36 #42

Step 5 – Determine your net configuration. You must choose the width and length of your new cage based on the budget you have and the space you have available. The longer the cage and the heavier the net, the more expensive the kit will be. For home use, you may opt to buy a lighter weight net such as a #21 to save money. This weight is suitable for home use and the life expectancy is up to 5 to 6 years if you store it inside during the winter months. #36 netting is more expensive but the heavier weight makes it more suitable for use by older players and teams.

Step 6 – Order your net and frame kit. There are many companies that sell net and frame kits. Choose one that is licensed, has toll-free phone service, and that has regular office hours. These companies are companies that are reputable that have staff and consultants readily available to answer your questions and to assist you if you need additional assistance.

Step 7 – When your package arrives. There will be a packing list. Unpack everything and make sure that everything has arrived. Lay everything out to make it readily available when you need each component.

Step 7 – Batting Cage Kits come with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Detailed and well written instructions, such as those shown below, make it easier for you to build your batting cage.

See the sample instructions shown below: Page 1


See PAGE 2 of the sample instructions shown below:


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