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Batting Cage For Sale at

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Batting Cage For Sale at
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Batting Cage Nets and Frames Terms and Descriptions
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battingcagedoor.comtopbanner.jpg has your batting cage for sale for home, team and school use. We specialize in complete cage and frame packages for home use that provide you with a complete cage setup at one low price. We also have your batting cage for sale without frames and all types of screens and custom nets.

Order securely online or by phone. 1-877-431-4487

Our friendly staff will be glad to help you any way they can. Our office hours are 8:00 to 5:00 CST.

Shown Below is one of our most popular ready-to-assemble batting cage net and frame systems. Our staff is available to answer questions and to offer assistance at 1-877-431-4487


Item # MT70PG36 70' L x 14' W x 12' H w/36 Netting Complete Package - Includes Net & Frame Price $1099.95 plus S&H

This easy-to-install system takes two people about one hour to assemble. Easy to follow instructions are included.


We chose to use polyethylene (PE) netting with the batting cages we sale.

Why did we choose Polyethylene?

Family's have a need for a batting cage that is durable and that will last them at least 5 years. PE netting does not absorb water. This prevents the net from becoming saturated with moisture. This saturation can possibly causes the net to become heavy, sag and possibly stretch. This heavy weight can also cause the cage frame to stress. After three years of outdoor exposure, PE netting retains a higher tensile strength than nylon. PE holds up well under direct sun. PE is more economical than nylon. Most family's are looking to buy the absolute best product they can for the absolute best price. The PE product offers our customers the best price and performance for the dollar! Our batting cage netting also features a heavy rope border along the bottom, corners, and top ribs.

In the Southern regions of the U.S. and and especially along the coast, high heat and humidity shortens the life span of nylon netting, even when it is treated. Batting Cage For Sale at


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