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Batting Cage Construction Tips - Help Make Your Construction Go Smoother

Batting Cage Construction Tips - Help Make Your Construction Go Smoother
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Batting Cage Building Tips for helping making your batting cage construction easier and less costly. These 12 batting cage building tips can help improve the quality of your over batting cage project when the job is complete.

Batting cage construction does not have to be a long drawn out, costly, and painful experience. Building a batting cage can be a relatively easy project with proper planning and the right equipment to do the project. With the right approach you can build your batting cage in 1/2 day. It may take longer if you install a cement floor but that would be the only thing that would cause the project to take days instead of hours. Here I offer 10 important tips that you should consider during the planning phase of your batting cage construction.


1. Draw a plan showing the size and dimensions of your cage in the chosen location. Do this to make sure that you have chosen the best location. Batting cage construction requires a level area at least 2 feet longer and wider that your batting cage net.

2. Make sure you consider the sun's angles, access to power, and ground drainage when you chose or prepare your area.

3. Make a materials list that includes every component of the net and cage you are installing including the net, frame pieces, and hardware. Also make a list of the tools and equipment that you will need to complete your batting cage construction.

4. If your chosen area is prone to be wet during certain times of the year, you should elevate your cage floor to make sure that your cage floor is well drained. You can use a cement floor or simply "frame" in an area and fill it with a couple inches of crushed stone, dirt, or clay.

5. Choose your frame system carefully. Make sure that the frame structure you build or construct is adequate to support the weight of your net.

You do not have to worry if you purchase a batting cage net and frame package or a batting cage kit because these systems are designed to work together. Your frame poles should be made of treated wood or metal poles to insure that you get the long-term use that you want. Do not "skimp" on your frame materials or you will have to replace or repair your frame within a year or so.

6. When choosing cable or rope with which to attach your net to the frame, make sure that the rope is weather-proof or use cable. (Minimum cable size: 1/8 or 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch is best for larger cages). You will need "turn-buckles" to tighten your cable and cable clamps to connect and secure your cable in place.

7. If you use homemade wood or metal poles for support, you may have to dig holes and cement the poles in the ground to make sure that the supports are stable and safe. The poles on the two ends will support most of the weight. Make sure that they are anchored properly.

8. Make sure that you have a adequate number of support units to properly stretch and hang your cage. I recommend a support member for every 15' of net. A 45' cage would need 3 supports.(One on each eand and one in the middle) A 60' and 70' cage needs at least 4 supports.

9. Make sure that your net is pulled as tight as possible, especially at the top. A cage has a severely drooping ceiling tends to be uncomfortable for both the batter and the person throwing batting practice.

10. Make sure that your net is hung low enough that the bottom edge has at least 12 inches of net on the ground. If your net is hung too high so that the net barely touches the ground, hit balls will go under the net and out of the cage. This causes a safety hazard for persons outside the cage. The easiest Batting Cage Construction is done with a ready-to-assemble batting cage package with net and frame included for one low price. Our complete net and frame systems can be assembled by two people in less than an hour. Our packages come complete with easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams.

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