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DRILL OF THE MONTH- "Make Believe Infield" It is a great way to build confidence!
HITTING TIP OF THE MONTH - Important Terminology for Young Hitters
COACHING TIP OF THE MONTH - A true story teaches a valuable lesson on baserunning!
TRICK PLAY OF THE MONTH - "Stop & See" Steal - Add this great weapon in your baserunning attack!
PARENT TIP - Essential Homework Required For Success
BONUS TIPS OF THE MONTH - Teaching Young Players Proper Mechanics
NEW PRODUCT PROFILE - BatAction Hitting Machine
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DRILL OF THE MONTH - "Make Believe" Infield - It is a great way to build confidence! Great warm-up for certain situations

The teams takes perfect infield by allowing every player to make a perfect catch and throw. The way this drill is conducted is the coach does not use a ball. He hits a "make-believe" ball. Each time the player goes through the correct motion of fielding the ball and making a perfect play. Each time the player receiving the throw will pat his glove to simulate a catch. Emphasis is placed on talking, following through, and making everything look perfect. No one will mess up or make a bad mistake. I have used this drill many, many times in practice and before games. It is especially good with young kids to emphasis correct body mechanics. It is also useful if you get to a field for a game and the playing surface is too wet or rough to take a "good" round of infield. Sometimes it is better not to use a real ball in warm-up if there is a risk of the ball taking a terrible bounce. Bad infield and warm-up may bring down "team esteem". I've never had a team take "make believe" infield that was anything less than great! It's always perfect!

HITTING TIP OF THE MONTH - Important Terminology for Young Hitters

Hitting Drill - Hit2Win Trainer Closed Eye Drill
"31-Zone, Nothing Above, Nothing Below!" The batter with a 3-1 count is looking to hit a perfect pitch to hit in a tight zone. The batter should lay off anything above or
below that zone.

"Base Hit, Ball Four, Something Good For Us On This Pitch". The batter has a 3 ball count. The batter is looking to hit the pitch hard or get a base on balls.
Coaching Tip Of The Month
"A True Story That Shows The Importance
of Running Out Everything To First Base."

It was a high school game. The home team was batting, down one run, 3-1, with bases loaded and two outs. The count was 3-2 and runners were moving on the pitch. The batter, who was the home team's #2 hitter, got a fastball on the outer half. He was expecting it and he got "all of it"! He ripped a hard linedrive right at the second baseman's open glove.

The batter seeing the ball go into the fielder's glove immediately slumped in disappointment half way to first. He goes down to his knees with his face in his hands. He was basically "feeling sorry for himself". In the meanwhile he wasn't aware that the ball went through the webbing of the secondbaseman's glove. The secondbaseman had to look behind himself, go get the ball and throw to first for the out. The secondbaseman was quick as a cat so this didn't really take long. However, the batter has great speed and would have been safe at first. The saddest fact of all is that the two runners moving on the pitch crossed homeplate. They both would have scored and the home team would have won the game if the batter would have just done what his coaches had told him hundreds of times since his Little League days, "Run Everything Out, Don't Assume Anything & Don't Think Until You Know!
TRICK PLAY OF THE MONTH - "Stop & See" Steal - Add this great weapon in your baserunning attack!

1st and 3rd - "Stop and See" Steal
Type Play - Offensive

Situation - Runners at Ist and 3rd base with 2 outs.

Objective - The offense will use this play to achieve one of the following 3 results:
1. The ID runner wants to steal and draw a throw to 2D in hopes of scoring the 3D runner.
2. The ID runner will advance to 2D if a throw down is not made by the catcher.
3. The ID runner will try to create a rundown if a throw down is made. The offense trys to force a defensive error or "buy time" for the 3D runner to score.

The 1B runner will take his normal lead. He wants to make sure that he does not get picked off by the pitcher. The offensive team wants the catcher to throw to second. The 3B runner will take an aggressive but safe lead. The 3B runner will make sure that the catcher's throw down clears the pitcher or any possi-ble cut-off man. The 1B runner will execute a straight steal and will look in, like a hit and run, but he is reading the catcher's actions and not the batter's contact. The batter will be taking the pitch. If the I B runner sees the ball going down to second, he will stop. He will stop and retreat quickly back toward fIrst base. If the defense quickly throws to first base, he will get in a run down. If the defense throws to home to get the 3B runner who has his break for home, the 1B runner will advance on to secondbase. The 3B runner will also read the catcher's actions. He will expect a full arm fake and check back to third base. If the catcher releases the ball toward second base, the 3B runner will make sure that the ball clears the pitcher and any possible cutoff man. If the 3B runner "reads the ball through" he breaks hard and slides hard in home.

How do you stop it? It is hard for the defense to stop this play. They are not aware that the 1 B runner may stop. The best method of defending this play is for the shortstop or secondbaseman to take the throw and quickly throw to homeplate. The defense must communicate.

Points to Remember:
1. The 1B runner has to make sure not to get picked and that he properly reads the catcher .
2. The 3B runner must take an aggressive but safe lead. He is expecting a pitcher or infield cut or a full arm fake by the catcher .
3. The "stop and see" play is great for scoring a "cheap" run when the weak part of the batting order is up.
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PARENT TIP OF THE MONTH - Essential Homework Required For Success

The off season is the perfect time to give your player an advantage over his or her peers, teammates, and competition. Remember a player must first compete with other teammates for a starting spot before competing against other teams. The keys to success are simple. 1) High quality, repetitive practice at home. 2) Home practices must motivate, challenge and help the player learn to handle pressure. There are many great home training tools. Do not expect your player's $200 bat to give you $200 worth of hits if you do not do "your homework"! Invest your money wisely. Spend money purchasing training equipment that will improve your players game with improved skill and increased bat speed! Then spend time helping your player build confidence. This investment of time and money may make all the different in your player succeeding or failing at the high school level. Looking for a great investment? See our BatAction WORLD SERIES OFFER below!

BONUS TIPS OF THE MONTH - Teaching Young Players Proper Mechanics - "Six Steps To A Perfect Swing"
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