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Pitching Drill
Great for Developing Control

The drill is used to develop great pitch control by having the pitcher throw strikes at varying distances. The drill has a catcher set at a stationary plate. The plate never moves. The pitcher should begin throwing at a distance 1/2 of her normal pitching distance. You should have 6-8 distance markers with the first being at her starting point and the longest being twice his normal pitching distance. The markers should be at 10 foot intervals and in a straight line with the plate. The object of the drill is to develop control by gradually moving toward and away from the targeted strike zone. The pitcher is required to throw 1-3 strikes from each marker before moving to the next. The catcher serves as the umpire. Variations of this drill may be to have 1-3 pitchers working and competing against each other. The drill teaches them to work fast, concentrate, and execute a perfect pitch. Make sure your pitchers are in condition for this drill. They will find that throwing strikes from longer distance requires great mechanics and builds arm strength. Make sure your players stretch and warm-up first. You may have reduce the distance to match this drill to the present strength of your pitching staff.

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"Pitch Tracking"
Great Drill For Hitters,
Catchers, and Pitchers!

The pitcher is throwing to a catcher as she normally would in pitching practice or bull-pen work. The pitcher is throwing at her normal pitching distance. The coach has one or two batters, with helmets on, stand in the batter's box without bats. Each batter will assume her regular stance and imagine that she is holding a bat. The batters will "track" or watch the first three pitches out of the pitcher's hand until they hit the catcher's mitt, making sure to keep their head and eyes are on the ball all of the way. Next the batters will swing away with their "imaginary" bats. The batters will read the location of each pitch the pitcher throws and hit the ball where it is pitched. One batter or two batters can track pitches. Having two batters makes the pitcher have to concentrate evn more. When two batters are tracking, they will do opposites. One will pull a pitch in a location that her tracking partner will hit to the opposite field. The coach can call out a count such as 2-0, 3-1, 1-2, and 0-2 to allow the batters, pitchers, and catchers certain mind-sets in different situations. Note: If your hitters are too young to perform this drill, have a coach stand in. The coach may wish to wear a helmet and wear a glove for protection. This is a tough drill, but it is great for developing concentration of all parties involved. Make sure all participates wear helmets and other proper protective equipment.

"20 X 4"
Pitching Drill
Teaches control & Concentration

This drill is a pitching drill in which the young pitcher works at a smooth, rather fast pace, but only throw 50-60%. She should not be allowed to throw full speed. The objective of the drill is to teach concentration and develop great control. The pitcher has to throw 20 strikes before she throws 4 balls. She should be allowed to perform the drill at a shorter distance at first but she should be able to move to her regular pitching distance within a couple of weeks. If she throws 4 balls, she must start over. Be careful to not overwork her. However, keeping the distance short, emphasizing accuracy not speed, and making sure she properly stretches and warms up should prevent any chance of arm injury. With very young players you may want to make the drill a 10-3 drill. She must throw 10 strikes before she throw 3 balls or she must start over.

This is a dual purpose drill. It teaches proper mechanics, increase pitch control, and helps the pitcher learn to perform under pressure.