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.1. Video: "Mike Candrea's Championship Two-Tape Series!" - Candrea shares his recommended list of
practice rules and explains the implications and importance of them in effective team building. He also recommends a checklist of drills
(all demonstrated) to work on to add variety to your practices. If you want to learn to win and have a team that shows improvement as the season progresses. It all starts with effective practice organization and planning.
This is a great video set.
2. DVD: Common Hitting Problems and Solutions by Sue Enquist (UCLA) - This detailed DVD presents a comprehensive overview of the factors that can cause a
breakdown in a hitter's swing and offers a thorough analysis of 17 of the most common problems experienced by hitters. In an easy-to-understand and apply manner, the DVD explains and shows why each problem occurs and suggests how to correct each problem.
We highly recommend this tape.
Click to enlarge.
3. Video Format: Linda Wells "Defensive 3 Tape Series" - The first section, "Beginner Drills",
works with the whole/part/whole wrist snaps, isolated wrist snaps, not isolated wrist snaps, arm circles, the three ball drills, and working
with throwing to targets. "Intermediate Drills" work directly to
spot pitching. All drills in the "Intermediate" section are designed to help a pitcher hit her spots and work towards being more consistent. The "Advanced Drills" section works specifically on throwing into your own glove and receiving signals from the catcher.Coach Wells covers all aspects of the catcher position, beginning with equipment and basics of calling pitches, then blocking pitches, framing pitches, snap throws, pitch outs and intentional walks.She also covers some of the general fielding skills such as the shuffle step and the short arm throw. In the outstanding 3rd video, game footage complements on-field demonstration to clearly demonstrate proper bunt coverage, stealing coverage, pick-offs, and defensive alignments for each
infield position.
4. Video: "Advanced Strategy" by Dianne Baker -  Advanced Strategy includes four options for first and third situations, pick-off plays for every base, a special play for bases loaded with two outs, rundown technique, and bunt and
slap-hitting defenses. Also included is a drill progression for teaching sliding. For the advanced athletes, Coach Baker includes a progression to teach pop-up sliding.
Click to enlarge .
5. Video: The Softball Pitching Factory: "15 Fixes for Pitchers Troubleshooting" with Nancy Evans! - Coach Evans demonstrates practical tips
and drills to correct flawed pitching motions that hamper a pitcher's speed, accuracy, and throwing motion. She includes general pitching corrections for pitches that are too high, too low, too far inside or outside, as well as mechanics and spins for the screwball, curveball,
change-up, rise ball, and drop ball. Every coach and pitcher should watch this to make sure you are getting the maximum potential out of every pitch!

6. DVD: The Softball Pitching Edge - The Softball Pitching Edge DVD shows the correct way to deliver the ball from the rubber to the plate to maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury. It dissects the pitching motion through demonstrations of the correct mechanics and provides 30 different practice drills for
mastering those mechanics so that you can throw with greater speed and control.
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7. Video: "Slap Hitting 101" by Linda Wells, Arizona State University Head Softball Coach - In this video, Coach Wells has a former player and slap hitting specialist demonstrate and explain what it takes to become a successful slap hitter. They first discuss the process of converting and developing a slap hitter, advantages of slap hitting, and bat
selection for slap hitters. Next, they discuss and demonstrate
the sequencing of slap hitting by walking through the box positions, footwork, hand motion, body movement, types of slaps,
making adjustments, and utilizing the fake slap and bunts. Coach Wells then shares multiple progression drills to develop and perfect the mechanics and timing of slap hitting using tee work, toss drills, and pitching machines. Slap hitters will learn how to effectively read the defense, gain bat control, put the ball down, and get down the line for team success!
Click to enlarge.
8. DVD: Hitting Drills: Volume 1 - Building Strength, Balance, and Speed by Sue Enquist (UCLA) - Hitting Drills: Vol. 1 — Building Strength, Balance, and Speed presents a comprehensive overview of a series of proven drills designed to enhance three of the key factors involved in effective hitting—strength, balance, and bat speed. Appropriate for players at all competitive levels, the DVD explains and shows how to successfully execute each drill. Among the topics covered in the DVD: wrist and forearm drills, weighted bat, rollers, one-arm drills, thunder stick, wooden dowel, balance drills, and stride box.

9.Video: "Winning Drills for Indoor Practice Set" 2 Pack by Dianne Baker,Texas Woman's University Head Softball Coach - This video features team concepts, working together, and communication. Baker provides all new drills that your athletes will want to do because they're challenging, creative, and enjoyable! Some of the drills taught and demonstrated include: wall drill, charge/round/out drill, line drill, basic relay drill, 2-on-1 drill, sliding drill, driving to the side drill, and
the fly ball jurisdiction drill!
10.Video: "Hitting, Bunting, and Base Running" by Margo Jonker, Head Coach, Central Michigan University - Margo Jonker shows you how to keep pressure on your opponent's defense with the three Bs of offense: batting, bunting and baserunning. Everything is covered form bat selection to sliding into home. Starting with the fundamentals of hitting, Coach Jonker will teach you proper hitting mechanics from the ground up. Learn special techniques for teaching left-handed hitters the drag bunt and running slap. Numerous bunting techniques and strategies are shown: the sacrifice bunt, the push bunt, the slap, the drop bunt and the suicide squeeze. Once the ball is in play, the baserunning fundamentals will put your team in high gear. Leading-off, tagging-up and a sliding
progression are just a few of the techniques demonstrated.