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"Illegal Use of the Courtesy Runner Rule"

Coaches should always be alert for the oppositon misusing the "courtesy baserunner" rule. There are several ways that coaches do this. The first way that they cheat is that they will use a disignated hitter for the catcher and then use a "courtesy runner" to run for the batter hitting "for the catcher". This "method of cheating" is often used on unsuspecting coaches and inexperienced umpires.


The second way coaches cheat is they will make a substition for the catcher and say that the new catcher is going out on defense the next time. The sub bats and gets on base. The coach then uses a fast "courtesy runner" for the "suppose to be catcher". However, the sub is pulled and the starting catcher is reentered into the game. This is a rule violation. This nay also be used for the pitching slot and another pitcher is put into the game. Be alert for this tactic. A good bookkeeper in the dugout prevents such trickery.