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Hitting Tip of the Month.....

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Hitting Tip of the Month.....

"When to Go Green….

When to Go Red"


I love to allow my players to swing the bat. 95% of the time I "trust their judgment" and "turn them loose". However, we all know that there are times when we must "take pitches". I have always used a system by which I make a color call representing our "mind-set" at the plate.

"Green" means you hit what you want when you want to. Now I love for my hitters to hit the first pitch. I teach an attitude of patient aggression at the plate. However, when the call is "RED" the batter will not swing the bat until he has a called strike. Now there are several reasons I must put on a "RED". Sometimes a pitcher will be so junky that we are becoming frustrated and chasing pitches out of the zone. We must be MORE PATIENT. Another reason is we need a baserunner and "ANY WAY IS A GOOD WAY". Another reason is the pitcher is struggling and needs to prove to me he can throw strikes. Another reason is we "NEED TIME" on the bases to move a runner into scoring position before we swing the bat. We also have a "SMART GREEN" call where the batter looks for and "SITS ON" the fastball.

Many players know how to be situational hitters and do not need this system. But for young teams or "early season games" it works well as a reminder to put the "TEAM FIRST"!