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BatAction/Hurricane Machine Hitting Tips & Drills

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You have heard of it! The greatest breakthrough in hitting technology to come out in years! Players love it! Coaches love it! It is the talk of the baseball and fastpitch softball world! Here we take a look at the many popular and productive drills that hitters perform to rapidly improve! We also include several tips that can make using your BatAction Machine even more productive!
------The 20 Minute Workout--------
"Produces Incredible Results Fast!"


This workout is the absolute best home workout available today! The workout covers every phase and required skill of hitting. The batter spends just 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week, to become a hitter than dominates the game with skill, bat speed and confidence!

DIRECTIONS: Each drill targets a specific part of the body to build strength.
DRILL #1 -TOP HAND DRILL - 10 SWINGS - Batter should work fast taking swings as quickly as possible. Each swing counts whether it is a hit or miss.
DRILL #2 - BOTTOM HAND DRILL - 10 SWINGS -The batter should work fast taking swings as fast and quickly as possible. Each swing counts whether it is a hit or miss.
DRILL #3 -HIP TURNER DRILL - 10 SWINGS - The batter should make sure the ball is directed at the front side back hip pocket. The batter takes a swing every 10 seconds.
DRILL #4 - INSIDE CONTACT DRILL - 15 SWINGS - Batter should make sure the ball is directed at the batter's back foot in what we known as the INSIDE CONTACT POSITION. A swing should be taken every 10 seconds.
DRILL #5 - REGULAR CONTACT DRILL - 15 SWINGS - Batter should make sure the ball is at the proper angle and position for REGULAR CONTACT. A swing is taken every 10 seconds.
DRILL #6 - AWAY CONTACT - 15 SWINGS - Batter should make sure the ball is positioned at the proper angle to the batter for AWAY CONTACT.
NOTE: The balance of the remaining time should be used to perform these three drills:






1. The STREAK DRILL is actually a competition. The batter competes against their best score ever or against another batter.
2. The object of the drill is to hit the balls as many times as possible, in succession, without a clean miss. The number of times the batter hits the ball, in a row, is that batter's STREAK NUMBER for that day or competition.
3. If the batter cleanly misses. The streak ends and the other batter takes their turn at hitting.
4. When two players compete, the players take turns batting to see who can build the longest streak. Any contact with the ball keeps the streak going.
5. If a batter touches the ball with a hand, a non swinging bat, or stops the ball in anyway, that batter's streak is stopped.
6. The batter should make sure to make contact with the ball component and not the shaft.

If you are old enough to remember the Johnny B "Batter-Up", then you will really appreciate what the BatAction offers your hitter! The BatAction features the same high speed ball rotation but in a larger circle! The BatAction is made with today's "space age" technology to offer a high performance machine that will provide your players with years and years of quality practice! In fact, Coach Nick owned a "Batter-Up" years ago!

  • BatAction Tip - Make Your Powerbands Last Years!
    The BatAction Machine uses specially designed BatAction powerbands to return the ball after each swing. The machine's action is a "wrapping and unwrapping" process. Batters must allow the machine to unwind between swings to allow the tension on the bands to release. If the batter hits the ball every time it approaches without allowing the machine to unwind, the powerbands will stretch too tight, fatigue and break. Also take them off after every use and store them indoors so they do not get weathered. Powerbands should last at least a year.



    1. The drill is used to teach a hitter not to step out or "into the bucket". The drill works very well in stopping this common flaw.
    2. The batter begins the drill standing farther away from the machine than normal. This starting position allows the batter to take two steps inward before swinging the bat.
    3. The batter step first with the back foot and then with the front foot. When the front "lands" the batter attacks the ball.
    4. The drill may be performed with the ball moving or in the "still position".
    5. The batter takes time to reset and observe all body movement before and after the swing. It is sometimes good to have the hitter freeze after the swing to see if the proper finish position is achieved.
    6. The batter should make sure to make contact with the ball component and not the shaft.

    BALL SPEED ADJUSTMENT - The Powerbands are your speed adjustment mechanism on your new BatAction Machine. You add a Powerband to increase speed and remove a Powerband to decrease speed. Always follow the safety instruction when removing or adding Powerbands. The most popular configuration of Powerbands is two hooked togetther on the outside hook. Young or beginner players may need to begin using the machine with only a single Powerband.
    STRIKE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT - You can change the height of the ball in seconds. First, remove the BatAction Powerbands.(Unhook From The Top First) Next, with the Powerbands removed, hold the machine by the top handle, loosen the height adjustment knob with the other hand. Slide the machine's top unit up or down to the desired height. When it is at the desired height, turn the knob to lock it into place securely. Install the Powerbands(connect on the bottom first). If you need to change the tension on a Powerband, slide the plastic connector ball up the cord and tie a new knot.
    CHANGING STRIKE LOCATIONS - You will be able to practice hitter every possible strike location with your new BatAction Machine. The machine is always anchored with groundpis, sandbags, and anchor receiver. The machine is never moved, The batter changes strike location by moving to a different location and to a different angle to the machine's ball rod. The batter should aways strive to keep the ball's rod directed at the batter's back foot.



    1. The batter will perform the drill by alternating and hitting from both sides or directions.
    2. The batter assumes a position with the machine directly in front. The ball should be pointing directly at the middle of the batter's body. The batter starts the drill by hitting the ball the first time from the "still" position. The batter continues to hit the ball as it comes by every third pass.
    3. The batter must take the time to reset before each swing to insure proper techniques and fundamentals are being practiced. When the ball is hit hard with a level swing, the ball will return level at a good speed.
    4. If the ball is missed or miss-hit, the ball will "jitterbug" or "bobble" up and down. When the ball is bouncing, the batter may wish to stop the drill and start over. The batter may choose to hit the ball as it bounces. This is a difficult and challenging task.

    Coach Dixon,
    Hello, I can't tell you how happy myself, my two boys and the 13-14 select baseball team are with the BatAction Machine I purchased from you back in February. I am the teams hitting instructor. Since the day I received it, this machine has been an integral part of my hitting instructions.
    The boys absolutely love to work with this machine! For the first time in team history, we have several boys that are carrying a 400+ BA after nine games, the remaining boys are in the 300+ range. Impressive stats based on the kind of pitching we face.
    The boys are more focused with clean crisp line drive swings. They now carry loads of confidence to the plate. Thank you! The machine is flat out great!
    McKinney, TX

    Buying a BatAction Machine is one of the smartest parental decisions you will ever make! You have our 100% Money-Back Guarantee to PROVE IT! For less than an expensive bat you can purchase the absolute best hitting machine ever! A machine known for producing 100 to 200 point increases in batting averages for both teams and players!

    The BatAction Machine gives teams and players 3 distinct advantages:
    1) More Quality Swings Year Round!
    2) Instant Feedback on Swing Quality!Feedback that helps "coach" you to a perfect swing and better skill!
    3) Practicing alone is one trait of a dedicated and motivated future prospect. There is no better machine for this purpose!