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BatAction Machine by Nedco SportsBaseball and Gear: The Buyers Directory


Shown: The BatAction Hitting Machine is one of the most popular and productive hitting machines ever! The BatAction offers high speed ball movement that produces incredible hitting skill and bat speed.


Bataction TM
"Self-Trainer"TMHitting Machine
For Baseball & Fastpitch Softball
"The Hitter's Backyard Basketball Goal"
Click here for a real video of the Bataction!

Baseball training aids

ProZip TM
"The Pitching Machine on A String"TM
Baseball & Fastpitch Softball Training Aid

As SEEN ON TV"36 Feet Of Pure Speed"

This high-speed training tool allows the batter to see, track, and practice hitting 6 different pitches at speeds up to 65 mph. A quick jerk of the handles speeds the ball down the cords to the hitter. The ProZip SpeedToss is used with metal and wood bats. The device teaches the highly acclaimed "top-half" hitting technique. The ProZip cords serve as a "swing guide" to help batters develop great line drive swings. The device sets up in seconds and is great for team and home use. The device is suitable for advanced users including high school and college teams. The ProZip SpeedToss can be used indoors and out doors. It is a great pre game warm-up.

The ProZip SpeedToss comes assembled. Setup requires a sturdy anchor such as a fence or a pole. Attach the ProZip SpeedToss to the anchor using the anchor clip. Unwind the string and stretch until the ends are fully extended. For Best results, cord height should be set at the batter's belt line.

The pitcher "pitches" the ball to the hitter by jerking the handles apart. The pitcher holds the handles with the cord fully extended, positioning his hands together with palms facing inward and the knuckles slightly touching. The ball should be near the handles to start the pitching process. To throw a pitch, the pitcher pulls the hands apart sending the ball to the batter. The quicker jerk, the faster the ball will travel.
baseball game and training

Hit2Win Trainer
Hand Held
Coaching Tool

The Biggest Breakthrough in One-on-One Hitting Instruction Ever! The world's greatest coaching tool!

Click here for a real video of the Hit2Win Trainer!

Nick using the Hit2Win Trainer with his son Joel!

Get Your Hands on the BEST KEPT Coaching Secret Ever! Coach Nick Dixon, The Hit2Win Trainer's inventor, is shown working with his son Joel (to the right).

Get TWICE As Much Batting Practice Done in HALF the TIME! Easiest, Quickest, Safest Way to Boost Batting Averages by 100, 200, 0r 300 points are more!

Throw The Pizza!

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