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Buyers Alert: Buying a Batting Cage and Pitching Machine? Read This First!


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Buyers Alert: Buying a Batting Cage and Pitching Machine? Read This First!
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BatAction Machine by Nedco SportsBaseball and Gear: The Buyers Directory


Shown: The BatAction Hitting Machine is one of the most popular and productive hitting machines ever! The BatAction offers high speed ball movement that produces incredible hitting skill and bat speed.

Are You Looking To Buy A Batting Cage or Pitching Machine?  Read This Message From "Coach Nick"  
Before You Buy: 

First let me tell you that I am not a "cage seller" or a "seller of pitching machines". However, I am an experienced "cage and machine user" as a high school coach, parent, and President/CEO of Nedco Sports.
There are certain things that you should know related to the "net and machine" industry. The type of net, origin, and design will greatly affect the value that you receive for your investment. Many people that claim to make nets do not. Many people that claim to make machines do not.
Over 60,000 subscribers read my monthly baseball and fastpitch softball coaching newsletters.  My readers trust and rely on my advice to help them make wise decisions related to coaching, parenting prospects and making equipment investments.
I know that you want to receive years and years quality performance from your new net and/or machine. Don't make a mistake and buy an inferior product or pay twice as much as you should! Know what you are buying, know where it is made and know it's true value before you make this important and costly investment.
Help is just a phone call away! I will gladly answer any of your questions that I can. Please call me at 1-877-431-4487.  If  I can not help you I will definitely send you to someone that can!
Good Luck! Happy Hitting!
Coach Nick
Nedco Sports

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