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. August 2002 Tips, Drills and Techniques For Achieving Championship Pitching Success!
. Pitch2win; The Monthly Newsletter For Baseball Pitching Coaches
in this issue
"Controlling the Running Game

It is important for pitchers and teams to control the opposition's running game. Teams and pitchers must build confidence in their ability to contol the opposition's running game. Daily drill work and practice serve to build this confidence. There are two major areas that must be practiced and "preached" daily; Physical and Mental

The PHYSICAL SKILLS needed include the ability to pick, stretch deliveries, change time and rythmn, and breaking of the runners jump timing and tempo. The MENTAL CONCENTRATION and KNOWLEDGE needed includes "knowing who runs", "knowing when to pick", "Knowing running counts", "knowing why runners run", "knowing when to pitch", and so forth.

WHY DO TEAMS RUN? It is important to understand what the running games purpose is for teams. Teams that run alot do so for a reason or reasons: 1) Move runners into scoring position. 2) To "RATTLE" the pitcher. 3) Reduce the number of off-speed pitches thrown to hitters.

Classifying opposing runners is a "MUST"! You must either classify them by "Hitting Spot in the Lineup", by "Defensive Position", by "Scouting or Obtained Performance Stats", or by "Pregame or Scouting Visual Evaluation of Athleticism". Next month I will talk about how we classify opposing runners into 3 categories and how we use this system to help us know when to and when not to pick.

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Hello Baseball Friend,

This is the newest addition to my "family of monthly coaching newsletters". My other popular issues include, "BASEBALL GENERAL", and "BASEBALL HITTING". You will find the content in this issue interesting and useful. I encourage and welcome reader feedback! Please email me your comments or suggestions.

If you like what you read here, please help me "spread the word" by forwarding this email to your friends. Have a Great Day!, Coach Nick

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Pitching "Cardinal Sins"

There are certain things that pitchers should never do! 1. Walk the lead-off hitter! 2. Let a hitter go from a 0-2 to 3-2 count. 3. Allow a 0-2 hit. 4. Allow 2 walks in an inning. 5. Allow a walk with two outs. 6. Go 3-ball-count on any hitter. 7. Show negative emotion! 8. Question a Call!

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Tips on Coaching Pitchers To "BACK UP BASES"

We all know the improtance of backing up bases. The pitcher's ability to field overthrows at 3rd and Home always determines if the overthrown ball will advance the runners an extra base.

When the ball is hit into the outfield, it is important for the pitcher to make the proper decision whether to backup 3rd or Home. To make this decision the pitcher must know where the throw is going by knowing the "outfield throwing rules".

In most situations with 2 or more runners on the ball is going to be thrown to 3rd to hold the runner at 2nd. Such a situation would be runners at 1B and 2B and the batter hits a double. The outfielder may throw to Home on hard hit ball right at them. This will be determined by where the outfielder's playing depth and the outfielder's arm strength.

Pitchers should always remember the 3 "RULES of BACKATIVITY": 1) Get as deep as you can. Know the field you are playing on. Get there fast! 2) Always be in a "Break Down" fielding position that allows you to move in any direction! 3) Be ready to "STOP THE BALL AT ALL COST!" Keep the ball in front of you! It should never reach the fence or go into the dugout!

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Baseball stats prove, year after year, that if a pitcher throws strikes, hitters will find a way to "Get Themselves Out". Pitchers have to make the hitter "Swing the Bat"! The average hitter fails 7 out of 10 times. Give the hitter a chance to fail! Throw strikes! It is hard to "Defense a Walk"! It is important for pitchers to remember these simple "rules" for pitching success!

Get ahead in the count, EARLY! Always make things happen within the first three pitches to a batter. Avoid three-ball counts! JUST DON"T LET IT HAPPEN!

When you fall behind in the count, CHALLENGE THE HITTER! I often use the expression, "ATTACK, DO NOT CIRCLE THE WAGONS!" - This is one of the the most enjoyable aspects of baseball, "SEEING WHAT YOUR ARE MADE OF!". Be a leader! Visualize success and achieve it!

You must have the ability to LOCATE or HIT YOUR SPOTS. That means you must be able to locate your fastball when you are ahead and your off-speed stuff when you are behind in the count! Pitching Success is vital to team success! Most often it can be said, "SO GOES THE PITCHING STAFF, SO GOES THE TEAM!" Pitchers must take their role serious and be great role models for others! They should "Expect to Work and Expect To Win" every time they walk on the field!

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