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Improve Your Game
  • A Softball Coaches Tool Kit - a comprehensive softball coaches manual. An excellent resource for coaches at all levels. Includes a CD with 145 easily customized "Tools" such as Practice Plans, Drills, Contests/Games, Outfield Clinic, Team Handbook. Softball Exam, Assessments, Evaluations, Scouting, Motivation, Communication and a Scorecard. Topics include Equipment, Uniforms and Team Trips.
  • Accubat (Fridley, MN) Accubat is a "fingo-like" bat to aide in fielding. It makes hitting the ball easier, with more accuracy.
  • Air Tee Hitting Device (Tucson, AZ) The Air Tee is a hitting device that spins regulation softballs or baseballs in a column of air. It is not only fun. It is instructional because it is a pitch captured in the air, directly demonstrating the cause & effect of bat placement. It teaches concentration, weight-back hitting, & spin recognition.
  • An Introduction to Softball Pitching Mechanics (Newhall, CA) Have you ever wondered how you can turn a good pitcher into a great one? You have to buy this book. It contains the pitching mechanics that will make any pitcher better.
  • Athlonic - Wheeler Dealer Automatic Soft Toss Machine - New Product - Only soft-toss machine with adjustable speed and height capabilities. Throws virtually any type of ball including whiffle, tennis, and racquetballs. Holds 18 softballs or 27-28 baseballs. Corded and rechargeable battery versions available (good for 12+ hour!!!). Call for more information and a free video.
  • Basic Allstar Training Systems We are a Baseball and Softball Training Aids company. We offer training aids for the player and also offer a program for the coach and parent to form what we call a harmony triangle.
  • BatAction "Self-Trainer" Hitting Machine (Albertville, Alabama) The new BatAction "Self-Trainer" batting practice machine is the latest development in softball hitting technology. This innovative new patent pending product allows a batter to hit her choice of a moving or still ball, every 5 seconds, without having to stop, chase or pick up balls. Great for all tee and movement drills.
  • Batting Cages and Nets - Top quality cages and nets for baseball and softball. Economy packages for all league and family budgets. FREE SHIPPING on many packages.
  • Battyshack, Inc. Company sells is a baseball equipment organizer. It holds 6 bats, 5 softballs, 5 fastballs or 6 hardballs. There is space to hold your clipboards on top and there is a permanent batting order made of dry erase material. It is light weight and durable and fits into any team equipment bag.
  • Bob Pelle's Fastpitch Softball Camps & Clinics (Clarksboro New Jersey)
  • Cindy Bristow-Softball Excellence (Tallahassee, FL) Coaching instructional information-packed site all written by Cindy Bristow, former Director of Junior Olympic Softball for ASA/USA Softball and current Professional coach of the Georgia Pride. Books and manuals on every softball coaching topic including strategy, coverages, signals, charts, pitching, hitting fielding drills, practice organization and sequential photos of elite pitchers.
  • CoachesBest.com CoachesBest has one of the internet's largest selection of softball coaching and training books, videos, and DVDs.  Top quality training and coaching videos and books at discount prices.
  • Decker Sports - Decker has developed the most effective patented training products in the market and we understand all the aspects of baseball and softball, including physics, physiology, biomechanics and psychology. We have designed our products to separate practice from player skill development and the information to implement the right equipment
  • Digital Sports Analysis (Moline, Illinois) Digital analysis for baseball, softball, golf and other sports includes: video evaluation by our pros, personalized CD with your video clips and professional clips for comparison.
  • Donik Sports -  Hit-n-Stik (Ft Collins, Colorado) Amazing results with this hand held batting practice device! Get it straight from the manufacturer! Use for both baseball and softball. Learn to hit like the Pros!
  • Dot Richardson's Softball Series
  • Drionic Sweat Control (Los Angeles, California) Drionic stops heaviest sweat and perspiration for six week periods. No more clammy hands. Hit a Home Run with Drionic!
  • Eagle Sports - informational/instructional videos & softball bats for everyone: Men / Women, 12" / 16", Slo-Pitch / Fast-Pitch and from the novice to the "Big Boys" We have them all!!!!! We also carry DeBeer bat bags, batting gloves
  • Eddie Feigner's How to Pitch Video & Book - A Sure Winner "Eddie Feigner" The King's How To Pitch Video and Book.
  • Edge Athletics The Edge Athletics LLC.TM Our dynamic training products develop your speed, agility, quickness, first step explosion, strength, stamina, coordination, vertical jump, and much more. If you want to be on the Cutting Edge of Athletics, then you need to train with the tools from The Edge Athletics.
  • Fastpitch Pitching Instructional Videos - The Rhythm & Balance Pitching Method by George Jones "the St. Louis Pitching Coach Guru", DEVELOPS the COMPLETE PITCHER which encompasses BALL MOVEMENT, SPEED, LOCATION and MOUND CONFIDENCE.  As you read George's impressive background, you will see that this system of Rhythm & Balance Pitching worked well for him and is working for his students as well. Through the years, the students that adhered to George's teaching received College Scholarship offers and through these same years, the parents' savings were in excess of  $2,100,000.00! Over his career, there have been 300+ girls that have received scholarship offers. George is in the Indiana ASA Softball Hall of Fame & has been a Professional Instructor for 26+ Years. Now his expertise is available on video.
  • Fastpitchworld.com (St Charles, Il 60174) FastPitch USA professionally produces fastpitch softball instructional videos for women and girls . Many are by well known fastpitch coaches, players,and other fastpitch professionals. A complete seletion of fastpitch pitching, hitting, catching, infield/outfield positional play, sliding, and coaching videos is available. These videos are produced with the youth player and coach's needs in mind. FastPitch USA videos are endorsed by FastPitch World magazine.
  • Finch Windmill - The Ultimate Pitching & Throwing Exerciser Only 4min. a day can give these results; speed, injury prevention, more equal muscle balance on both sides of our athlete's body, recruits muscle groups resulting in more coordination.! The stronger you are on your opposite side, the more resistance you can create, the more resistance the faster.
  • Fielder's Guard - Sports-Guard's patented Fielders-Guard is the only face protection that covers the complete facial area, including the forehead. The Fielders-Guard provides maximum unobstructed forward and peripheral vision, and is a must for infielders and outfielders.
  • FUNdamental Fastpitch Softball on CD ROM (Derby, KS) Learn how to purchase the Fudamentals Fastpitch Softball on CD. Batting, Throwing, Catching, and fielding tips designed especially for Girls Fastpitch Softball Players, Parents and Coaches. Educational and fun. Licensed by ASA
  • GameFace Sports Safety Mask (Hagerstown, Md) This site represents the GameFace Sports Safety Mask, an innovative new product designed to help reduce facial injury to athletes. GameFace has been tested extensively and the results have been great. On the site you can find any information you may need regarding the GameFace Sports Safety Mask.
  • Gloverelacing.com (Phoenix, Arizona) an online service from Warehouse Sports, located in Phoenix, Arizona with 19 years of experience.
  • Higher Ground Softball (Tifton, GA) Softball instructional services & products, including videos, books, camps, clinics, & training equipment. Founded in 1989 by Bobby Simpson.
  • Hit-n-Stik (Ft Collins, Colorado) Amazing results with this hand held batting practice device! Get it straight from the manufacturer! Use for both baseball and softball. Learn to hit like the Pros!
  • H.O.W. To Fastpitch Inc. (Cedar Run , New Jersey) The country's First Video Analysis Service, Tailored Camps & Clinics; Priviate Windmill and Hitting Lessons; (7) seven pitches taught Plus (5) Changeups.
  • JDR Sports: Home of the Versatile Sports Net (Wheelersburg, Ohio) Versatile Sports Net: The hitter's dream screen. You can order this screen by visiting our website. Very convenient. Weighs only 22-32 lbs. Can be packed in trunk of car or on bus or plane easily.
  • JustSOFTBALL This site has camps, clinics, private instruction, videos and girls clothing.
  • Live Action Tee Innovative Sports, Inc. Presents the "Live Action Tee"! Automatic, Remote Control, Variable Speed, Softball/Baseball Batting Tee. From t-ball to the professional ranks, the "Live Action Tee" will forever change the concept of the batting tee!
  • K-Tee Batting Tee (Katy, Texas) The most advanced training tee available. A complete fastpitch softball training tee that eliminates "dipping", prohibits "casting" and coaches proper ball contact point and where to drive pitches that are inside, outside or down the middle of the strike zone.
  • Know the Score
  • Kwik Produts Kwik Products specializes in softball training aides and related products. We are also a Victory uniform sales rep company... you design it and Victory will build it.
  • Little Tank Pitching Machines, Inc. (Vancouver, WA) Pitching machines built to last a lifetime.
  • Maven Fastpitch Videos For Women (O'Fallon, Missouri) "Play the game without any doubts" Simply the best instructional videos around at an affordable price for women's fastpitch softball.
  • MediBall - softball medicine ball and video - perfect for rotator cuff . We specialize in medicine balls. We sell a 2 LB weight which is slightly larger than a softball and it greatly helps those with rotator cuff injuries. A video is also available along with other weights and sizes.
  • Michele Smith's Elite Pitching Company This website offers Michele Smith's pitching video series. Great site and great video's!
  • Mitt Trainer (Concord, CA) New Original Patented Mitt Trainer, geared to break in any Baseball/Softball mitt or glove. Cincotta Design Inc. has simplified the process of breaking in the mitt and keeping that perfect pocket. A treasured tool for parents who are tired of picking up those mitts and balls.
  • Modern Fundamentals of Fastpitch Pitching Video Series - by Doug Gillis
  • National Sports Clinics (Pittsburg, Kansas) Widely recognized as the leader in quality coaches clinics in the United States, we provide the opportunity to learn the finer points of fastpitch softball from the most knowledgeable and experienced clinicians in the world. We also offer a wide variety of books, videos, JUGS equipment, pins, pin traders, visors and much more.
  • Nedco Sports Products, LLC (Albertville, Alabama) Nedco Sports' homepage features the very latest in hitting training aid technology. Products sold online include the Bataction Hitting Machine. Site also features free tips, drills and other information.
  • New TruSpeed Radar Gun (Freehold, NJ) The New TruSpeed Radar Gun is an affordable, highly accurate radar gun that is easy to use and outperforms any other radar gun in its price range. It can measure a softball's speed 60ft. away with accuracy better than 1/2mph.
  • Northeast Fastpitch Magazine
  • Osborne Innovative Products - (Enumclaw, Washington) Osborne Innovative Porducst is a leading supplier of innovative softball equipment. You are guaranteed to receive superior quality equipment at a fair price.
  • Palmgard International Inc - Palmgard International Inc. is the manufacturer of the patented Palmgard Protective Inner glove and the STS Protective Batting glove.
  • Perfect Stride (Hood River, Oregon) The Perfect stride is a training aid that keeps the batter from overstriding, lunging towards the ball or stepping out (Stepping in the Bucket) The hitter is able to stay closed with the shorter stride and explode open with the swing. This tool is great for kids ages t-ball to high school age, both baseball and softball. Where it will teach the hitters to stay compact and not lunge to the ball, which can happen with slow-pitch softball
  • Perfect Swing Power Tee
  • PHDSports - PitchingPro (Roseburg, Oregon) PitchingPro is a softball/baseball pitching trainer developed and in use by college coaches and players. This product is designed to train pitchers to hit targets located in the center and all four corners of the strike zone. Made of durable galvanized pipe with slide out footing for easy assembly and storage. Training info included.
  • Pitch2win Pitching Target - Site features the new innovative pitching target with spinning targets. The only target that gives pitchers interactive feedback with a "spin" when they hit their spot.
  • Pitcher's Mate - A pitching practice target that features the reversible outline of a batter and a four zone strike area.
  • Pitching Instructional Videos (Fastpitch) - The Rhythm & Balance Pitching Method and Video by George Jones "the St. Louis Pitching Coach Guru".  As you read George's impressive background, you will see that this system of Rhythm & Balance Pitching worked well for him and is working for his students as well. Through the years, the students that adhered to George's teaching received College Scholarship offers and through these same years, the parents' savings were in excess of 1,200,000.00! In the last 3 years alone, there have been 58 girls that have received scholarship offers. George is in the Indiana ASA Softball Hall of Fame & has been a Professional Instructor for 23 Years. Now his expertise is available on video.
  • Pitching Pro - The only pitching tool on the market that actually trains you to add movement to the ball so that you can find the strike zone. If you're looking for a sophisticated
  • Playball - Leage Managment Software (Fort Wayne, IN USA) Play Ball! is an easy to use Windows program suitable for use by league secretaries and/or coaches. Play Ball! provides the secretary functions to maintain league rosters, create teams, assign coaches, determine age requirements, and print reports.
  • Polepitcher - Please check our Web Site for a new , Dynamic, yet Simple, Baseball / Softball Batting Practice Device, that is perfect for Coaches, Parents, or anyone, to teach and maintain hitting skills for Boys, Girls, Men and Women of All ages. No chasing balls!!! And, is it ever fun!!
  • Porta-Pitch Co. (Marrero, LA. 70072) Gas powered, portable and economical pitching machine. The Porta-Pitch machine throws baseball and softballs as well as dimple and wiffle balls
  • PPPGSports.com - subscribe to online softball training articles, purchase books and training aids or set up a clinic.
  • Probatter - The Ultimate Training Tool for Hitters
  • Progressive Baseball Conditioning Systems (Perry, OK) Baseball and Softball specific conditioning drills, exercises, and training programs for players and coaches.
  • Quikcage.com (Clovis, CA) Quik cage is the best portable hitting cage on the market. OTF Wear the athletic apparel for the power hitter who can send the ball OVER THE FENCE. School of Swing private hitting lessons and clinics.
  • RP Sports (Blue Springs, MO) We train softball athletes and other athletes in area of speed, strength, flexibilty, and balance. In addition, we will be rolling out a series of videos and books specifically designed speed and strength development for softball (this summer!).
  • R.S.G. Sports - Baseball - Softball Training at it's Best!! (PO Box 56006 Harwood Heights IL 60706) Our training products for hitters are designed to increase both bat speed and power. The PRO CUT adds at least 5mph to the swing , Gordie Gillepie's Power Hitting Vest helps hitters keep the lead arm in longer to improve bat speed. Other training aids include weighted balls and a training video with major league manager, Jim Lefebvre.
  • ReactionPro (Gig Harbor, WA) This patented product is proving to be an invaluable defensive training tool for fastpitch softball players. Reactions are definitely the name of the game and ReactionPro allows you to practice with intensity and quality those skills necessary to perform at your highest possible level.
  • Rocket Arm Training System (Columbia, Maryland) The Rocket Arm Training System is an isotonic weight training device designed to enhance the throwing performance of infielders, outfielders, pitchers and catchers. Designed to increase velocity for pitchers, and produce stronger throws for position players. The Rocket Arm also reduces the incidence of arm/shoulder injury by strengthening the shoulder, elbow, forearm, and wrist.
  • Score It Baseball & Softball Field Journal Our site and organization is dedicated to Scoring Devices. We offer products that can improve the quality of a player's game. Our initial product for softball is a 'Field Journal' consisting of a 3 Ring Binder, Journal Entry Sheets and a Computer Disk designed for player development.
  • Shortstroke Trainer (Jamesville, NC) The Shortstroke Trainer is a muscle-memory device that develops a short, compact path to the ball. It prevents common problems such as wrapping, sweeping, casting, and dropping the barrell. Visit our website for a video clip and more info.
  • Softballcoach59.com Softballcoach59.com is part of the Youth Sports Club. The Youth Sports Club is the premier web site on the internet which produces and distributes high quality instructional softball videos and books for softball coaches and parents.
  • SoftballOnline.com (Fullerton, CA) NORM PEREZ teaches fastpitch softball hitting in his videotape. Norm has been in fastpitch softball for over thirty-five years, fourteen of those with Southern Calfornia's GORDON'S PANTHERS (eleven-time ASA 18 & under NATIONAL CHAMPIONS). Our site features images of numerous ALL-AMERICANS and OLYMPIANS Norm has coached.
  • Softball Pitching Mechanics Book - By Dennis Ford.
  • Softball Pro Shop - (Bartlett, TN) check out the homeplate bag tag and the softball profiler. I specialize in hand picking,balance points and weighting bats. like a golf pro would do for the customer. These homeplate bag tags are great for individual awards at tournaments instead of small trophys for the players.
  • Softball Specialties (Verdugo City, California) "Unique Products For Unique Players" Are you a player? We've got the products that say you are! Each one has been chosen especially to emphasize your personal style and commitment to the greatest game of all!
  • Sports Development Training Equipment (S.D.T.E.) Supplies todays serious softball player with the training equipment they need to become a Champion! Nina Lindenberg (2 time World Champion on USA National teams 1995 & 1998) has used this training equipment for over 10 years to train at home. The new portable Solohitter is used for batting workouts at home and taken to tournaments.
  • Sport Electronics - Radar Guns Sport Electronics has the largest selection of radar guns, laser guns, and sport timers for sports application. The hot item is the radar gun and wireless remote display. Prices start at $250.00. Our number is 800--248-4142. Fax 630-920-1819.
  • Startimes Sports: The Ultimate Hitting Trainer
  • Step-n-Swing by Lamblaster, Inc. a valuable hitting device for anyone that wishes to develop a good, fundamental swing. They are lightweight, yet extremely durable. The units are adjustable to fit any age or size of athlete. They are portable and easy to assemble and take down.
  • STRIKEMASTER batting practice machine (Columbus, Georgia) STRIKEMASTER is a unique batting machine that gives more "cuts" using a moving ball than field practice. It swings at variable speeds and heights in either direction.
  • Strike Zone Sam The Ultimate Pitching Aid for Baseball and Softball Pitchers of ALL ages.
  • "Swing Grip" (Brookville, Indiana) Swing Grip will give you the confidence you need at the plate! It is used buy many pro baseball players and by slow pitch softball player Rick Jackson on NASTY Boys/TPS.
  • SwingTec, Inc.(Baxter, TN) We manufacture hitting training equipment to make fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball & baseball players the best they can be. Our SwingTec units can attach to a basketball goal-post. We update schools, parks, and facilities with our portable or permanent cage systems and our state-of-the-art pitching machine. Our markets include homes, high-schools, colleges, independent teams, major and minor league teams. For info call toll-free at 1-888-448-7483
  • Target Base - New safety base that reduces risk of injury and can also be used as a training tool
  • Tesca's Swift Stik - #1 Choice of Softball Coaches World-Wide - Professional, Collegiate, International, Amateur, Academy, High School. - Tesca's Swift Stik when properly implemented will facilitate: * muscle memory * hand-eye coordination * top hand/bottom hand control * increase bat speed 3-12 miles per hour faster! * develops swing plane * raises your batting average - Guaranteed or your money back!!
  • The "Mitt Whomper" (Tualatin, Oregon) The "Mitt Whomper" The ultimate tool for maintaining a perfect pocket in your glove and great for breaking in a new mitt. Just "whomp" it a few times, then wrap it and it's ready for your next game or practice. (pat. pend.)
  • The Park Mark (Canada) What is more innovative than a batbag and more functional than a duffel bag, can be customized with your teams name/logo/graphic and personalized with your name/nickname and team number?
  • The Perfect Game (Omaha, Nebraska) The Perfect Game is America's Baseball and Softball Specialists. We mail a 23 page catalog with the newest and hottest merchandise for teams and individuals. We also have opened a "women's only" softball store in Omaha, NE. They specialize in women's uniforms, glove's, cleats and jewelry. E-mail us for your copy.
  • ThrowMAX (Bellevue, WA) ThrowMAX Strength and Stretch Tubing with exercises demonstrated by Bob Stoddard.
  • Throwright.com The latest and greatest seller of batting cages, pitching machines, throwing aids, hitting aids, etc, etc... Your one stop sop for all your sporting goods needs. We offer videos, coaching aids, and too many things to mention.
  • Total Sporte Fitness Training (Blue Springs, MO) We train softball athletes and other athletes in area of speed, strength, flexibilty, and balance. In addition, we will be rolling out a series of videos and books specifically designed speed and strength development for softball (this summer!).
  • Visualizer Pitching Machine (Geneva, FL) The Visualizer is a variable speed pitching machine that throws fast balls, curve balls, and change-ups. Using small ball technology, the Visualizer improves hand/eye coordination. The results: a higher batting average, less strikeouts, more line drives. We also offer instructional tapes and a free "tip of the month" page.
  • Western Athletic Supply (Riverside, CA) Free Catalog!! Over 20 years selling top brands at discounted prices. Bats, Balls, Gloves, Field & Training Equipment, Uniforms, Caps, etc. All brands, Worth, DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, Mizuno and many more.