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  • American Sport Education Program
  • Athlonic - Wheeler Dealer Automatic Soft Toss Machine - New Product - Only soft-toss machine with adjustable speed and height capabilities. Throws virtually any type of ball including whiffle, tennis, and racquetballs. Holds 18 softballs or 27-28 baseballs. Corded and rechargeable battery versions available (good for 12+ hour!!!). Call for more information and a free video.
  • B & N Softball Page Devoted to Slow pitch Softball. We will be updating our page with a new article every few weeks or so, discussing topics that deal with slo-pitch softball. Read about our bat reviews, the latest on Cryogenics, bat wall thickness and info on bat alloys & discussions with top experts in various fields.
  • Catcher's Corner This page is devoted solely to those special people who run the game, catchers. Here you will find almost everything you need to know about calling pitches, plus, a section about how to call pitches in various game situations.
  • Catcher's Corner by Girlathletes.com
  • Cindy Bristow-Softball Excellence (Tallahassee, FL) Coaching instructional information-packed site all written by Cindy Bristow, former Director of Junior Olympic Softball for ASA/USA Softball and current Professional coach of the Georgia Pride. Books and manuals on every softball coaching topic including strategy, coverages, signals, charts, pitching, hitting fielding drills, practice organization and sequential photos of elite pitchers.
  • Coach K's Fastpitch Softball Training Facility (Memphis, TN) Coach K is an all american pitcher who still holds many pitching records in her playing career. With over 7 years coaching experience in NCAA division 1 fastpitch, she has opened her own training facility in Memphis, TN.
  • Coaching Kids: It's More than X's and O's (Bear, DE) An easy-to-read resource book about all the non-softball related specifics every youth sports coach should know.
  • Coaching Girls Softball (ages 8-10)
  • Coaching Staff (Houston, TX) Softball Coaching Index
  • Complete Pitching Clinics & Softball Instruction
  • Dealing with Slumps
  • Fastpitch Drills and Tips by eteamz - FastPitch Softball Drills broken down into Batting Pitching, Hitting, Catching, Fielding, and Speed.
  • Fastpitch Softball Zone Everything you need to know about softball!!!
  • Frozen Ropes Training Center
  • Grandstand Softball News and Reviews (Salt Lake City, Utah) Weekly Grandstand community newsletter includes the latest news for tournament information, new websites, clinic sites, equipment reviews and many other areas of interests. Articles are contributed by the readers and various other sources. It is posted every Wednesday - cutoff for article contributions is Saturday nights. E-mail articles, tournament listings or general news to RPRStrike3@aol.com
  • Higher Ground Softball (Tifton, GA) Softball instructional services & products, including videos. books, camps, clinics, & training equipment. Founded in 1989 by Bobby Simpson.
  • Hit-2-Win Slowpitch Softball (Largo, Florida) Dedicated to helping the slowpitch player improve their game with software, tips, books & videos.
  • Hitting For Success (Harwood Heights, IL) Hitting Instruction with over 30 plus drills, Q&A, from a professional instructor. Top training methods to advance hitters to the next level!!
  • Jeff's Hitting Tips (Toronto, Canada) Jeff's Hitting Tips- The Hitter's Checklist, Mental preparation and visualization, Warm-up, Understanding current situations, Gripping the bat, Stance, Your hitting trigger, The swing and follow-through, Training your eyes, Proper footwork, Definine your role in certain situations, Knowing your own swing - strengths and weaknesses, Practice techniques, How to get out of a slump.
  • Jim's Slow-Pitch Softball Tips These consist of things I have been taught or have learned from playing, coaching, umpiring or just watching the game. Many have been picked up from observing the successes and failures of others. And some have been inspired from friends and letters. Covers hitting, fielding, pitching, indoor drills, baserunning, coaching, practice & workout tips, and info on tools of the game.
  • NFCA (National Fastpitch Coaches Assn) 
  • NFCA Fastpitch Drills Archive
  • National Fast Pitch Pitching Coach Registry (Modesto, California) A site where a pitching coach can leave contact info so I can refer parents looking for a coach in their part of the country. A free service.
  • National Sports Clinics (Pittsburg, Kansas) Widely recognized as the leader in quality coaches clinics in the United States, we provide the opportunity to learn the finer points of fastpitch softball from the most knowledgeable and experienced clinicians in the world. We also offer a wide variety of books, videos, JUGS equipment, pins, pin traders, visors and much more.
  • Nokona Glove Care Great tips for measuring your hand for a good fit, discusses glove size designations for types of play and positions.
  • Minnesota Fastpitch Coaching Tips Tips for hitting, pitching, catching, sliding, increasing speed, indoor drills, and more.
  • Pitching Instructional Videos (Fastpitch) - The Rhythm & Balance Pitching Method and Video by George Jones "the St. Louis Pitching Coach Guru".  As you read George's impressive background, you will see that this system of Rhythm & Balance Pitching worked well for him and is working for his students as well. Through the years, the students that adhered to George's teaching received College Scholarship offers and through these same years, the parents' savings were in excess of 1,200,000.00! In the last 3 years alone, there have been 58 girls that have received scholarship offers. George is in the Indiana ASA Softball Hall of Fame & has been a Professional Instructor for 23 Years. Now his expertise is available on video.
  • Positive Coaching Alliance
  • Practice Drillls
  • Sftblisfn (Eau Claire Wisconsin) A wonderful fast-pitch softball tip page for everyone. Great teams, awesome links, lots of helpful tips, amazing drills for pitching, catching, defense, and offense, as well as much much more!
  • Shortstroke Trainer (Jamesville, NC) The Shortstroke Trainer is a muscle-memory device that develops a short, compact path to the ball. It prevents common problems such as wrapping, sweeping, casting, and dropping the barrell. Visit our website for a video clip and more info.
  • Siek's Psych Corner - This page is brought to you by Rick Siekmann (Siek) who is a fellow softball maniac with a degree in psychology and a special interest in sports psychology. Siek has spent literally years searching for the competitive edge it offers and would like to share sports psychology perspectives with all of us.
  • Smartsoftball.net - Free instructional advice for coaches, pitchers and instructors.
  • Smartsoftball / Bopper's home page (Modesto, CA) Free advice from a 36 year veteran A div national champ and MV Pitcher for the nation. If the pitcher is smarter at pitching, than the batter is at batting, the pitcher wins!
  • Softball Coach - Various coaching tips for Girls Fast Pitch Softball. Tips on Hitting, Bunting, Fielding, Base Running, Mental Focus/Discipline and College Preparation. We also have a Message Board where you can post any questions or tips/drills you wish, or you can just talk softball.
  • Softball Hitting Tips (Slopitch's Softball page) Select the right size bat for increased bat speed and performance. This page provides some important factors to consider when choosing your bat.
  • Softballcoach59.com Softballcoach59.com is part of the Youth Sports Club. The Youth Sports Club is the premier web site on the internet which produces and distributes high quality instructional softball videos and books for softball coaches and parents.
  • Softball Tips Page - tips on pitching, catching, sportsmanship and more brought to you by 2 high school fastpitch players
  • Speed Training
  • Speedy's Softball Hut - A Fastpitch Softball Resource (USA) This site is an archive of different plays to use on the field and it is also a personal page for my softball team. It should prove helpful to any fastpitch softball players (high school level).
  • SportsCoach.com - Softball - help with drills, sports psychology, message board, and more
  • SportsScience - an interdisciplinary site for research on human physical performance
  • SportSpecific.com - (Sioux City, IA) Softball training, drills, and tips for fastpitch, slow-pitch, youth, men and women players and coaches
  • Super Tips from Super Players
  • Teaching Team Speed
  • Teaching How to Slide
  • Tee Hitting
  • Texas-Softball.com (Dallas,TX) The site where you'll find the top Texas SlowPitch Softball Parks On-line. Find out tournament and league information as well as standings and schedules.
  • Tips to Improve Outfield Play Everyone knows the importance of having outfielders with great speed, a good arm, and the ability to make routine catches. But how much time is devoted to the little things that make these skills possible? Your players can benefit from spending a small portion of your practice time on outfield preparation.
  • Total Sporte Fitness Training (Blue Springs, MO) We train softball athletes and oher athletes in area of speed, strength, flexibilty, and balance. In addition, we will be rolling out a series of videos and books specifically designed speed and strength development for softball (this summer!).
  • Weight Training for Sports (Slopitch's Softball page) Some great info to print out and give to your athletes