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Complete Batting Cages for Home, League and School Use!


Complete Batting Cage Packages with batting cage nets and frames inlcuded can provide you with an economic way to buid your own backyard batting cage.
Consider buying a complete batting cage if you are looking for the perfect home backyard batting cage set-up. We specialize in complete batting cage packages including net and frame for home, family, and backyard set-ups.
Our packages save you time and money and fit into any family's budget. Our complete ready-to-assemble system is easy to set up. It takes two people one hour to assemble this batting cage and frame. This is a totally user friendly unit. It is portable if your need to move it. 
Order safely online or by phone. Our customer service department will gladly answer your question. Our shipping department is dedicated to saving you money with the best and least expensive shipping alternatives.Our staff is available from 8:00 to 5:00 CST, M-F. Call Toll Free, 1-877-431-4487. Call now, Bill or Trey will gladly answer answer any questions that you may have.

The Perfect Backyard Family Batting Cage!
Comes Complete and Ready-to-Assemble.

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Item # MT70PG36
70' L x 14' W x 12' H w/36 Netting
Complete Package - Includes Net & Frame
Price $1099.95 plus S&H

We chose to use polyethylene (PE) netting for our backyard "Family Special". 

Why did we choose Polyethylene for this package?

  • Family's have a need for a batting cage that is durable and that will last them at least 5 years.
  • PE netting does not absorb water. This prevents the net from becoming saturated with moisture. This saturation can possibly causes the net to become heavy, sag and possibly stretch. This heavy weight can also cause the cage frame to stress.
  • After three years of outdoor exposure, PE netting retains a higher tensile strength than nylon.
  • PE  holds up well under direct sun.
  • PE is more economical than nylon.
  • Most family's are looking to buy the absolute best product they can for the absolute best price.
  • The PE product offers our customers the best price and performance for the dollar!

Our batting cage netting also features a heavy rope border along the bottom, corners, and top ribs.

In the Southern regions of the U.S. and and especially along the coast, high heat and humidity shortens the life span of nylon netting, even when it is treated.


Batting Cage Frame Included

Our easy-to-assemble frames.  Made with 1.5" round steel tubing.  Powder-coated black finish to resist rusting.

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Our nets feature braided mesh. Braided mesh absorbs ball contact over a larger area, thus prolonging the life of the netting.
Our nets come in the two net sizes shown below. Click on the image for a larger view.

Standard #36 Netting

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Our standard #36 netting is UV treated.  This economical 2.5mm braided poly batting cage netting is best for recreational and high school use. 

It's a much better choice than competitors' standard #21 knotted batting cage netting.  Braided mesh absorbs ball contact over a larger area, thus prolonging the life of the netting.




Cage and Frame Package
$999.95 +S&H


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Pro Series #45 Knotted

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This 2.8mm heavy-duty netting is suitable for professional and collegiate teams.  UV treated.  It is hung on the square, insuring easy installation and a nice clean look. 

These are our best selling batting cage nets for high school, colleges and baseball schools because they are reasonably priced and hold up extremely well under demanding practices and exposure to conditions.





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