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Coach, here's a chance for you to contribute.

The internet gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts with others. It is also great to hear what others think and to exchange ideas.

On this page, We'll share some of the comments we receive from the survey below. Please take the time to take the survey. Then email it to us. This is a new feature. When we have a collection of data or responses we will post them on this page. Your identity will not be revealed.

Nick Dixon - The Baseball Coaching Digest

Please give us your feedback. Cut and paste the survey to your own file. Answer the questions and paste in an email. Send the email to us at baseballcoachingdigest@usa(dot)com.



Baseball Coaching Digest
Coaches Survey 2009-2010

1. What is the funniest thing you have ever had
a player do on the field during the game?

2. What is the funniest thing you ever heard a player say?

3. What is the strangest thing that a parent ever said to you?

4. What is the worst call you have ever seen an umpire make?

5. What was the worst excuse you ever heard from a player?

6. What was the worst excuse you ever heard from a parent?

7. What was the worst excuse you ever heard from a coach?

8. What do you like most about coaching?

9. In your opinion, what has made the game better?

10. In you opinion what has hurt the game of baseball most

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Read the responses to our coaches survey.
You will definitely identify with some of these answers!

1. What is the funniest thing you have ever had a player do on the field during the game?

This happened while I was playing and not coaching. I was in high school and one of our pitchers threw three innings of shutout ball ... after he wet his pants! The front of his uniform was soaked, and he continued to pitch! I think that the other team was more rattled than he was! He had his own seat on the bus ride home, though.

Instead of tagging the player to get him out, one of my boys threw the ball at him.

During a particularly slow game, our centerfielder took it upon himself to enertain the middle infielders with a display of masterful burping. He was so loud we could hear him all the way into the dugout. Before we knew it, a burping contest was launched and the hope for serious baseball was lost. Same kid, different season, called me at home to ask if I had his uniform jersey. I asked him if he had taken it off at the prior night's game, he said no. I aske dhim why he thought then that I may have it, he said he didn't know, but it wasn't in his room anywhere.

2. What is the funniest thing you ever heard a player say?

"Daddy, what does that team we always play get to wear a different colored uniform but we wear the same color every game?"

Can you believe that guy caught my hit, that's not fair.

Was I supposed to hit the ball?

A player from the dug out shouts encouragement to a batter "Come on Nick get a hit, do it for muffin" His Cocker Spaniel.

3. What is the strangest thing that a parent ever said to you?

I called a mother to remind her that her son would be catching the next game and he needed to bring a "cup." She replied, "but he brings a water bottle?"

"You're not that good of a coach. I'm going to coach a team next year and kick your ass!"

When Player Did Not Show For Practice: "I thought his Dad would bring him." (from the Mom) "I thought his Mom would bring him." (from the Dad)

"Parents seldom talk to me since Im the 3rd base coach, they save all the good stuff for the head coach!"

"I am glad to see the season is over, too much running around." (when that parent only came to two games.)

Do we have a game today? (we were at the game with our uniforms on..including her son)

After we beat a team 18-1, a parent on the other team told me it wasn't a real loss because their best pitcher didn't pitch.

4. What is the worst call you have ever seen an umpire make?

Championship Game, Winning run on second, pop fly to left center, left fielder juggled ball but caught it, runner on second tagged up and left when ball hit fielders glove, Umpire called runner out for leaving to early,(Umpire said fielder must have controll of ball before runner can tag up and run to next base) Game went to extra innings and we lost. (Umpire later admitted to making the wrong call)

With two outs, the batter hit the ball deep in the outfield, but missed first base. He ran to second and was headed to third when the first baseman called for the ball. The runner cut across the field to return to first base but the ball arrived first and he was tagged out. The umpire put the batter/runner on second and allowed the run from third to score even though the batter/runner was forced out at first base.
An umpire got didnt call time but blocked out my catcher while sweeping off the home plate. The runner from third scores. My pitcher couldnt throw to my catcher as the umpire was blocking him out. 12 year old Allstars.

A runner was trying to steal second base one night. The runner slid into second and the ump called him out before the slide. The ball was in centerfield at the time the runner slid into the base, we had to appeal the call to the home plate umpire who had no business making this call.

My team was in the field. A batter hit the ball to right field and the batter ran to 1st base, rounding the base, taking 2 to 3 steps toward 2nd base and stopped. The right fielder threw behind the batter to the first baseman and the batter was tagged out. The umpire called the batter safe because he stopped and was not making an attempt to run to 2nd base.

The batter swung at the ball that hit a foot in front of the plate and then hit him in the leg. The ump let the batter go to first base on a hit by pitch.

Actually it was lack of a call. With a runner on 3rd, the pitcher would go into his windup from the windup position and at the balance point, throw to 3rd base. An obvious balk but no call was made and I had 2 runners picked off (bad on me for the 2nd one - fool me once, etc.) The umpire told me he had umpired NCAA games and knew the rules. I, of course, disagreed.

5. What was the worst excuse you ever heard from a player?

"Coach, I didn't bring my glove 'cuz I didn't think I'd need it."

"I was in the batters box but I wasn't ready."

"I couldn't catch the ball because it was hit up in the sky."

My leg was hurting...Then we asked if we needed to skip him in the batting order...Oh no it's fine now!

"My mom forgot to bring my glove."

As to why he over slept: The pain killers I took knocked me out. Why did you have to take the pain killers? Because my new tattoo really hurt.

"I thought is was going to be a strike" when the ball bounced three feet in front of the plate and he took a swing at it.

Pitcher....The fielders are messing up!
any other player....Its too hot!!!

I'm hungry (as he was eating) and that's why I can't bat right now.

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6. What was the worst excuse you ever heard from a parent?

"I can't get my son to any games or practices because I'm pregnant."

"My son doesn't like playing 3rd base because he says the balls come to him too fast."

"You should play the 12 year olds the entire game, they've earned that right."

Couldnt have their kid at practice/game because:
1. father had the kid and didnt bring him back on time.
2. the game started late (8:00) and it was too late for a kid to be out!

"We didn't know if we had a game today."

This players parents couldn't come to one of his games, because they had to go to the casino.

7. What was the worst excuse you ever heard from a coach?

"I forgot how many outs there were."

"They're only kids... they don't know any better."

"You should give up your practice time because I scheduled a game on this field without consulting the field schedule because I helped found this league."

"Can't get my short stop to come to practice."

"He's not coachable." (When talking of some kids)

"I was too busy talking to my wife to watch that play."

"I was riding around town and didn't know what time it was." (this coach missed a scheduled practice)

8. What do you like most about coaching?:

"Watching players improve, and winning championships."

"The teaching aspect."

"I like working and teaching kids the game."

"I like the preparation and practices and seeing kids respond to new information."

"Helping the kids succeed in their and the teams goals, and actually seeing the change from a so-so player into a very good player, plus you get a better view!"

"Watching the kids get better as the season progresses!"

"Taking a group of kids and working with them to become a TEAM. I do this by improving each player's level of play and having the experienced players teach the other players also. It's great to see their reaction when it finally all comes together and they are successful as a team."

9. In your opinion, what has made the game better?

"For Little League it would have to be the mandatory play rules. These rules ensure that all of the kids get playing time in games and hopefully receive the proper instruction from their coaches. Hopefully, most of the kids will play enough and learn enough to come back and play for years to come."

"Organized play and good fields and equipment to use. In our PONY league, the division of teams into 3 leagues according to ability has allowed teams of all skills to compete favorably with teams of their own ability making it more fun for everyone."

"Good parental involvement."

"The emphasis on safety."

"Forcing coaches to play everybody in little league."

"The mercy rule in youth baseball. I know that some people dislike the rule, but having been on both sides of it. I know that it can keep a team in the ballgame that might otherwise never get a chance."


"I think the coaching these days is outstanding; coaches are much more knowlegeable than before. There is a lot more information in mediums that were unavailable 25 years ago; VHS tapes and the internet are outstanding sources of information. And the volume and quality of books, as well as other reading materials, is incredible."

"More info, and better access to that info."

"Concession stands!"

"Teaching sportsmanship is what has made our games better. Teaching the kids that this is just a game and that as long as you try your best you will always be a winner."

"In youth baseball I think the rule of letting all the players bat even if they're not playing in the field, is a great rule!!"

10. In you opinion what has "hurt" the game?

"Alloy bats, prima donna attitudes picked up from parents, and the terrible attitudes towards losing."

"Local politics in little league determining who makes the All-star team in stead of actually taking the best 13. Every year I watch at lease two kids get the shaft."

"Not keeping score in scoreless games. The kids keep score and know whether they win or lose."

Overzealous parents who put too much pressure on their kids to do well. Some parents not only expect perfection, they demand it. It becomes a chore for the player instead of fun. Parents need to chill and let their kids have fun. I really liked the poem you have on your page and plan on using it with my parents in the future.(

"At this age (9/10 year old boys) there has been too much emphasis on "being #1" and not enough learning about the game and how to play like winners."

"Parents' and coaches' egos getting in the way of kid's having fun."

"The lack of sportsmanship, from the players, coaches, or even fans."


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