I'm Positive You Will Want To Read This!
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I'm Positive You Will Want To Read This!

By Chip Lemin

If you've ever played baseball before, you know what it is like to be caught off guard and make a mistake. You probably know what it is like to not want the ball hit to you, or have to bat next, because of un-confident negative feelings. This type of thinking usually leads to poor results.

Why? because in our minds we have already visualized not doing well. That is the power of negative thinking or negative self talk.

Well guess what! we can use this same process, only let's visualize positive results. This is a team function also. From the manager, the Parents, and fellow players, positive thoughts will help produce positive results.

I'm not stating that every player will hit 500 on your team, or pitch no-hitters, just because they used positive thinking. I will guarantee that you will have more fun, fewer bad attitudes, and more production in all parts of the game when your team has a positive building mindset.

This positive mindset, being a builder, has to start with your manager and coaching staff. In your team letter, state this season we are going to be a positive mindset team. This will set the tone to help keep everyone positive. Even if this season has already started, call a team meeting to announce this new attitude.

The coaches should shoulder most of the burden of displaying a building, positive mindset. This mind-set also means, no yelling or showing up players for mistakes made in practice or games.

• We talk of progress first, of what was done right first, then bring up mistakes. Coaches must keep to yelling out only positive instruction. Wait until after the inning is over to discuss mistakes. The game is not that important to show up players and upset family by public displays.

• Your team takes fun and mental makeup of its coaching staff to a large degree. IF your coaching staff is easily rattled and emotional, your team probably will be to.

• With the positive mindset, your team will be more relaxed. Your team will be more willing to visualize making the next good play. All you should demand from them is 100 percent effort.

• A positive mindset, will allow coaches to remain calmer during a tough parts of the game. It will help to keep you from lashing out or tearing down your players in frustration.

• Your parents will appreciate a calm confident composure even when things aren't going well. Once you have witnessed the power of positive mindset for yourself, you will become a believer.

• No player deserves to be put down, or criticized out loud. There's plenty of time to discuss mistakes after the game. That is why carrying a clipboard for notes is so important.

• Also put good things you see on the clipboard too. Make sure to praise all actions that indicate players are using positive mindset or sportsmanship.

• When you use positive mindset as a team concept you can find positive items almost any play or at bat, even if it appears to be non productive. Few players do everything wrong when they make a mistake. Go over what the player did right first, so they will be more receptive to instruction later.

• Encourage your players to use positive mindset outside the game, and other sports, at school, and at home. It is a great tool for anyone to use. Be sure to praise your players and coaches who practice using positive mindset. The best way to get others to try it is to be an example of it your self.

• Positive mindset training is something very powerful, to be used in all areas of life. It does take work, determination, and persistence to see the full benefit. It is indeed worth every bit of effort used to promote it.

Coach Chip

Hello My name is Chip Lemin. I'm a long time youth baseball coach who loves to promote this great game of youth baseball. Promoting sportsmanship in this game of youth baseball is something that really needs I feel. I have a free e-course that will give you some solid coaching information along with great help on the inter-personal relationships we must have to be good youth baseball coaches.Things such as parents, travel baseball, getting parents to help out, how to communicate better to parents and players, just to touch on a few. This course will help to organize practices like an elite coach. How to motivate players and other coaches with your positive attitude. It really is not very hard to be a great coach when you know what to do.Best of all you will learn how to have fun with these great kids that you have the privilege of coaching. Do yourself a favor and check it out, it's free,you will get 1 part every couple of days in your e-mail. Coaching can be fun and rewarding if you have a plan in place first, and you have an idea what you are doing.http://www.baseballecourse.comArticle Source:

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