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The best compliment that a fan, player or coach can give a player is saying that "Kid Can Hit"!
There are baseball players that seem to get in a zone when they step into the batters box. They hardly ever strike out and they always get on base! They are "Money Hitters" that always find a way to get the job done!
The secret to become a "Money Hitter" is to train and practice like a "Money Hitter". You must practice hard and practice smart. If you do, you can become that player coaches are always talk about.
The BatAction Baseball Batting Machine helps average players become dominate at the plate. The BatAction Machine allows you to practice more often and to always practice smart. Imagine a hitting machine that instantly tells you if you hit a linedrive, ground ball, or flyball on every batting practce swing.
Imagine the "Perfect Batting Practice" trainer:
  • Imagine a baseball batting machine that is so much fun to hit that players practice an average of 5 more times a week.
  • Imagine a baseball batting machine that improves bat speed, motivates players to become better, and builds incredible confidence.
  • Imagine a baseball batting machine that produces positive results in as few just 3 workouts.
  • Imagine a baseball batting machine that will help you "skyrocket" your batting average with a short "20-Minute" workout that "does it all"!
  • Imagine a baseball batting machine that is so protable that it can be easily carried to every team practice and games.
  • Imagine a baseball batting machine that is backed by a "Success or Money-back Guarantee" that guarantees you that you will see a higher batting average, less strikeouts, and better contact or you get your money back.
You do not have to imagine such a machine.
The BatAction Batting Machine does all of that and more! Its offers all of these great benefits to you for an invest under $200. That is less than you spend on a top quality bat! Shouldn't you make an investment in skill development and swing development today?


The BatAction Batting Machine is the Only Batting Trainer 100% Guaranteed to Improve Hitting Skill!

"The Ultimate Backyard Trainer"

  • This machine is guaranteed to improve hitting skills. The engineering and technology that went into the design of this machine make it superior in quality, performance and productivity to other practice machines.
  • This machine is "second to none" when it comes to boosting batting averages,increasing bat speed and power, eliminating strikeouts, and enhancing personal and team performances. Yes, it's revolutionizing home and team workouts.


  • It is becoming a known fact that the hitter that works out regularly, on this machine, will have an advantage over a hitter that does not. This machine allows more versatility, repetition, and correct fundamental practice than any other machine ever invented. This machine produces hitting success! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Dear Coach or Parent,

I know that this machine will make your player or team hit for a higher average! This machine works!  
 I have seen what it can do for an average player, for  a great player and for a whole team. I want to let you and your "Future Prospect" experience the benefits of regular workouts on this machine.
At Nedco, we take great pride in our products.  We know that the products we design, manufacture, and distribute make better players. We don't just sell machines. We sell success.
We provide future prospects with a machine that is guaranteed to help them achieve up to their maximum potential as a hitter. We are so confident in our Bataction Machine that we back it with a "Success or Money Back" Guarantee and a 1-year warranty that is "second-to-none" in the sporting  goods industry today!                
I know that you take baseball or softball serious or you would not be here now doing your "homework"! I also know that you have made a commitment to do whatever you can to help your favorite player or team succeed.  I know that you require and expect high performance levels when  you purchase baseball equipment. You and I are just alike when it comes to demanding quality on and off the field.
I strongly recommend that you make this purchase. You will never regret it! After just one workout, I am confident that you and your son or daughter will fall in love with this machine and look forward to experiencing regular high quality backyard workouts together!.  And if your son or daugther wishes to practice alone  while you are at work, this machine allows him or her to do so.  Your son or daughter   will have their own personal hitting workout station, right in the back-yard. That station is always ready to use. There is no hassle of setup or lengthy preparation time. They just grab a bat, takes a few warm-up swings, and in minutes they are taking full speed practice swings. It is can easy to take a dozen, two dozen, or two hundred swings. When you away or at work your player can work alone. There are no balls to pick up or chase.
This machine simply provides convenient "ever-ready" and "hassle free" practice for your son, daughter and their teammates.  You can expect your son or daughter to show great hitting improvement and higher performance levels. You will definitely not be disappointed.
This is a Risk-Free Puchase, so you have absolutely nothing to lose,
and everything to gain! You will see hitting improvement that makes you happy or you get your money back! This product will work for you if you just give it a chance!  You have my word on it!

Order Your Machine Today!                      
Happy Hitting & Good Luck!

Coach Nick Dixon
Nedco Sports

Coach "Champ" Says:
"Buying a BatAction Machine is
money well spent! Kids love to
hit this machine! It can really
improve a kid's batting average, fast!
That's what makes it our #1 Seller!"

PRO BatAction Machine

$179.95 plus $20 S&H PRO-360BPpad

 $199.95padOUR SPECIAL PRICE: $179.95pad

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