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If you are serious about your youngster playing baseball and being a top notch player, then you need the proper equipment. Theres nothing more thwarting to a youngster than to make learning to field with a glove that is hard as a rock and hard to break in.

This is where

Akadema Youth Baseball Ball Gloves

really shine.

Akadema has specially designed two series of gloves for those kids that take their baseball seriously. The Prodigy Series and the Rookie Series gloves. Both of these series gloves are made from supple leather, so the glove is easy to break in. Another benefit of supple leather is the ball will stay in the glove, unlike gloves made from plastic fabric that allow the ball to slip out all too easily.

Two innovations in glove design are incorporated into several of these gloves. The Reptilian three finger design by Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith. And the Praying Mantis design catchers mitt by Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter.

The Reptilian design allows the pinky, ring and middle fingers to be in the same large finger stall. This arrangement allows balls to be scooped easily and facilitates closing the glove.

The Praying Mantis design is a combination of a first basemans mitt and traditional catchers mitt. With more surface area to catch the ball plus extra padding where you need it, young catchers will find this glove very easy to use.

The Prodigy design series has quickly gained a reputation as the benchmark in quality and design for serious youth ball players ages 9 to 13. These Gloves are produced with a combination of Akademas US Steerhide and exclusive AkademaLyte leather making the Prodigy design series gloves light, durable and easy to break in. These gloves are hand crafted for high quality the serious players demand. They also incorporate the Akadema Grasp Clasp wrist system , allowing the player to adjust the wrist strap to just the right size.

The Prodigy design series gloves are:

AZR95 an 11 inch glove with a T-web and open back. Good for all positions except first and catcher.

AOZ91 a 11.25 inch Ozzie Smith signature glove, reptilian design, B-hive web, open back and a deep pocket. Good for all positions except catcher.

ATM92 a 11.5 inch glove with a B-hive web, open back and deep pocket. Good for all positions accept catcher.

AHC94 a 11.5 inch first basemans glove with a single post double-T web, open back and deep pocket. Good for first base only.

AGC98 A 32 inch circumference catchers mitt with Stress Wedge, Triple Hammock, double sided slim padding and deep pocket. Good only for catchers.

The Akadema Rookie Series gloves were created for younger players 6 to 10 years old who are serious about baseball and want to play like a major leaguer. These gloves have full grain soft leather soft a soft feel and easy break in.

The Rookie Series gloves are:

ADN96 an 11 inch glove with a reptilian pattern, B-hive web, open back with the grasp clasp wrist system, Good for all positions accept catcher.

ADS90 a 31 circumference catchers mitt the Praying Mantis pattern. Good for catchers.

AMR99 a 11.25 inch Manny Ramirez signature glove. Good for all positions accept catcher.



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