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Buying a Batting Cage
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Choosing The Best Batting Cage

By: Bill Ryan

With the introduction of batting cages, many a batter has improved their batting average tremendously. The type of training that a batting cage provides can even compare to just practicing with a pitcher on a somewhat regular basis.

Batting cages afford a batter the opportunity to swing at balls in a quick and efficient manner. A batter is only limited to the amount of time he or she has reserved a batting cage.

The following considerations should be taken into account when shopping for a batting cage:

1. Batting cages should be purchased based on the batter. For instance, if the batter is in the pros he will need a large batting cage. Size does matter.

2. Don't scrimp on quality. Lower-end batting cages are made of PVC pipe and cotton netting. These types of materials will not hold up long under the Sun's intense UV rays and the weather.

3. The nets should be fixed in a way to allow the batter an unrestricted feeling. Nets that are tightly enclosed may cause the batter challenges when batting in an open area.

4. Ensure you are getting your money's worth from batting cages. Make sure you add in fuel charges too. It might be better to buy a batting cage instead of renting time if you find the costs are greater.

As stated earlier, batting cages can greatly enhance your hitting skills and ability. The more you practice the better your hitting will be. You might want to go ahead and price batting cages at many only baseball stores. This might be your best return on investment and time.


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