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Advanced Skills Baseball Tee - What is the purpose of the outside barrier?
What are the College & High School Coaches Saying About Thier Workouts with the Advanced Skills Tee?
Advanced Skills Baseball Batting Tee - Video Clips of Workouts & Drills
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The Advanced Skills Batting Tee is the absolute best batting tee available today. It is the perfect swing trainer to build a short and compact swing that is a must to compete in today's game. The unit is durable, portable, and cost just $99.95. If you coach baseball or softball at any level, you must have at least a couple of these units in your "arsenal". These make the ideal hitting station and they produce solid hitting mechanics!
Used by over 1200 high schools and colleges! The AST (patented) is unlike any other swing trainer available. Designed to help experienced players perfect their bat skills and begining players to learn proper mechanics, a forward arm and outside swing barrier simultaneously eliminate both "dipping" and "casting". And, the height adjustable (24"-40"), movable arm positions the ball anywhere across the strike zone to realistically represent inside and outside pitch locations.
Use the AST to build a compact swing, keep the "hands inside the ball" and develop a "quick" bat. Use it to increase bat speed and learn to "hit the ball where it's pitched". Includes a two-year warranty!
Great for all ages and ability levels. Baseball and softball players love this great product.


Advanced Skills Batting Tee
The Batting Tee with
Built in Swing Guides
for Swing Perfection






Why the "Forward Arm"?

In fact, the question should be "Why not a forward arm?". You don't hit the ball over the center of the plate (as traditional batting tees suggest). You make contact in front of the plate. But there are two other equally important reasons to use a forward arm design:


1. The forward arm eliminates "dipping" or dropping the hands and trailing shoulder to lift the ball with a "looping" type swing. If you "dip" with the AST, you hit the back of the arm. It forces you to take the bat straight down to the ball, leveling the swing at the point of contact.

2. The forward arm also pivots and rotates to place the ball on the inside or outside of the strike zone. Then, the arm points in the direction to drive the ball based on pitch location (i.e. pull the inside pitch, go with the outside pitch to the opposite field..."Hit the ball where it's pitched").




Custom Cup Brush/Ball Holder


The AST also uses a replaceable, custom cup brush as a ball holder. The brush, which works equally well for baseballs, softballs or poly-balls, is also more than 10 times more durable than rubber, tube-type ball holders. And, the brush gives you a clean "swish" through the ball with no shock to the bat or hands.


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