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Build a Batting Cage
The "Build a Batting Cage" Blog features tips, know-how and useful information for anyone buying, building or using a baseball or softball batting cage.

Purchase a Batting Cage Only After You Have Considered These 12 Things Outlines 12 Things You Must Know Before You Purchase a Batting Cage.

Batting Cage Nets and Frames
The Batting Cage Nets and Frames Guide features detailed descriptions of the various types of net materials and design used to build a batting cage. Important batting cage terms are defined.

Batting Cage Kits - “Build Your Backyard Batting Cage For Less"
Batting Cage Kits are a great choice when it come to saving money on the installation of your own backyard batting cage. Batting Cage Frame kits come in various sizes and can fit any budget.

Batting Cage Frame Kit Assembly Photos
Batting Cage Frame Kit Assembly photos shown below illustrate how simple and easy it is to install your own home batting cage using a Batting Cage Frame Kit.

Batting Cage Construction Tips
Batting Cage Construction Tips offers helpful tips for people considering buidling their own batting cage.