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Beginning Golfers Only

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Beginning Golfers Only


Beginner Golfers: Finally...

Get Golf Tips and Techniques Especially for Beginners And Never Be Embarrassed to Play Golf Again- Guaranteed!

     If you want to learn to play golf (and learn to play well), this is information you MUST HAVE!

     Do you find yourself missing opportunities just because you don't play golf? Or worse, getting out on the golf course and totally embarrassing yourself?

     Have you been searching the internet for golf tips and found it's full of golf information geared for people who already play?

     Imagine how thrilling it would be to feel at ease on the golf course, confidently pulling a club from your bag. One minute, you're at your ball, the next minute, it's sailing down the fairway, right where you want it to go. You're grinning because you can see it in your playing partners' faces - they're wondering, "How'd you get so fast?!"

     You see, a little expert knowledge goes a long way...

You May Not Skip the Learning Curve, But You Sure Can Shorten It

     I was working on golf websites. What did I know about golf? I had played one full game at a company outing and spent the day search for my ball. (Instead of golf, they should call the game "Search.") I knew I needed golf lessons.

     I met Golf Professional Chris Otis when I was referred to him. It turns out Chris played as a touring professional on the North Florida Mini-Tour and continues to compete in professional events throughout the Midwest.

     In his 20 year career as a golf teaching professional, he has taught more than 15,000 golfers. Although he has improved the games of experienced golfers, he has a knack for helping new golfers get good fast.

     When I took my first lesson with him, I couldn't help but notice...Chris doesn't waste time talking about a lot of things that don't matter in a golf game. He shares the good stuff, the things that impact a person's golf game right away.

     In my first lesson with him, I was hitting the ball straighter and farther. That was a great feeling. You can have that feeling too, and the know-how that makes you a good golfer.

beginner golf instruction
Authors Raynay Valles and Chris Otis
Let Chris Improve Your Game Fast

"Chris was terrific. He taught me how to make myself better. I could use what he taught me and apply it to the driving range. It was a great experience. I would definitely recommend him."

Craig Bartlett

"I thought the book was fabulous. I've been getting lessons from Chris Otis for the past 2-3 years now on and off...The way he teaches has greatly improved my game. He's dropped my handicap down from low 20's to single digits. I found the book to be the best for the beginner, with all the terms and knowledge that Chris has in there."

Patrick Hawkins

"I was a self taught golfer with a good game. As much as I tried I reached a point where I could'nt improve my score. After one series of one on one lessons with Mr Otis I was able to jump that hurdle. He worked within what I did to make a swing that had all my distance with much less effort. It also became a predictable and repeatable swing. Thank You."

Robert P. Karall

"I don't think I would have taken the interest in golf that I have if it weren't for the instruction of my personal trainer, golf pro Chris Otis. His training has produced results obvious not only to me but also to those I started to play the game with. This book, along with my continued training with Chris Otis has begun my lifelong addiction. Thanks for starting me out with the proper fundamentals."

Stephen T. Anderson
Combat Veteran, 20th Special Forces Group Airborne

Here's Just A Small Sampling Of What You'll Discover When You Get Beginner's Guide to Golf ...

What a professional golfer learned a few years ago that made him a better player instantly...(Page 52)

How to use a common household item in your practice sessions to get an edge over the competition...(Page 50)

How to choose which golf club to play and why - this rule of thumb makes it EASY...(Page 60)

Learn the types of golf games and ways to score...(Page 15)

How to avoid a common and surprising golf playing mistake that could cause you or your partners great injury – even death...(Page 11)

Amazingly simple & effective methods for hitting the ball straight every time that will surprise your golf partners...(Page 44)

9 insider tips for buying equipment can save you money and improve your game...(Page 72)

3 different ways to hold the club - choose which one helps you hit the best....(Page 35)

Top mistakes trainers have identified most beginners make on the golf course and how to avoid them...(page 33)

Practice tips that help you lower your golf score fast...(Page 56)

The four things you must have in any solid swing...(Page 43)

Plus there's an extensive Golf Glossary so you can learn all the golf terms you've always wanted to know