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Package #1

BaseballStrength Training
Systems Manual

"Learn the Tightly Held Training Secrets that Have

 Transformed .280 High School Hitters Into Superstar

 Collegiate Sluggers!!!"  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


Over 160 pages of tried and true baseball conditioning information. Included in the manual are hundreds of exercise photos, dozens of agility drill diagrams, your entire throwing program including distance and endurance progressions, and much much more...

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Package #2

Kettlebell Training for Baseball


"Finally, a full body strength and conditioning program that you can take to the field with you!"

The very first program using Kettlebells, the top secret training tool used by top level athletes for centuries, designed specifically with you, the baseball player, in mind...

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Package #3

"What's the single greatest difference between a collegiate bench player and a Major League Slugger?"

"Learn the Tightly Held Training Secrets that Have Quickly and Easily Transformed .280 High School Hitters Into Superstar Collegiate and Major League Sluggers!!!!!"



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