Advanced Skills Tee for Baseball and Softball gives you detailed information on advanced batting tees for baseball and softball. Our advanced batting tees and training aids teach specific baseball batting fundamentals.


Hands Back Hitter
Batting Tee
by Swing Buster

How It Works
Place a ball on the launcher. With a normal stride, the batter sets the ball into motion by stepping on a string (firing cord). The ball will appear in the hitting zone with the hitter in the correct timing sequence...hands back, foot down, hips launching the swing.

The Hands Back Hitter corrects hitting flaws. The offset tee position makes you contact the ball between the balls of your feet. The resistor arch makes you stride carefully to balance softly on the lead toe. The vertical popper elevates the ball after the front foot is down, creating the timing sequence of the early stride. The front toe down on the string and the heel up sets the stage for bat launch through hip rotation. Feel and teach how to load/coil your body as you stride to hit and the effortless power that comes from torque.

A Free Hitting CD is included which teaches hitters to
1) Keep hands back
2) Stride to balance and
3) Fire the hips.
Also includes 100 instructional slides along with video clips.

The Hands Back Hitter Pro
Item Number: HDBKHTERpad
$104.95 FREE S&H.

StayBack Tee
Batting Trainer
by Swing Buster


Improve Bat Speed and Stop Your Player from Lunging!

The Stayback Tee is designed help teach and practice rotational hitting that can increase bat speed. It helps the batter establish the proper axis to launch the swing. It virtually eliminates forward motion after swing initiation commonly called lunging. This enhances balance in the stride landing and allows the hitter to adjust to different speed pitches and maximize the power by leading with hips and turning into the ball.

  • Increase Bat Speed
    Teach and practice the rotational method of hitting, with better power transfer from the hips to arms during contact with the ball.
  • Adjust to Different Types of Pitches
    Learn to lead with your hips and turn into the ball so you can catch up to the fastball, while staying ready for offspeed pitches.
  • Great for Switch Hitting Practice
    Easily converts between a right-handed and left-handed device.

FREE Feature Training CD also included with purchase!

"Stayback Tee" - Teaches Proper Stride
Item Number: STAY-BKTEEpad
$119.00 plus S&H

Infini-Tee Batting Tee by Swing Buster

By holding the ball from a two point fixation the ball can be struck on a diagonal swing path with no tee interference and contact.

By holding the ball from a two point fixation the ball can be struck on a diagonal swing path with no tee interference and contact.
This new tee concept is the missing link to creating line drive power , plate coverage, gap to gap ball flight distribution, and PROPER WEIGHT SHIFT.

It is important to see that the swing is neither level, down or up but DIAGONAL in nature. That is the purpose of this tee.
Teaches a "short A to C" Swing. Allows repetitive practice at hitting the most frequent strike a batter sees; the low and away strike.
Taking the knob DIAGONALLY down to the ball and getting the hands infront of the ball drills proper weight shift and allows batter to most direct access to the ball center where compression is greatest.

The Infini-Tee by Swing Buster
Item Number: INFINITEE
$129.95 plus S&H


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